Catan for PC and MAC

Great game, needs a bit more though Game is fluid and works fine. However the game needs to implement a system for players that leave games. In the last several days I've only finished a few games with all original players. If I was to quit I could join another match instantly. Something should be done to penalize quitters. Secondly, it would be nice to communicate with players easierly than emoticons. I usually just want to say HURRY UP AND FINISH YOUR TURN YOU HAVE 3 RESOURCES AND NO DEVELOPMENT CARDS WTH IS TAKING SO LONG

AI is Awful The look of the game is great. And No Crash issues for me. ...but the AI in this game is....bias. Honestly 12's, 3,s, 11's get rolled at unbelievably high rates in favor of the AI. If you want to win, build next to the AI that way you have a chance. Update July: Game still biased towards AI

Good. One problem I have is when I get a victory point it immediately goes on my score but the A.I. only shows it's victory points if it allows it to win. This gives the A.I. an advantage. Also I am blatantly calling anyone a liar who says the rolls are random. I've played this game enough to know the dice are weighted towards the CPU.

Uncharted Islands - Crashing I love the game and own all of the digital expansions. The game has been bug free for many months but it now crashes consistently while playing the new Uncharted Islands scenarios pack. I always play with the max required victory points (maybe that info is useful for debugging?). The crashes seem to occur only on AI and loading the last save point does not help - the game merely crashes as soon as it reaches the same point in the AI turn.

Breaking the laws of probability I love this game but a fix is needed for the dice rolls. I was robbed 9 times in two rounds by 7s and the knights. Don't pee on my pants and tell me it is raing that there is nothing wrong!

Looks promising, but one of the in-game menus does not work (can't play without it.) Support gave me some troubleshooting steps to clear RAM, etc., but they didn't work. This was on a Galaxy S7 Edge- one of the most powerful phones on the market. It appears to be an issue with the game itself.

Is there an update? The game is great and works fine on my phone but on the tablet the select or purchase development cards goes dark/invisible about half way through every game and you can't see if there are still any cards and you can't see or play the ones you have. Super annoying.

Catan Great game! Computer is a little biased with it's victory points. I upgraded to the full package. All of them play like the card games. You will get hours of enjoyment out of this. I am especially enjoying the full version of " cities & knights " . The trial version got me hooked.

Settled for this Game Great value but since latest update it keeps bombing out. In Treasure Islands if robots find a 2 roads/ships treasure, the game halts and bombs out. Also the AI seems to move a boat and then place one in exactly the same position. Also they do seem to avoid going for Treasure on Treasure Islands chosing to move boats away. When they do get treasure then problem as mentioned above. I have also had issues where the robots build boats randomly that are not connected to any existing route or settlement. Good to hear that you are working on fixes.

It used to be great I loved this app, but now there's a mysterious prompt to download an additional 40mb in graphics. There's no way I'm doing that. You want to update your game? Do it through the play store. Dodgy... Uninstall.

Overall good, but new recent bug Hey guys, game is overall good but the recent "the islands" expansion has an issue. About 50% of the time when an AI player gets a chest, the game crashes. This is a nexus5x running Android 7. Thanks!

Great game but... Wonderfull game and I am much in love with it and recomend it offten but no matter how hard I try im not able to get the verification email to play online. Ive checked my spam folder and all that and ive even tried using 2 other email addresses to register but nothing works and im not able to get the verification email. Please fix this and ill gladly give 5 stars to this mobile masterpiece.

Great game but.. I really enjoy this game, every part of it, except... this game is obviously biased towards the AI. I wasn't going to write a review, but I have started to notice that the AI can magically move the robber without rolling a 7 or playing a resource card in C&K. This is extremely irritating, especially late game.

Awesome game... Keeps crashing This game was great for years, and I was enjoying the extra scenarios after paying for the full version. Then it auto-upgraded, and now it doesn't go a minute without crashing. This is making me very upset.

I can't win. If I am winning the damb computers gang up on me. This game is not worth buying to play against computers. I put them on the lowest setting and they still gang up on you. It is a great board game to play but not so much against the computers

If I could refund I would. This game has so many bugs or features that weren't implemented right. 1. if someone leaves the game it should add and AI 2. dice statistics just wrong! 3.if a play takes is time, there isn't any timeout or something. you just waiting for them to make a move.

Love it. 1 problem I am often in no wifi zones and when I want to play, sometimes it wants to check for updates. When it can't connect it simply closes automatically instead of letting me play and do the update later. Please fix this!! Otherwise this is a fantastic game!

Fun game until..... The game continues to crash during a game. This started after the update. I have tried Uninstaller and reinstalling but in most games it shuts down and gives me a message the game has stopped.

Update issue I'm sure it would be a fun game if I could play it. Saying it can't find an internet connection when my phone clearly has one. If I can access web pages on Google chrome, then I have an internet connection. Anyways, it won't let me play until it can "check" files. Glitchy before it even starts

Computer cheats The board game is GREAT but don't spend your money on this ap because the computer soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheats! With the board game you actually roll the dice so there is no computer controlling it. This ap would be GREAT like the board game if the the dice rolls were completely random. The way the computer controls the dice rolls is one of the most frustrating things I've experienced in gaming.

Play with friends, not AI Do not purchase this game unless you have friends to play with. The game is programmed specifically to mock and frustrate you. For example, 1. If your 6 or 8 is blocked, (and it will be for 75-90% of the game), that number will be rolled constantly, in order to award your opponents numerous resources. 2. The AI buys development cards like candy, and often wins with 5 victory points. 3. If you move the robber, a knight or 7 will be rolled within 1-3 turns to move it back.

