Freeciv for PC and MAC

First civ I played! This is the first Civilization I've ever had the pleasure of playing and I love it! I guess if I could ask for anything to be added it would be an internal guide much like the wiki provides. I would just much rather visit a page in game that gives tile, tech, attack and defense explanations. Other than that small request the game is great and I'm loving my experience!

Great to have on my phone, but... I love this game. Play it on my desktop. This is a port and not all the features were ported. For instance there is no spaceship button. Also you can't see in the sidebar what terrain type your unit is on nor the terrain modifications. You also seem stuck in isometric view. I think some of the command line options work, need to examine this further. Overall out is pretty good but unfinished. More please, zielmicha! Good work.

Oh no! There goes my spare time! The best way to get your civ hit in android. No crash issues after a week on my HTC one m8 either. Just a few improvements and this would be 5 stars: tech tree graphics, civopedia, diplomacy - close nations always war it seems & city graphics showing upkeep units and other details etc. Just a bit more polish really. Great to play though!

Interface needs work, still best 4x for Android Under the hood its the same as the PC version of Freeciv, which is the same as civilization, which means it blows away any other 4X game on android… If you can just get past its interface. You can zoom in on a map now which you couldn't do before, so they must still be making improvements. Plus supposedly you can save the game on Dropbox then load the game from Dropbox onto your PC version of Freeciv.

It's Civ It seems to work fine on my Galaxy Tab Pro. It has all the features of Civilization II, with the option to play by rules according to Civilization I. This is better than Civ Revolution II, by far (which doesn't even qualify as a Civilization game as far as I'm concerned). I suppose this title may be a little rough around the edges, but it has always been that way since its conception...if it's the genuine article we're talking about.

Fun basic civ game So graphics suck, but I'm fine with that. no lag so far. movment took me a min to get the hang of. Plz add auto worker it takes far to much time to worry about that ur self. Other than that great game good job so far thanks. Look forward to further improvments

Very Good Civ II Replica It has some horrible interface when it comes to updating you with world events, as the text is in black font against a black background(uncovered map). Besides that, and lack of an auto improve feature for the workers/settlers/engineers, this game is a great find! Played well, and had little to no slow down. Any Civ fan will be happy with this one, as long as they keep updating!

Closer to the real thing then any If you enjoyed the pc civ's then you will enjoy this. Yes the game has a few issues as far as info screen and settings but you work around it. I would like to see auto improve and maybe some tips to help refresh my memory but other then that it didn't take long to get right back into it. I think it's as close to the real thing you Can get on a mobile device.

Enjoyable enough I will always love Civ. And so being able to play this on my tablet to go is perfect. It does get a little slow once your farther into the game. And I would love to know why the workers have and auto explore button instead of auto build. Other than that I'm enjoying it.

I'm no war mongrel I'm not sure if this happens to everyone, but I have no choice to be friends with anyone. That means the only way for me to win is to conquer the world. also, the technologies are way off. My opponents had the cure for cancer in the 1800s on easy! I'm pretty sure we didn't have cancer cured by then. Fix this people.

A few fixes A few things that are missing is the tech tree goes every where and somehow 20 turns in an ai has space travel. One major thing though is multiplayer you should get multiplayer options. Now lastly I will do 5 stars if the game reaches its full potential by doing all this and fixing the slow. otherwise great game.

Very good work so far Like many have said, it needs cleaning up. It takes a little getting used to. But impressive once you invest time to figure out what's been done so far. Once this is polished up and kinks worked out its going to be great.

It's free and it's civ... Civil on a phone. YES! But it is a computer game ported to a phone. The interface could use some work. A page of keys, and/or the effects of transforming would be good. Perhaps on the govt. page. Some of the diplomacy did not implement well. The npc could ask for a trade, but I could not.

Time for update This game has a lot of potential... but it really needs some work. The messages are hard to read... the butons are way too small for a 7" screen. The help section is not providing enough info about the game. That's OK, you can still find it searching the net. But the space ship victory doesn't work... And that's not OK. Yet, the developer did a great job. Well done Zielmicha! Now, how about keep up the good work and update this awesome game?

Issues on HTC One So first off, the opening menu has nothing on the buttons. I have no idea what I'm choosing by hitting a button. This problem continues to the game itself with the movement controls. The overall control scheme is convoluted as well. I have no idea what I'm researching, or what I get from each technology. This game has a multitude of bugs, but it has promise.

Needs fixing Occasionally the graphics are boxy and needs resetting. On moving why do I have to use the go button, and can't touch it to move. As far as civilization goes it needs serious upgrades. As far as tablets goes it is the best strategy game I've seen. Also I need to know what the resources are so my workers know how to treat them. The diplomacy with other civilizations doesn't always work. How do load warriors in my caravel. There is no way to remove clause in diplomacy if it is rejected, and you ask for less stuff.

Its about time civ came to Android I have no clue what everyone is bit©#ing about. You just need better Tabs or phones. Been playing on the Brand New Huawei Ascend 2 and the games bug free! flawless

Great game! (read addendum) Seriously beats anything I've played before on android..(does crash from time to time) my new beef is that with so little feedback from the game it's very hard to know how to win. I built the spacecraft but the game keeps going.

Good It's pretty good exept I would like it if it got updated more often. Content is great but the ui isn't the best it could be if you would make the tech tree cleaner and add a discription on the techs then I would give 5 stars. P.S. if I could turn off barbarians and pirates in all games that would be great

Shamefu Game doesn't run on low end gingerbread device. You know what does run on low end gingerbread devices? ANY emulator and a simple copy of Civ1. It even takes up less space. This is a great idea, and there's a huge gap waiting to be filled. But come on.

