First Touch Soccer 2015 for PC and MAC

Nvidia Shield Portable I think this is a great game keep up the good work first touch. However at one point I had to uninstall it and then download it again, then i went to restore purchases but nothing happened, this costs $5 to get the VIP pass or u pay lots of coins. Please fix and if do so will rate 5 stars. Cheers

FTS 15 vs Dream league soccer Edited: this is cool now. At least for the moment the pitch is a bit okay but not still lovely as the dream league. But the game play is almost like dream league soccer and that is cool. Please, I hope you guys are planning on fts 16 which of course I knw it will be of greater interface and smooth gameplay. If multi player is enabled, it will be cool. But hey guys, apart from the milti-player mode, dnt make this lovely game internet dependent. Cool game. I likey. Deleted my fifa 15 and 16 without remorse.

I luv the graphics, players reasonable ratings. But there is some changes need to done.. have the league 2 of other countries as some players at league 2 got transferred to league 1 like Barcelona 2 Alec Halilovic transferred to Barcelona and now on loan to other clubs. The loan players in the current clubs hav to return back to their former clubs like lampard from Man city, Vargas from QPR, Natasics from the Spanish league and etc. There should be the last 10 hours of transfer window.

Just one thing This game is fantastic. But one thing I need to say. Why do we need VIP for all the other modes? Can you guys already give us the option to quick play? And why did you lock the Premier League in manager mode? Overall though this game is great, graphics and celebrations are awesome. Also you should consider doing the create a player option like you did in dream league. allways force close while streaming videos to earn coins..plse fix this immediately.. :O My small reqst..i palyed both d games dream league soccer and FTS 15..both r good games..if u made a powerfull game with mixing up dls&fts 15 toghether.. u people gonna rock..everythig should be there in that game..creating own player in Dls nd manager mode frm Fts15 if these changes can b dne.the great game will born frm first touch games.. and it will overtakes the pes and FIFA 15...

GREAT GAME Loved this game, please add player career mode and also add new stuff to manager mode like loan out players from your club, youth squad, more transfer budget, make the transfer market more realistic and let us get our prize money from competitions right after we win it. Hope you improve the graphics (players are a bit too fast in the game). You can get the ideas from fifa 16's manager and player career mode.

Excellent Gameplay This game is awesome with good graphics and excellent gameplay. But it needs more player controls like sprinting and tackle as without this it looks incomplete. Also, graphics can be upgraded for better look & feel. Edit : The joystick becomes unresponsive, and after the game is paused and screen is locked, the volume although being muted in settings comes upto full until the game is continued.

Best around I have many footie games on multiple formats this is the best on Android atm there is great management system and game play is quality. Transfer system is good but prices slightly strange for some but he ho. All in all great effort. Fifa has nothing on this full teams and seasons and stuff plus free for all awsome. Could not speak higher about this game

Great customer service, but additions needed It's a solid football game, but the ads tend to crash. Also I'd like a few extra features for the next FTS. First, I'd like more stats to be available I.e. Most completed passes/tackles or shooting accuracy or win ratio. Second, more varied loans would be great. The loan system is great but it is always the same for each new career mode. Some random additions would be welcome. Third, Goalkeeping needs improvement, as it sometimes shows keepers going the opposite direction to where the ball is heading.

This games is better than FIFA 15 on the tablet. The VIP pass should not cost $4000. The features are good and not all of them should be unlocked. Also First Touch Soccer 15 should make the players open up and the players should have to come back from off side more quickly. Because a lot of my goal opportunities are off sides. Overall I like the game. What the hell is error 492

Horas de entretenimiento. Hours Muy divertido, muchas opciones, seria.ideal poder jugar online contra otros.jugadores y editar formaciones y tacticas. / cool game, remember me a few FIFAs back in years. Please. Play againts others online will be perfect. One more thing. I would like to change tactics and formation, like take.a.player and .put him more to the left and tell him to use one direction in.particular. hehhe i love football, and this game tablet is great.!!!!

Great! As expected from First Touch The game is like a free, simpler and better FIFA. Although you might get pissed by the players lying around too long but the gameplay is quite good. But I'm just waiting for some s**t to happen as like what happened to my Dream League Soccer. In a nutshell, it is a good game. Keep up the good work!!

