Cally’s Caves 3 for PC and MAC

Amazing. I've had no games on my phone for so long because they're either full of boobs and are there to attract 12 year olds. Or they're full if micro transactions that make it so there's no way to get passed some areas without spending 100$s to get the best troops in the game, best equipment or even upgrading those troops and equipment. Though there are ads they don't bug me too much. But once you get a lot farther in the game they kinda start to spam a bit. Like one every level.

Top notch I've played 100's of smart phone games over the years...and as far as side scrolling shooters go...this is the best I've seen. Fun 8bit esk soundtrack. Many levels, enemies, bosses, weapons, collectables. Interesting leveling system with a seperate weapon leveling system for all 13 weapons(have to buy the sword upgrades.) Goofy but entertaining story and several bonus modes of play. Five stars even with lenthy adds. Great job.

Cally's Caves 3 is amazing. Before telling you my opinion of your game, I must say one thing: Congratulations. I have not played a mobile game that has been more fun than this one, and I highly doubt that a mobile game more fun than Cally's Caves 3 even exists. It's simply amazing. It's cute, it's fun, it's simple, it's engaging. I absolutely love it. I honestly can't think of how else to tell you how good of a job you've done with this game. The artstyle is great; cute and simple. The playstyle is extremely smooth and easy to get use

Really good but... This game is awesome!! Would love to give it 5 stars but the video ads are ridiculous... and I mean ridiculously frequent and long lol. I wish they made an Iap to get rid of them but nothing yet. Normally I don't mind an ad here and there but after every 3 levels or so it's almost enough to make me wanna delete the game, but it's to fun of a game to do that lol.

Pretty cool game. Pixel art is well applied, music is great and controls are responsive. Some complains i have are the lack of invulnerability after you get hit and how annoying ads are. But who cares, after all it's a free to play game that actually gives you all the content for free. I would pay for an ads free version tho. Something i really appreciate a lot is how much and how good the devs answer the reviews, it's nice to see they're interested on solving people's problems and improving the game.

Great Game, ads kill it though You should allow an option to pay for an ad free version, or at least lessen the frequency of the ads. Great Game otherwise. It's just, yeah, I understand the purpose of ads, but when I get one every other checkpoint, every other shop, every time I die, at random levels, and they're all 30 seconds each, it's nearly unplayable. I spend a good 20% of play time watching ads for things I'll never get, and even when I am interested, clicking the ad means I'm brought all the way to the beginning. Paying is ok.

Really great game One of the greatest game I have ever played. Clever game design, nice visuals, simple and effective mechanic and gameplay. please make more sequel for this game. And you should try to make this game for pc or modern console you know considering the hype for retro game style on these days. But please keep this game on android for free ok. Hehehehe. Oh and by the way the button is still too big and little bit unsensitive. Thanks

Would give 5 stars but... Realized half way to the end of the New Game + that I am assuming that during a Bera cut scene that it froze up and made me lose the Emergency button along with 1 diary which also makes it impossible for me to get the Final Assault Rifle which I've been dying to get. Sucky.

You've found a hidden pearl. This is an absolute platforming gem. It controls beautifully, the graphics and music are charming, and the leveling system is satisfying (if just a tad "grindy"). Games this good shouldn't exist. My only complaint is that I can't buy it! More to the point, if I uninstall CC3, it's because I'm sick to death of watching 30 second ads every 5 minutes (and sometimes much less) for awful games I will never play. I knocked off a star for the devs not letting me give them money directly.

