Great Game ( Galaxy S4) This game is much better than its predecessor blood and glory. I used to love that game. Now this is so much better. Because the last time I played d this game was a long time ago and i remember playing it and there were not a lot of levels to play and now there bare so many more with even a story mode to play. I just really wish that they would add a multilayer mode. Then this game would be it man. It would beat it's sales record and everything. This game is just great.

Blood and glory 3 Its intense as it is. But maybe for the next game we can pick what kind of warrior we want to be. Like spears man, sword. Or those claw things. Even daggers. And maybe a training arena where we can make our own moves. I love this game and the first. Real intense games and I love them! Hope you can make a 3rd one :) oh but earning money is way too difficult to save and by for armor and a good weapon.

Bug on first battle. Played this game on Android 3gs, so I know that it's awesome, but I can't play on my HTC Sensation XL because after loading screen when tutorial should start I stand in the arena with my enemy and I'm not able to do anything, same with that big guy. Fix it! Will rate 5 stars then. Edit: reinstalled and everything's working perfectly.

Good in small bursts/Divertido en dosis pequeñas Good graphics, great controlls, has story that serves it purpose but seems to rely heavely on in-app purchases/Buenas gráficas excelentes controles y una narrativa convencional pero efectiva. Sin embargo parece depender demasiado en compras con dinero real, siendo gratis se espera, pero no exageremos.

Blood and glory 2 sucks I love playing blood and glory 1. I was expecting something different in blood and glory 2. Yes blood and glory legends has advanced battle options and better combat structure with story line. But the game really hangs in the middle. You can play 2 battle only. Third battle makes your mobile hangs completely.You will be open to get hits from opponent and die. Im using Galaxy S3. I can't able to close the game too. The only option is to restart the mobile by holding all the keys. I lost my expectation

Good morning everyone else in mind, and then you have a lot on your site law, but the best. if I could get to see the difference in price of Markiplier five nights at the end of the most important thing is that the company. I your help and I am going out with you and I have not received a response of my own business and the new one of those people

Woooow I like the fact that the game bribes you five Glue credits if you rate the game. Besides, I was going to rate this anyway. This is a very great game. It is almost like Death Dome which is another great game. But this is better. It has LOTS of equipment to choose from and the graphics, music and sound effects are really awesome. This game could eat your time a lot because it is really fun! I highly recommend this game. Amazing job, Glu!

Great Really good graphics, smooth gameplay, and better response times for the shield and dodge buttons (you block or dodge as soon as you tap the button, unlike the first Blood &Glory). The one thing I do not like is that the health potion packs cost to much. They should be able to be bought with coins, not expensive Glu credits.

Amazing It's amazing what kind of graphics and gameplay are available on handheld devices now. Stunning detail and great interface. I don't care if you have to pay to enjoy the rest of the game or if it's worth it. This game is so amazing I could play the first few levels over and over and still be in awe from the fact that this caliber of gaming is available for my PHONE.

Needs money Due to the games free status, most things have to be bought with a high amount of in game credits, as well as Glu credits. The only way of obtaining such credits at a reasonable rate is to buy them with real, hard erned cash. Those with little to no money are unable to do so, hence making the game painfully harder and strenuously longer. Implementing a game credit to glu credit on all glu games would make it more entertaining and worth playing for hours. Other than that, it is a good all around game. The fighting style is unlike any other mainstream game, and the graphics are amazing on my tablet. Almost five star worthy. Almost. Integrate a in game credit to glu credit converter would make this a five star worthy game. Same with the frontline commando series. I would play for days if the conversion was integrated within.

MUST HAVE!! If you enjoy Roman history and gladiators you will absolutely love this game! The graphics and gameplay is amazing. It has a Spartacus type of feel... I find myself playing for hours on in! There is so much armor, weapons, shields, and potions to choose from which makes you want to play even more to get the best of everything. In all a GREAT GAME!!!

One the most visually pleasing games on Google Play For a casual game this is awesome but the game could have used a little bit more depth. I mean in the way the story is presented, but the they've nailed it visually. The combat is not easy enough to bore players but not deep enough to count as a landmark fighter (but not every player out they grew up on last generation AAA titles). Android games have a long way to go before they can please hardcore gamers but for an entry-level gamer this one kills. I say go for it.

