Epic Warrior: Sword of Light for PC and MAC

Grind, baby! Grind! After achieving level 36, I finally had enough courage to face Lord Erebus. Bind spell did not work on him, which I kind of figured as much. Not to say it would never work, only tried a couple times. Best part was one hitting his Dragon form, with 185 damage to his hit points. EPIC... P.S. Where is Dubrik's necklace? And how do i get to the island caves south of istaria?

Alright but can be much improved. - No indication for saving. Inn needs text for it, or add a save option. - Dying and returning to the castle is annoying, especially when you're far in. - The sleep spell taking effect for the entire fight is kinda OP. It's just a "hey look, a punching bag" moment for both player and monster. Needs a limit. - Every spell needs a tooltip. No idea what something like Light Cast does. Good start, but attention to the little details can make the game all the more appealing. Needs QA work.

I dont know what these kids are bitching about only being able to save at an inn was mostly all we had in the 80's and 90's...and we were GLAD to get a save point! I only gave four stars because I'd like to see more content, but I cannot complain because the fame is free, and it's nostalgic as F**K!

Alright, but needs more content I enjoyed the challenge of this game. It can be very unforgiving especially in regards to the sleep spell. I finished the game and my only complaint is that I want more. The world is a bit empty and the game would benefit from more narrative. Also a sailing ship or horse for faster world travel would be nice.

Not scaled for high res Loading this game on a Note 4 is ridiculous. High resolution screens don't scale well, so everything is incredibly tiny and simply walking causes screen drawing lag. I'd rather pay $5 for an app that works well instead of $0 for an app that is so close to being what I wanted.

A DQ ripoff ... that is executed poorly. Plagued by graphical lag and cheap game mechanics. Uses phoenix downs even when you choose not to. And the other guy's complaint about buying phoenix downs and losing both his progress and the downs doesn't sound promising, either.

Thanks Jackass!!!! Had fun until i reached lvl 23 the game froze then my phone cutoff and now it won't let me continue from the game menu!!! Glad i didn't spend money on gold or downs!!! Ignore the email i sent you. I won't be playing this shitstorm game anymore.

Fun Game This game is a lot of fun. yes it is just like dragon warrior/quest. And that is a problem? I loved d.w and this game reminds me of it. Saving at an inn is not the worst thing in the world. Actually it is pretty simple. Before i even left the first town i had a weapon and armor. There is this magic button called SEARCH. Use it around the first town and you will walk away a very wealthy and armed individual. On that note there are some bad things about the game, but it just makes the game harder. There is no map. If you cross a certain line you will die from very strong monsters. Also not completely sure where to go.

Nostalgic, but buggy This is indeed a very similar clone to Dragon Warrior. For the most part, that's a good thing. However: 1) As others have stated, while saving at the inn is true to the style this game is trying to achieve, it isn't practical for the platform it's on. People usually don't play for extended sessions on their phone, so having to trek back to an inn can be needlessly tedious. 2) Needs some more thought to enemy scaling. I hit a pretty hard wall around lvl 10. Enemies either run away, or put me to sleep and kill me without giving me the opportunity to attack. I expect a little grinding, but this failed to hit the sweet spot. 3) Bugs. The other two could be forgivable, but I've had the game freeze on my Moto G several times, which makes the lack of non-inn saving pretty painful. The game also used both Phoenix Downs I had even though I selected "no". I, too have had the never-ending shopkeeper sell me the same item repeatedly until I ran out of gold. Overall, it's a good game that will scratch the nostalgia itch, but the bugs keep it from being truly fun.

poor game play I enjoyed my first hour or so of playing it, then suddenly I would die, which wasn't that bad, but I would start all the way at the beginning, and have to make my way through the weak monsters, which it felt like every other step a Monster appeared, delaying me by telling me a monster was approaching, only then to say it was running away. Waste of time trying to level, and if you didn't follow the exact path, suddenly super strong monsters would appear and kill you in one or two hits, and you couldn't run.

Wtf Don't buy downs or it will screw u back to lvl 1. And I bought gold. Very unhappy since I like this kind of game. If it gets fixed will change my rating

You cannot save but while sleeping in an inn. Takes forever to build up money to get new equipment. Isn't any kind of map to know if you are going in the correct direction. could have been great but was a major disappointment. Also, it's a money pit.

AWESOME This is what I'm talking about. It's like playing Dragon warriors for the nes back in the 1980s, if anyone can remember those days.

Made a purchase lost my progress Made an in game purchase for 2 Phoenix Downs for .99, got the receipt from google. LOST ALL MY PROGRESS AND DIDNT GET MY PHOENIX DOWNS!!!! I was at level 12 and after my in game purchase through you "epic shop" the game reset me to level 1...I think I'm done with this game.