Good idea but... It's just not done yet. I see no way to choose which empire to option to choose how many other leaders are in the game. The technologies tree doesn't show which techs will allow you to build what. There is no option for workers to build a farm. Cities don't fire on intruders and by the time you realize you're under attack, one single horseman has somehow defeated your entirely fortified city... there is little to no warning when an attack comes. Cities were much easier to defend in the pc version.

It's ok. Freezes if I get out of app and need to reset phone to play again. Cool game, I like civilization. This is free and worth the hassle of helping with feedback. Very disappointed when I finally got to building my spaceship....and learned t there is no way to launch.

CONSTANT CRASHING is the biggest problem, but autosaves make up for it. Its also very hard, even at easy, and i havent even dared to switch to hard. Hard to control everything manually, just so small for big thumbs. Overall the game has a TON of potential, and its an awesome idea, but theres an enormous void waiting to be filled.

Great game there are minor issues but still worth playing As stated in previous comments there are minor graphics issues and there ,at times ,can be a lag when loading. However none of these issues was so great that it kept me from enjoying the game. This is almost exactly like the game Civilization for PC. Although it does lack some details such as resource management,effective trade, and desperately could use a civilopedia such issues are minor considering it fun and free. Keep up the good work guys awesome game:)

Good game. But the battle suks The game style in looking for. But man the battle suks. Its hard to take a city with someone defending it. Even they have only spear and arrow to trow at me. While i have armor tanks. Stheal bommer and cruise misile. I nid to use battle ship to take a wooden city defender killed. How lame they can dmg. Modern ship. And airplane with just a wooden stick. Over all the economy. Building. Trade. Are 5. Yet the deplomacy nid more update. And a minus 1 to battle interfirance. Nope it will improve. Tnx is a

Awesome game Only 3 problems. One is crashes when on bigger maps with lots of troops. Second is when trying to play civ 1 rule set the game crashes. Third figuring out unit strengths and weaknesses and lack of help figuring out what buildings do.

Great Adaptation If you want to play civ on your phone, this is the closest thing. And above all, it's free. Sure, it's not perfect, but it does the job. I do suggest you play the original civ first though, since the UI might be confusing if you're not familiar with the mechanics.

Crashes/can't load saved games Big fan of the civ series. This app is a great concept but has some bugs to work out. Graphics are great but constantly crashes and 1 in 10 "saved" files work...if it doesn't crash. Fix it and you'll have a loyal fan!

I love Civilization II, but this... It's different. There's a lot of room for improvement. If you've played Civ II before you will either be a little amused or a bit put off. The buttons and graphics could certainly benefit from a makeover. What's up with the Oregon Trail style wagon icon for settlers? 'A' for effort.

Decent Could be so much better. The main problem I have is that there isn't enough info. Let me select a tile and see what kind of terrain it is. The tech tree is a mess and doesn't tell me anything about each tech. Zoom would better if I could use touch pinch controls.

For civ players If you love civ games this is the game for you. Its free and has the classic play style similar to civilization 1 or 2 . Huge selection of playable nations. You can customize map size & amount of computer players. You can change the difficulty as well.

Dissapointing I always wanted to play civ after seeing yogscast but this game is just too confusing and I use novice but my 4horses still got destroyed by 4 warriors what is that about? Good potential bad so far. Even worse the ai are so op to noobies. I also feel they have no intention on fixing these things so I'll just wait until I have a PC.

Used to Work ..but now it doesn't. When it did run it would suffer from memory leaks and frequent crashing, but the autosave feature worked and it was easy enough to restart it without much loss. The interface is horrible and slow. It feels like a port of a port of a port. I don't have much faith that this build will ever work again.

Addicted again, BUT... Forced quits are now rendering the game unplayable. What happened? I'd pay to have this fixed! Please fix. Seriously if there's a pay for version without glitches I'm there!

AI Diplomacy Needs Serious Overhaul I enjoy playing the game, but sometimes it gets frustrating because the AI is so aggressive. Even on novice, I'm constantly at war with basically everyone I meet even if I do absolutely nothing hostile toward them at all. And once the AI has declared war, it will never end! It's ridiculous and I hope there are improvements some day.

It is really outdated game. This game is mediocre other civilization games has made a lot of improvements. I think it is time to upgrade. Since four they have messed it up. I would like to see something like the complete edition of four without closed borders. They are selling the code for civilization four warlords. Please modernise.

Pretty good Would like to see auto-settler, because managing a huge number of workers upgrading roads to rails manually sucks. Also 'Pirate' nation breaks the game when barbarians spawn and should probably be disabled.

Civ for your tablet! Very, very complex yet rewarding strategy game for tablets, this will have you hooked. There is instability though, and as of now I can't access the game because it crashes whenever I try to load or start a game, but its a true jewel on the Google Play Store. I would really like to see the diplomacy expanded to the PC version, and allow for more options like setting tech levels and the like. Simply add in these missing features that are in the PC version and 5 stars!

Crap all around. I have this for both my Galaxy Note 4 and my Raspberry Pi, and both versions are completely unplayable. No tuturial, hard to get the hang of and all around just absolute crap. EDIT: Months later, no update for bug fixing, no comments on any reviews, nothing helpful done at all. Rate this at -5 stars for customer service and the game itself.

Better Than Nothing Spaceships broken, espionage limited, diplomacy primitive, setup rudimentary. Many features of desktop game missing. Poor port of a great game. But then, what did you expect?

Freeciv is a turn-based empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the Stone Age to the Space Age…Forum for Freeciv for Android users: game settings are based on Civilization II, but Civilization I ruleset exists.

How to use Freeciv for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Freeciv in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Freeciv on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size -1 MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 3.6
Developer zielmicha

We don't provide APK download for Freeciv but, you can download from Google Play

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