Still enjoying it. Still enjoying the game. It's a lot of fun! Two things though: 1. When tabbed out of the game for a while it resets back to the main menu. That always sucks... 2. My character got stuck. Lol On level 29 (i think) in Melvin's Lab i rolled into a place and couldn't roll back out... A shame. - Can provide screenshot if interested. Still love the game though! 5/5

Amazing, but 1problem The game is the most amazing game I have ever played. And no, I am not joking. The problem is when i try to get a final form for a weapon, I see the beam of light, but the final form is not there and I am talking about every single final form except the slime gun. The form does not show up, this is for every single weapon I have

Loving it I only have one problem... that I (and maybe some other ppl) wont have the final form even though I have collected them (this has happened to my bladegun and the boomerang) (I have leveled them up to level 19 (bad english sorry))

Can't evolve weapons The game is an amazing time killer, but it was referred before that the weapons cannot evolve to level 20 in my case. It was the RPG and i've killed many enemies yet still nothing. What must I do to get their glorious forms, help please D;

Fun but gamepad? I use a S3 with hdmi on my tv for Everything though when launching this with my dual shock 3 it failed to recognize the controller. I have it setup in settings for my games like Drastic perfectly but had issues with this. Also good game but will there be a 4th? >:3

Amazing game On of my fav mobile games and a delicious time waster, or even a sit down and play, depending on what you do. A good tip is once you get a good coin multiplier, do the first few levels of beras quest and make sure to look for all the chests in the levels, and you will get a whole crap-ton of coins

Epic game 6/5 I had low expectations for this. Turns out it's great. It's also free so you got nothing to lose

3 words: LOVE. THIS. GAME. I honestly haven't encountered a game I've been this addicted to in a long while. I want to keep playing it but whats making me not want to play as much is the annoying ads every 2 or so levels! They are a real nuisance and i wish the next update wont have as many. 2nd problem is that im stuck on lvl 29 in the labs and theres a small space that looks like the right way but i need to sort of roll in the air to do so but i cant do it. The other way i cant get to even with the triple jump. Please help. Anyone

Fatal error There a fatal error message every time I try to start a mission I really love this game I hope I don't have to Uninstall it and lose my progress please help

Awesome! This is one of my favorite adventure game on the app store. The graphics are VERY well done and the sprites are amazing! The characters are fun and the maps are creative and challenging at times (which is perfect btw). I also love the new game modes (Survival and the others). This is an extremely fun game that I would recommend to everyone! Good job!

I absolutely love playing this game, but I've gotten to the third set of levels in New game plus and have found six or seven memoirs, but I haven't seen a single gun part. I have a few guns ready to be twenty, but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong..

Games ok but... 30 second ads every few minutes. 30 seconds??? Stick your game up your *rse! I wouldve paid for the game if you hadnt had such long annoying ads.

Hurts my thumb like hell! Great game amd great level designs. Controls should have the option to be customizable. And how about a swipe down or something to go below Platform? And also, the enemies are unnecessarily strong(but dumb as fuq so not challenging at all), requiring one to tap a hell lotta times. Make the AI smarter, not stronger. Ads are there but not that frequent. Appears once every 3~4 stages. Overall a good game.

Not what I was expecting! This game is actually quite entertaining. At first I thought, "oh probably just some ridiculous Mario Bros. rip off except starring a female character instead". But it's actually a bit more than just a simple platformer based on jumping and going to the right to beat the timer. There is strategy that needs to be employed, and you can't kill enemies by jumping on them, you gotta shoot them with guns and it actually takes a bit to kill them as well as a bit of thinking depending on the situation. Try it out!

Great game! It's one of the best mobile games I've played!Although I have one issue...Glitches.When I'm playing survival some actions cause enemies either to be instantly killed or dissapear from the level(only one enemy though).After that I can't move on and I have to start it again please fix it.

Pretty fun game. I've been playing it often. I recommend spending your money on the coin multipliers before anything else. It has some issues: a few of the weapon upgrades feel like downgrades, the saw gun is just plain terrible, I often have to tap multiple times to select an option in the store and pause menus, and the death screen takes too long to pass.