So much butthurt In these reviews its obvious that the creator isn't very experienced but really? You guys don't like it for such small things like the saving or because its inspired (not a ripoff) by DQ

Noticed a lot of dragon quest noises slightly changed. Gameplay is ok. May be just my tab but the transitioning between town to outside is to slow for me to enjoy.

Should be 5 stars First of all, this is a great game that fulfills any retro rpg fans needs. However, if I read the words THEE, THY, OR THOU again I'm going to scream. Terrible writing on the authors part lmao. Also, the action button shouldn't bring up a menu, it should automatically do what action your obviously trying to do. If you're standing by someone the action button should automatically start conversations, treasure chests should open, etc. I don't need to have an option to talk to a treasure chest...DUUUR.

Im only fifteen low on patience but I love playing gta san andreas and im kinda use to saving in a certain spot

Blantant ripoff... This game is pretty much a ripoff of Dragon Quest for NES. The battle setup is identical. Even the text looks like it was ripped straight from DQ. That being said. You start with 10 gold and no weapon and are told to head west to a castle. Got destroyed by a bee on the way because i couldnt attack it. Awesome game. Not.

Need save option, sleep spell fix, explanation of spells, can't find some things like necklace or island with two caves. Overall like the game. Reminds me of shining force.

Enjoy Greatly I love this game. Hope for sequels. Please add a discussion forum or wiki so I can add a walkthrough.

Nostalgic Reminds me of the old days when I played these types of games on pc great memories and a great game!

Great game Recently installed on my s6 and its zoomed all the way out. More difficult to play and see. If you have a previous generation device, this is a great grindy game to olay and pass the time. Any chance of an update to fix zoom out?

My biggest complaint is the grey buttons should be bright yellow for talk , action, stairs,etc In dark areas you have to hunt for the buttons

Meh... It was a great old school Dragon Warrior clone until I go in a cave for the final piece of my sword (hilt) and an invisible wall blocks it. Can't beat game without it... Booooo

Cant see gfx Samsung Note 2 (SGH-I317M) running Android 4.3 -- Can only see the menu and overlay for buttons. There is nothing else on the screen

I like Games awsome the only way to save is at resting at a inn which reminds me of final fantasy 1 for SNES which only way to save was to rest at a inn

Sucks You should do us all a favor and take this bug ridden piece of sh** off the store, or actually fix it...

Dragon Warrior: distilled Reading through the other reviews, it's easy to tell who grew up with old school JRPG's, and who didn't. This game is just Dragon Warrior distilled, for free. I have lots of love for this one.

Great Classic RPG with some bugs I am a huge fan of the NES Dragon Warrior games. I played them a lot when I was a kid. This game brought back many of those great memories. Yes it is buggy in some places, but nothing really game breaking. Definitely worth playing.

Very fun NES Dragon Warrior style, mage herbs do not do anything.

Remember to hold the reset button before shutting off or you'll lose all your sh*t!

Heck yeah! Finally! I feel like its 1986 again im seven years old and walkin out of Tantegel castel for the first time! The young gamers wont like it but screw them who cares! This is what rpgs are supposed to be! Keep makin this stuff!

It great If your looking for a (in my opinion) Pokemon legend of Zelda and earth bound this is the game!!!!!!

Memories! Brings back fond memories of DW! Love this game. Only problem I'm having is that it won't let me in-app purchase more Phoenix Downs or Gold. Constantly gives me error code that I have no network connection. Will give 5⭐ if/when this situation gets resolved.

Great Rpg game Its an old school AWESOME RPG GIVE 5 only cuz its cool.

Gave in and did in app purchase. Purchase worked but at the cost of resetting game completely. Level 17 back to 1. Feel like hours just wasted.

I love the idea that this is done in the style of Dragon Warrior... Unfortunately the controls are rough and unforgiving. The sprites are a lot smaller than expected. Add the fact that you have to go to the inn to save... I played for a few minutes and just got too frustrated.

Good if you have nothing but time to waste Experience progresses far too slow too much mindless fighting to get strong enough to move on

? Nice try, but maybe because its for free. Disapoi nted about the ending.

Epic Warrior: The Sword of Light is a tale of a young warrior that sets out to find the Sword of Light and vanquish the evil that has poisoned the land.You, like our hero, will experience first hand what it feels like to enter the unknown. You will encounter and fight over 40 monsters, that […]

How to use Epic Warrior: Sword of Light for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Epic Warrior: Sword of Light in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Epic Warrior: Sword of Light on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 31 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 3.6
Developer Perfect Reality Apps LLC

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