Shop Bug When I start the game, I get to the 3rd level where I have the option to buy a new sword for 100 coins. When I tap on the option to buy, I get error message that "You need 292654 more Glu Credits" This is a 100 coin sword and I have 697? Cannot progress further in the game without following this process. Please fix and I will review star rating. Really enjoyed the 1st B&G.

Wow This is so off the map..I love it..look guys don't upgrade if y'all not going to make better. Now another thing not everybody have money to buy coin.. Stop asking or stop making it where we have too because with me not going to happen... I really enjoy this game too the fullish... Why I can't get any energy to refill with out buying coin... I will not used any card to but anything on line so y'all need to come together on this...don't make any scent too get us to but anything that is free from y'all at all...again I love the game

Good game but... Well the game is fun to play and very pretty as well. However advancing is hard because of how gear and lvling works. Glu point is too expensive to buy... 100 buck for best gear come on... it not that great of a price; i can buy 5 really good video game on my PC for that price. however still the game is still fun to play for free. Would have gone for 5 star if it was not so gear dependent to move on to the next stage.

Awesome!!! The only issue I have is that you can't make your own gladiator. I see giants and females battling, but I'm stuck as Crimson in story mode. And where's the PvP action? Those 2 additions would make this game a 12 star for sure. I'm sure everyone is on board in those 2 at least. Awesome animations, simple yet challenging gameplay. This one's a winner, folks!

So so I really like the concept gets fun later game when reading enemy is crucial. I dont care much for the secondary currency that you can buy. I would prefer a payed game that didn't try to make money beyond the purchase price. Would make it seem more like a gaming experience and less like I'm playing an infomercial. Really makes me second guess the developer.

It's a great exciting game. I hav completed it. Time to make part 3 guys. Certain improvements from one were nice, like the map & amulets & graphics. Even one more thing the daily bonuses. Hope the day's r never ending. Some new combos along wit this. & I cannot c my characters face wen helmets r on, can u do something abt it & if girls wanna play than, so make a female character also. Cheers guys... Waiting for part 3...

Cool! But have bugs. Great game ever! Good job. Graphics also cool. But I can't have that bellua even I has won 3 battles. Beside that, everyday i opened this game but I can't receive the daily reward. I always stuck at the 10 days. I opened the game at 2nd days it still at the 10days. No reward also. Please have me. I want that weapon and the rewards also! I will give you 5 star if you can help me. ASAP.

Please fix the 10 day reward big :( The game is awsome but it is not providing me with the bellua weapon(reward of 10th dah) and also pls change rewards in every cycle........+i have a would be very much better if we could be able to increase the abilities of the weapons by oursselves.... Using the money we win during fights

Crashes on Nex7 after update, but plays great on Nex10 Played beautifully on my Nexus 7 until update... Now its just taking up space and I am certain I'll lose all progress. Nexus10 with HDMI out makes for an awesome experience on a big screen. Plays flawless

Ok Not too far into it i know that i had to delete alot of stuff on my phone just to download. the graphics are alot better than the origional we will see if it is worth while. I have not died yet. Hoping there are ways to revive without paying real money. Suppose to be free ....

Am changing original rating Good game until you hit level 6 ish then you have to pay fortunes to play the game. If I was to buy a helmet and sheild and sword inorder to continue to be competitive and not die after one hit then your looking at rhe best part of £80 just to play a game on your phone. YOU CAN BUY PS3 AND XBOX GAMES FOR £30. ARE THEY MAD. JUST MAKEVTHE GAME A £5ER AND STOP THIS CRAP.

Almost on par with PC based similar games Has enough character improvments to keep it interesting. Great combat visuals and asset complexity for a tablet based game. Understandable that developers should get paid for a good product, but without spending real money, you won't get much further than the 3rd level. Biggest drawback is the need to purchase health. There should be some regeneration so players don't get frustrated and just give up. Nice way of mixing glu coins and other game coins to purchase items.

Good game Pretty good game overall only disappointment is the health potions cost a lot of glu credits that you only get when u level up or buy. Game should refill your health after boss fights at least like part one does when u finish a tournament. But over all good free phone game.

Nice graphics.. entertaining but.... Nice graphics. Easy to play. Helps to pass time. Only con I've found is that stuff to buy is quite expensive for what you receive. Haven't anyone realized that finally one could end spending more money that actually buying a full game for pc or ps3?

Epic sequel The graphics are just astonishing! This is why no people should buy any handheld console because now glu has taken mobile gaming to the next level. Why I gave 4 stars and not 5?! Because sometime stuffs are very expensive... but that's not a problem as long you got skill.

