Card Dungeon for PC and MAC

No progress save Get past the first 3 levels and go onto the next dungeon. Die and you're back to the very first mission. Checkpoint would give 5 stars, but I can't play the same levels over and over and not get bored. The game mechanics are great.. Many useful spells and items. Luck of the draw whether you have a chance or not.

As the user below me says Card Dungeon checks all the right boxes. It's turn based rogue like dungeon crawling at it's best with a mixture of board and card game elements, perma death, procedurally generated monsters, levels, & card abilities all woven together with a beautiful cardboard cutout visual style. My ONLY complaint is that if wildlife is nearby, you are restricted to moving 1 step at a time so that hurts pacing. Maybe decrease the distance you have to be for them to go dormant? Elegant game you got here.

Slick, polished and unique I've been looking for a turn based, classic-but-modern roguelike for so long. This ticks all the boxes. So polished. The cards-as-powers gameplay is concise and gives a lot of freedom. The small touches are really satisfying; like the animations when a room "builds itself" when coming into view

Amazing but one huge caveat... This game is well crafted. It's beautiful and, dare I say? This game has more depth than Card Hunter. That was difficult to admit. But it's true. Whether or not that translates into a better game overall remains to be seen. After all, so far I only see one character instead of the hearty band of adventurers that CH starts you with. Now the flaw--it's a battery vampire, so you'll want to be near an outlet. But if you're tired of waiting for Blue Manchu to finally port Loot & Legends to Android, get it!

Good game but fatal glitch Ok this game is great. Art style is nice and overall combat is good however I discovered a glitch that ruins it. I was on level 2-1 and I had cleared all the monsters. I closed the game and later came back to it. When I clicked continue there was no exit portal to leave the level. I had to restart as a whole new character to do anything. Fix this and this game is 5 stars.

Solid game, but too slow This game badly needs a fast enemy phase option. I can get bogged down waiting for bats, cats, and turtles to move and get buffed or set off traps for longer than I spend moving. It can take ages to move across empty rooms because of this. I would rate it 5 stars if I spent more time playing and less time waiting for the game.

WAS a good app till I tried to continue where I left off from and was sent to the level I had just completed with no monsters around, everything completed, yet no exit portal to be found anywhere to get off of the level and move on. Looks good, plays well if not a bit boring after a while, but needs more work on the little details of what makes a great game good to begin with.. Sorry but had enough of this apps pitfalls in programming. Good idea making the price so cheap.

Fun, could use some tweaks. I like the concept, but there are a couple of things I have issues with. The monsters have one AI between all of them, and they all move in predictable ways. The nine square lava spell is overpowered, all you have to do to win is drop the AoE at a doorway, back up, and watch as your enemies jitter themselves into oblivion, moving in and out of the lava. (The single AI makes this easy) boss battles are anticlimactic, with half of them dropping potions or somesuch. Yech.

This is great This is a very unique game in a world of cookie cutters. Yet. This game is downgraded because their phone sucks? It's not the games fault that it's to much for your device. If you don't want/can't afford a new phone.. that's fine. But what's not fine is downgrading the reputation because of your device.

Play this Game Absolutely worth your time. Hours and hours of gameplay, and I was still bummed when it was over. Think all-combat D&D with cards representing your abilities. A little on the easy side, and I don't have much of a desire to replay it, but the campaign was varied and interesting enough to keep me going to the very end, and it was a wonderful ride.

Thank the gods The people behind this game really know how to take am idea and make It great. This game is very enjoyable and I'm surprised it doenst gave more downloads. One thing is the unforgiving game play in that once you die that's it your dead.

Fun game but now I'm stuck.... Really enjoying playing this game. I've gotten to level 4-1, fully cleared the dungeon, got the "level cleared" message, but no exit portal has shown up... There is nothing left to open or explore :(

Too hard to get started Game seems fun at first but it's all but impossible for me to even get started. I cannot even survive the first level of the first adventure. At the very least, I should be able to claw and kick and fight bare-handed; instead, once my last offensive card is used up, I'm completely helpless. Even a wizard out of spells would still defend himself with staff or dagger! Not an option here.