Great game I absolutely love this game and must say the support from the developers is fantastic. My game froze and within 5 mins of emailing them they replied and got it working. As for the game it's the best game I've played. There are a few things that I think could improve it...1. Able to arrange own preseason matches. 2. Can develop stadium and other facilities such as shops, youth set up, training, medical. 3. Players should retire and youth players come in with quality dependant on your set up

Good app This app is a really good soccer app. The only thing I dont like is that it lags a little on my phone (gs3). But that dosent hinder the gameplay much. And it also drains my battery very quickly. I can usally only play 2-3 matches before my phone dies or is at 10% or less. Still its worth a try. I would recommend this to anyone.

Not realistic Defender are overpower why can't I dribble past them even with skill moves.Keepers too, why even low rated keepers make amazing save. How can I take a freekick, when I hit it at middle power it is blocked by the wall, but too much power it is over the bar. Can you possibly make gamers edit the players position because some players position are not same with real life. I just got the VIP pass I thought I can edit the players position but can't. Can you just make the manager mode more amazing.

Great game The game is very awesome. I love it. It's very adictive. But there are a few things u guys should add and fix. U shod ad multiplayer so thay we can link with our friends. When I play the game and I am on my counter attack and I'm running with the ball to score my teammates run back to there own half this should be fix. Sometimes when my teammates makes the run for the ball and when I am about to pass the ball the stop running. When my opponent tackles me I stay on the ground for five seconds or more. And al

Its nice game Its cool and nice game to play... And i love it... But it lags a little in some kind of devices,, but all i want now is to have an update since there have been transfer of players and in here they are still in their old teams... Thanks... I would like to know when its going to be done.. Otherwise, i love this thing, high five

Multiplayer I love this game alot but my biggest issue is no multiplayer. I dont mean via internet i just mean blutooth. I know when i had my ipod on dream leuge soccer before u relesed this game you had created an online thing so i was wondering why you couldt put it on this. Me and my brother to play together have to download dream leuge to play together and start again. I still really enjoy this game but that is my bigget issue which i hope is an easy fix

Good for a free app. Every other team plays well but not the team I choose. I don't know if it's intentional but even the switching of players if frustrating and costs goals so all I can do is keep the ball away from opposed high up the field. Also other teams at the bottom tackling great and their first touch, I'm having to compensate a lot for the players I have. It would be nice if it was more even or realistic.

More Content Wonderful game! Highly recommended for Soccer fans who want to play. But one thing I can suggest is that can you put a 1 hero? where in you start as a rookie /newbie then clubs get to be impressed just like score hero but in here where in you can really play full time or as sub. not by just goal happening events only! Overall it is a great gane!

Love the game.. Best soccer app ive seen for a mobile device.. Only one question though, Is there any way to recover a VIP pass you bought. After switching phones (I redownloaded the app and signed in with the same email but didnt have the ViP pass

It's really good The gameplay and graphics are superb and it is a really fun thing to play. I wanted something like NHL but I couldn't find anything so I downloaded this. The controls are sort of weird because I'm used to A being change players and I press A to change players but then it tackles and gets my guy a yellow or red card.

Carrer mode oh! And news like transfer rumors,winning competition news..and yes,if the player can retire..after they reach something like 38 years.. If only there was a carrer mode.. where we could create a player and played in lower club at first and as we progress further and improve our player skill..that's when big clubs come offer us a contract to played in their club.. and we can ask for higher salary..etc.. other than that.. the game is awesome...

Good but can be more brushed... This is by far the best football game available on android. A few more changes like non static direction control , non automatic cross ( making it manual will make it more challenging and people will do it in personal ways providing more immersive experience for them ). Graphics are supercool. Commentary is fantastic. But goal keepers are too much idiots, they do not provide any resistance at all(make their AI more intelligent). Also the glove thing in saving penalty is a complete no no.Make it swipe.ATB!

Great! 1. I loved it and all but when you play it it's like you really are a footballer. 2. The main thing is that you can play as a manager and a player which is really good. 3. It has transfer market,you can chose your own favourite team and change it if another team says that can by are manager. 4. But it has one problem that you can't buy players with money and is bought by giving loans which is kinda bad but it's okay with me.

Ad Viewing Crashes Dear First Touch Developers. When there are no more ads to view, instead of just telling right away that there are no more ads to view, it just crashes my tablet completely (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition). I have to restart the device everytime, everyday, because I love the game, and the fact that ads-viewing is well rewarding.

Game wise its amazing. But need to work on more in Save setting. If our phone gets formatted means our data in this game fully formatted n Level too. What is sign in? To keep our levels n achievements only. It's all getting Deleted then what's use in dis game to reinstall. Plz work more wit Save setting.