Help needed Glu devs i need your help.. This game is supperrr awesome but im facing some graphical issues ONLY in tournament 7 In KALAHA.. apart from my character and opponent.. Nothing is visible.. Everything becomes pink and white.. But still can play because characters are visible to fight.. I cannot reinstall it now at this point of game.. So.. Need help..!! Urgent!!

Fast and Furious fighting Playing on Asus Transformer 10.1. Graphics are sharp and smooth with no lag at all. Fighting moves take some time to master, but once you get them down the game is a blast. Only downside is having to spend money for better equipment, ok for some folks I suppose. Overall the game is a blast.

Good, but... Keep in mind you may end up spending much more money on this type of game (freemium) then you would for a brand new console title. Even if you paid for the highest deal offered (5200 glu credits - $99), you wouldn't be able to afford the three best pieces of equipment available. If prices were reasonable, I would definitely spend some money on it, but, as it stands, I'm not spending a dime.

Pretty good Picture a console quality, mobile,hack and slash with good gameplay and a slightly slow difficulty progression. Now slap a price tag on it that says free and you have blood and glory legends. The game putts you in the life of a gladiator who needs to fight to survive. There is plenty of content to keep you busy and a lot of items to customise your avatar. There is a little bit of in app purchase encouragement but other than that it is great for a free game. (Multiplayer would make it 5-star)

One of the most AWESOME free to plays! Awesome graphics! With the great gladiator hack and slash style, youve got to have gruesomely smooth graphics.. Thats a must. Only downsides, you gotta buy a weak sword during tutorial. id prefer a personalized either defensive gear, offensive tools or maybe potions?

Royus maxims I did rate as 5 star but changed coz I can no longer get the daily bonus after a software update I was up to 60 days and lost everything. I tried changing all settings but no joy. All my other games work fine. NOT A HAPPY CUTOMER

Great action/No spirit Absolutely beautifully designed with a better basis for the games purpose. The graphics and game play are greatly improved than its prequel. I miss the use of the Greek language (Its Greek right?) Used in the first game though. English made it sound unauthentic, but I'm just being picky!;)

Blood and gore rocks! This game really has it! My battery cant keep up with this game! Awesome graphics! Anyway I gave it a 4 star because its very entertaining kind a reminds me of the game gladiator in psp. Ill give it a 5 if they will give discounts for items. :)

Good but... The game is very interesting but its kinda difficult. All items are very expenisve it always will say that the opponents equipment is better than yours, and they all hit and take a lot of life and there is a bug with the 10th day reward after winning 3 games because i did it twice and i didnt get it. And sometimes when u press block, right or left it doesnt work it stays right there.... And you receive only a little little amount of glu glus(goild coins), i give 5 stars if u fix the bugs...

Good I would have given it a 5, but the last update made every weapon and piece of armor twice as expensive and each fight is now infinitely harder to win. The difficulty would bearable if the prices for equipment were the same, however it did not. Now i must resort to rarely winning and save up to purchase the best items instead of getting to try everything. Overall it is now just as difficult as the original.

Amazing game but will not work on newer devices. Version 5.0.2 I played this through a couple times a while back but could never beat the 2nd boss. After a year I decided to download it again and I paid for a couple good gear pieces out of my own pocket but I still never beat it. A while after that I was determined to beat it so I tried to beat all of the challenge events which gave me the best gear in the game, even better than the ones you could buy, they were extremely hard though. Keep trying and you will beat it, I got 3 stars on every fight but one.

Demands your money!! Good game but it seems like the only unique gameplay in it is the variety of ways they try to take extra money from you since you'll "need" better equipment later on. If I had an unlimited supply of money, you'd get 5 stars. But I'm just a gamer so just 3 for now.

Pretty good Its a fun game with awesome graphics buy its hard to but any armor or weapons due to the high prices. Its also hard to level up with the little exp you if you go back and fight pervious opponets. Ill give it five stars if those things change.

Welcome to Blood & Glory Legend – the highly anticipated sequel to the AAA blockbuster smash-hit Blood & Glory! Return to the arena and bask in the blood-hungry cheers of the crowd as you fight to become a LEGEND!“Blood & Glory: Legend still manages to be one of the premier fighting games on smartphones and […]

How to use BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 320 MB
Instalations 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Score 4.6
Developer Glu

We don't provide APK download for BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND but, you can download from Google Play

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