The computer cheats I wish they would let you have greater customization of the rules. Like turn off the robber and remove the desert. The computer always seems to get what it needs and I have been tracking the dice rolls and the number 7 is rolled disproportionate to the human player than the computer. Can you please add in a greater level of customization?

Love it I love Catan but the recent update which I downloaded today July 28th 2016 has caused a bug that shuts it down middle of my custom games hope they fix it soon

Force update is terrible Force update deletes all your settings. Trade animation when offering a deal takes the whole trade screen away, extremely annoying. Did you even test it?

Waste of money I bought it thinking I had paid for the whole thing but then I had to buy the expansions I thought it would be fun and others would still join but as it turns out others don't have the expansions so no one joins and its just a big waste of money. I want my money back just for the expansions then I will leave a more positive review and a 5 star (please get rid of the expansions as you refund me) other than the expansions I think it's a great game

Far too buggy for the price. If it's $6 I expect a crisp product. Frustrating to be told that a game "no longer exists" after investing 20 minutes into it.

The AI Doesn't Cheat Ignore the comments by the frustrated players here, the AI plays the game exactly by the rules! But, because the bots aren't quite as good as a human player, you end up in the lead. And then the AI quite naturally focuses all of their robber attacks exclusively on you! (And it's way worse in cities and knights, there's nothing quite like losing half your resources to a saboteur, a couple more to a wedding, your last one to a bishop, and then having two of your roads destroyed, in one turn!)

Do Not Buy This Game! I've played this game enough to where I'm 100% convinced the rolls are predetermined. The rolls completely go against all probability. They're designed to make it harder to beat. Never had this problem with the regular game. How can you possibly have 3, 4, 9 etc consistantly rolled more than 6 or 8? Or how can I have the robber on my space for 10+ rounds before I finally roll a 7 only to have the computer immediately roll a 7 and put it back. This happens almost every other game. Not possible! First game I've ever regretted buying.

AI Cheats and Multiplayer is Broken Let me preface this by saying that I love Catan. But the app...not so much. Dice rolls are rigged. Robbers nonsensically get placed on your tiles. AI trades with itself and cuts you out if you have even a hint of a lead. I couldn't even register for multiplayer.

... Was perfect Since the last update, I have not been able to finish a game without the game crashing. This is really disappointing. On a Pixel C.

Forced update stinks! Update forced on me has several very noticeable glitches: the dice very stilted at roll and usually land on one set of #'s and then change; even more geared to AI winning by ganging up on the human and stealing what few recourses the human does get. Very tempted to remove game from all my devices!

Used to be good... I don't know what has happened but recently on Treasure Islands it keeps having a fault when a computer player finds a treasure that allows then to build two roads/ships. Really frustrating

Keeps crashing Nice CPU version if Catan, but the AI rolls low occurring numbers often, and I'm stuck in scenario 12 because when anyone captures a certain treasure the app closes. Very frustrating.

Pretty good... All in all I like the game and think it works well. I have to agree with a couple of comments that I have seen and say that the AI obsession with development cards is irritating. I haven't found that it wins them games often, but, between them almost always choosing you to put the robber on and them having all of the knights, I have had games where I haven't been able to play anything for 6 or more rounds in a row. This can really suck the fun out of the game.

Campaign oases crashes mid game every time Game with desert crashes when ai discover land. Great game with a bug.

Almost great, but... I wish I could upload screenshots. If you start winning, the game appears to cheat to even it out. Impossible dice rolls (8 8s in a row), combined with no trades and constant robbing leaves you with the inability to do anything. Even once a new AI takes the lead, they continue to gang up on you and play knight cards to move robbers OFF of the player in the lead's tile to yours. It makes no sense. This has gotten worse with updates. Reducing to one star.

Issues plague my ability to play The game itself is fun, the App is not. I am constantly having it lock up or glitch, especially when moving robbers. Also the GUI makes it very difficult to zoom in our out. Opponent trading is very dimwitted and it can be difficult to even tell who's turn it is at times. I have learned my way around these things but for 5 bucks I really should not have to trick the game into letting me play it correctly. Also, campain is not available until after you buy an expansion.. another $4 minimum

New update is horrible The forced update has made the game glitch, crash, and run like it is on an old 286. Really appreciate it if this can be fixed ASAP because the game is unplayable.

Game cheats big style The AI probably plays by the rules, but it certainly doesn't feel like it when it's combined with skewed dice rolls. At the start of the game the AI players ignore you and dice rolls seem fair, but once you start leading they gang up on you with constant 7s and knight cards, and the game only rolls dice that give big resource to the AI without you getting any. You can easily spend 4-6 turns getting no resources (same improbable numbers being rolled repeatedly e.g. 2 and 12) and getting robbed twice a round.

Crashes with new update I have had this installed for years, this new update with new boards is a great improvement, but about 4 of the new boards crash before you get done and will not allow to play more. Cannot finish the board.

“Catan”, the legendary strategy game provides gaming fun anytime, anywhere.True to the original game, you can compete with up to four players for the most settlements, the longest roads and the largest army. You can trade with each other and claim the precious land with all its resources.Challenge other Catan fans online via cross-platform multiplayer […]

How to use Catan for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Catan in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Catan on your PC or MAC.


Price 399
App Size -1 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.0
Developer USM

We don't provide APK download for Catan but, you can download from Google Play

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