A little slow It's fun, but I just hit a bug where I continued into stage 2-1 and the whole dungeon was open, no monsters and no loot, and no way out.: Yeah. That cost em a star.

Creative end credits Both very fun and also frustrating. The randomness can lead to many deaths or to a very smooth run like my last, with lots of luck. Only thing I would like to see is the ability to change traits between zones - I picked up Knowledge Gems on my last run and never had the chance to use them!

Unintuitive UI Where are the settings? How do I reset the tutorial? How do I exit the game? These are some questions i have with regards to this game, it's a good game that tries to be difficult but just ends up tedious. I leave commute and have to leave the game, the back button does nothing. Why so I have to force close the app from the TM? My friend wants to play this, but the tutorial is locked out from my first play through. Will this be fixed? Or is the UI really bad as an artistic expeession or something?

Dead Development? Gameplay is smooth, and kind of engaging. I haven't made it too far mainly because my phone heats up enough for me to smell the metal and plastic from my phone after 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Wish the cards had some variety or at least we could encounter more cards that are worth keeping. Finding a bottomless mana and nothing else on the first floor doesn't help when all of my damage cards are used up. Functionality to do a basic 1dmg attack if all damage cards are dead, so we can at least keep playing. I've been stuck too many times because of zero drops.

Great concept Falls a bit flat on some things. I want to like to game but. 1) the touchscreen buttons don't line up with where they are pressed. 2) the abilities are pretty crappy sometimes with only having defensive and no ability to get an offensive. 3) I literally killed everything in a dungeon at one point and no portal opened for me. 4) all the gold seems useless so far because I can't spend it. 5) needs more variety of "classes". Or at least some customization of the character.

Needs some tweaks to gameplay It would be nice if there was some sort of help to read. Also, bosses seem to block pretty much everything I do and of course end up dying when you can NEVER cause damage. I would like to store cards and other items I find rather than waste all the options because I don't need them. Game has potential but fails hard which is a shame.

Absolutely Awesome!!! I love this game ... it's a little hard to read on the phone but perfect on a tablet... the game mechanics are very good and well thought out ... it's only frustrating flaw I see is I wish there was a base damage you could do with your hands regardless of cards.. and a pan to see the whole floor or a map. but this is my favorite game right now... if you like roguelikes you can't miss this one.

Very well done game. Well worth the money. My only critique is that there is to much randomness and not enough skill. Most of the time when I die it's because I didn't get any damage cards.

Cool and Aesthetically Pleasing It wasn't entirely like what I expected, but that was a nice surprise. Very cool! Reminds me of playing Hero Quest as a kid, before I graduated to D&D.

A labour of love and good design Really happy with my purchase, on a 6p it looks gorgeous and the different cards spice things up! Bloody hard though

Little explanation, poor design. Interesting concept with poor execution. Collecting cards? Great, but you can only carry 3 and they wear out with use. Exploring dungeons? Nice, but tedious "one space at a time" movement paired with multiple A.I. on screen at a time can lead to long waits. What does that symbol mean? Figure it out, we aren't going to tell you. What do I do if all my attack cards are used up and no more drop randomly? Die. Rest and die. Would I pay $1.99 for this game if I had it to do over again? No sir, I would not.

Good game I want to change my rating. This game is warped, weird and hard. It's proving to be really fun. Fix the background music!!!!! It's horrible and irratating and ruins the game.

Game crashes when trying to open door What the title says can walk around first room no problem but whenever I try to open any door it freezes. Please fix

Fun Roguelike The card system in this is great. At one point I was a pyromancer, summoning volcanic magma and crippling heat waves, then I was a teleporting assassin, appearing behins enemies and slaying them in droves! At one point I literally summoned the main god himself to slay some enemies! This game plays very well and is very fun! My only critique is it looks eerily similar to the game "Card Hunter" on the PC which shares a few similarities (but not too many, this games mechanics are most definitely it's own)

The deck mechanics are harsh :( The max deck size (3 cards) and the durability of them makes the game extremely difficult. The loss of level progress on death is very disheartening.