Seriously? A truly fun game. Too bad it's marred by an incessant need to push 30 second videos down your throat. If you fast travel anywhere you have to watch one BEFORE YOU EVEN START PLAYING. Then almost every level or everytime you die. Not even the top games force that, and most offer a reward. You literally have the most ad time of any game I have ever played. No offense, but your game isn't awesome enough to justify 30 second ads at all, yet that often.

Great concept but. I keep getting stuck on the toilet. As soon as I started this game, I began having explosive diarrhea. My family left me. All is lost. Great game, though. 5 stars.

A lot of fun, albeit a bit of a grind Imaginative levels, good enemy design, and SO MANY GUNS. I don't know how much replay value there is (I'm just getting into the New Game+ now), but it's been a fun ride so far. Two things: 1) There has to be an easier way to maneuver through the gun menu besides clicking endlessly or long-clicking...maybe shorten the time needed for that? 2) Can I pay to get rid of ads? I WILL PAY TO GET RID OF ADS.

Great Heard about this game from v-sauce. Uninstalled once because I sucked, then got it again. A week and a half I have 3 finals and the rest level 19. In terms of feedback, may I suggest the first boss be a tad more inviting to new players. I found it to be the hardest in the first 3. I've recommended it to a few friends, and they had me defeat it for them, regardless, I love this game.

Way too many video ads Good game. But brutal ads every 3rd level. Would even pay to remove ads

This game is so good I would pay to remove ads The ads are the reason why I have actually played so little of the game, I tried for ages to figure out a way to pay the ads away if you could let me do that, I would play much more!!

What is wrong with your games? Every time I leave and come back I have to start all over again. Cally's cave 2 is the same. I will never be able to finish game!!! Why does it not save your levels????

Perfect I really love this game. It is very well balanced. The weapon up grade system is amazing. I played the game for 5 hours staight. Can't wait for #4.

Jump mechanics The jump takes getting used to. I feel like I die when I should have successfully jumped and it makes it very maddening. Otherwise it is very fun.

Good game, alot of ads :( So my first tquestion is shy hasn't Cally learned to swim. Lol XD after a few games you figured she would learn. 2nd question. (Spoiler alert) when you play as the teddy bear? Thing. Why does Cally and the teady bear share a health bar. 3) the only bug I found so far is when if your pressing left or right and a ad pops up it never stops going the way your pressing. I've died numerous times from this and it's kind of irritating cuase you can't guess when an ad is coming.

Really loved it This is a much more less.frustrating game than cave story which is a great game as well, but if you are looking for a cute.nice metroidvania.adventure with an awesome arsenal and level ups this is the right game, thanks to the developers for.the high quality controls, please release another sequel!!

Great for all phones Usually my phone can't run the big fun games my phone is to slow but this game I can actually play and its so much fun. Keep up the good work

Please fix a bug Thanks for always answering the players. When I was freezed in level 93 (Strength Upgrade), I turned to control Bera but the screen didn't follow my character. I've tried several times but it didn't work. :(

LOVE IT Amazing and the best game I played on my phone and most games I played but, Whenever I have the messenger chat head on the screen and someone sents me a message it crashes. But it still gets five stars

I loved the game but I have a problem I have a bug at level 93 when I turn into bera,the screen is stuck but I can move the character,it goes out of the screen area and I can't get bera back,I get out and enter again but I can't turn back into bera so I just continue, and I can't get the emergency button, this happens to me twice, because I finished the game once,but I couldn't get all the collectables so I got mad and erased the game because I erased the game data from in game, after a couple of months I get the game again but on my phone.

Its time for the epic conclusion to Cally’s battle with the Nefarious Herbert! Cally’s parents have been kidnapped again, as Herbert tries to take control of the Caves to perform his evil experiments. Join Cally in this action-packed run and gun platformer, conquering insane bosses, exploring to find secrets, and levelling up EVERYTHING. Use your […]

How to use Cally’s Caves 3 for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Cally’s Caves 3 in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Cally’s Caves 3 on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 0 MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 4.4
Developer VDO Games

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