5 stars to 3 stars now..! Honestly speaking you could be one of the best football game of 2015.. You have everything that needs to be on top.. Great gameplay, great visuals, etc but one little thing kills the interest in the game.. Is that "players face"! You can play different teams but all the time you see the same actions and face with just some differences on the face colors and hairs! So that kills the interest in us after continuously playing for a week! Put the face as near to PES 2013 or 2014... C'mon you can do that!

Amazing, fun and Offline Game Exactly what I wanted. An offline fun soccer game. To be honest what I really wanted was tournament mode but it is locked behind a VIP Pass. Unless you have it, you can only play Manager mode which Im not fond of due to contracts and such. I just prefer the old school football modes. I managed to get it after mass spamming the free credits. In the end, superb game!

Nice but does not have the feel..... The game has very good features like Manager Mode, buying and selling players in transfer market, pre season friendlies and other stuff. But if you have played Dream League Soccer, then the field game feel a bit dull. Tackles are easy, goal scoring is a breeze ( with good rating players. Low rating players hit mostly over the bar). Also there is no indication of the player's stamina or health during the match. So we don't know which player to substitute. Please being the feel of DLS in field.

Very great. It means that any game developed by first touch is always superb. It works even more dream league soccer am always addicted and can't leave it. It really mmmmmmmmwwwaaa. Am one's again telling all the gameholics that this is the great game to play and it really good. This game never change 4m it goodness. It always gud better best

Some bugs I like the game but there does seem to be a little too much parity with the AI for some reason. I've noticed on medium the game is too easy but on hard the AI is nearly impossible. I've also noticed that the opposing team will sometimes just have hypersonic speed and for some reason the defender on Bournemouth is able to outrun Walcott even though his speed is one of the highest in the game. There are other times where you pass the ball and players on your team will freeze and let the opposing team get ir

Why? So... I was playing as Aberdeen, successfully qualified to Champions League, and the final game vs Bayern turned out to be good. 1-1 and I was stopping constantly because if I lost, Monaco would advance. It was 0-0 there and at the end of the game.... 1-0 Monaco vs Porto.... say what? I was knocked out of CL. Robbed me of just playing with harder teams. Come on man.....

Too easy and some weird physics Please make the game more difficult. There are some wierd physics like we can easily tackle or opp can tackle easily. We can easily score goals in corners. We give a cross and very weak defending in corners. Make defending strong in corners. Add international matches and Fifa world cup. Add ultimate team like Fifa. Please do this I will give 5 stars. Thank you

Great game! I absolutely love it! The only problem I am having is that I need more credits than I can earn by playing a match, but the option to watch a video for credits doesn't bring up a video to watch, meaning I don't get credits. If you can fix this relatively quickly I will bump the rating up to the full 5 stars this game deserves! Oh and also a suggestion would be adding the feature to change/select a player in game, when the opposition have the ball, depending on the direction of the analogue pad :)

Nice game Its a nice game as I am Dream League's veteran but this one is good with a lot of options. However I am facing some problems with its graphics as it makes frames. If some graphics options are added to run it smoothly on lower Quality tablets, I will rate it 5 stars.

pretty good the game is free but free is basicly useless. you have very little options to change but even free it's pretty good. to be a vip it's 5$ that gives you total access. game remind me of fefa. minus being able to choose a solo career only manager career options. with vip it's pretty good. I'm running on my note 3. eats through battery though.

Hands down best hand held device soccer game that I have played controls are easy to use and actual matches are challenging not complete blow outs.. I've actually lost a few.. Only complaint is the length of the quarters and the only way to increase the time is to purchase VIP pass.... Oooh well..

Needs one more thing! The game is really good but it would be a lot better if you guys added multiplayer or Bluetooth so we can compete against a friend. My friends have this game and we all say how cool it would be if we can compete with each other! Please add this ASAP

Better This football app is good, charming,easy to control. *BUT* it does have only few leagues to play in between a lot. also doesn't have new players coming, every season player's are same. Hope in future those things will be solved and will be more details. No doubt I love this game.

REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE, ADDICTIVE. First Touch Soccer 2015 is here, and it’s better than ever! Crammed full of amazing features, modes, stunning graphics and fluid gameplay, this year’s edition is not to be missed. FIRST TOUCH SOCCER IS YOUR GAME!* Includes Tablet Support! ****************************************** LEAD YOUR CLUB TO THE TOPTake control of your team on and […]

How to use First Touch Soccer 2015 for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type First Touch Soccer 2015 in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use First Touch Soccer 2015 on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 159 MB
Instalations 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Score 4.5
Developer First Touch

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