My favorite roguelike on android It really evokes tabletop gaming without being too complicated. There does seem to be a bug where if you find a knowledge gem, then leave the game and come back, you don't get it on your next game

Amazing fun I love this game it's well balanced. And very fun . I really love the randomly generated dungeons and cards ,weapons, armor u get . it makes the game so much fun and it's never the same. I would suggest it to anyone. And for the price it's a steel .hats of to you devs for a amazing game.

Great Roguelike, room for depth Card Dungeon is perhaps the best mobile Roguelike I've played so far; the presentation is gorgeous, and the fundamental gameplay is excellent. Mechanics are solid and present fun decision spaces, fueled by maintaining skills. Still, it doesn't take very long to unlock all the traits, and the traits are wildly varying in usefulness and complexity, and the basic strategies for a successful run become apparent quickly, which results in a lot of dependency on luck. I'd love to see a sequel with added depth!

Freaking Amazing! This game is by far one of the best mobile games ive ever played! Dungeon Crawler feel, card game and strategy elements, amazing abilities that cards give you, great monsters and the way the environments build themselves when you enter. Never a same playthrough so far and ive played a lot since getting it yesterday. Itd be awesome if there was a "resurrect" sort of card. Like you have to trade out one of your ability cards for resurrect and its a one time use kind of card that the effect stays after

Only one game, then crashes at every attempt to play Tested in TWO devices, tablet and mobile, both Android 4.4. For a game with this price, this is absolutely unforgivable!

Best game ever I would like to see a check point put in toward the end I finished the game after 100 tries but needs a checkpoint but I've never played a better appealing game in my life it was everything I ever wanted everything was perfect please make add-on boards and cards or new part 2 please don't change where everything is like life manna you guys did it perfect the first time and I think that anyone saying or complaining about this beautiful game with a great dungeon floor plan is foolish your first idea correct

#1: It is a battery hog and heats up my phone like nuts, which is the main reason why I can't currently play it. It's pretty innovative and looks nice but feels clunky, being a port; I had to mash the tiny "restart" button in the options several times to finally get it to restart (when I had ended up with no attack cards for the first boss). The fonts are also too small; almost nothing is legible when not zoomed in, and even treasure chest content-viewing hardly takes up as much screen space as it could/should. The camera also snaps back to your character the moment you stop panning around, so you can't even scroll around the whole dungeon to check for missed areas. I'll give it another whirl sometime but currently the severe battery drain shoves me away rather severely.

Might be okay.... If I could get through the first door this game might actually be okay, but if freezes up my Galaxy Tab 4 whenever I try to open a door, so it's been a waste of money.

Nice aesthetic, but gameplay is imbalanced and a single move can take forever due to enemy animations. Crashes frequently.

Awesome game but.. The game is great when it works it seems everytime I get further into the game the level is just completley empty literally nothing in it so no boss to kill can't go to the next level, dissapointing.

Are you guys the same people behind cardhunterlive? If not then there might be assets stolen. Either way I bought this because I thought it would play similarly to that. I liked the multiple party members the doing different things and even having movement dictated by cards. Not only that, cardhunter had a better story going on like the younger brother discovering his older brothers dnd set and decided to play. My problem with this game is that it is boring, sorry love the art style, gameplay sucks.

The game's great, although I wish you could skip the neutral monster turns, since moving past them takes do much time.

“One of the most compelling and addictive iOS games I’ve played in years” – Pixelated ParadiseTake control of Crusader and free the lands from the hordes of the Nethermist in this turn based strategy rogue. Card Dungeon is a completely unique and handcrafted board / card /rogue-like game experience unlike anything you have played before. […]

How to use Card Dungeon for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Card Dungeon in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Card Dungeon on your PC or MAC.


Price 199
App Size 152 MB
Instalations 5,000 - 10,000
Score 3.9
Developer Playtap Games, LLC

We don't provide APK download for Card Dungeon but, you can download from Google Play

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