Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD for PC and MAC

Galaxy on fire 2 Great game, im having a lot of fun!!! ♡ Just finished it and it was awesome. Great game! Hopefully there making some new episodes, add ons. Im still able to continue playing doing mission from the bar! And game also updates most wanted list. Im also finding more weapons, and blue prints! I cant say enough about this game, best game Ive played. Btw on my samsung tablet I had no issues with anything everything worked perfectly.

Benchmark game. This game has been out for sometime and there is still no game like it, not even close. It does have IAP's but they aren't necessary. You make tons of money straight up from the missions. The missions themselves get repetitive but there are several different kinds so mix it up to keep it interesting. The storyline is pretty good and you can play it at your own pace. Can't wait for GOF3 to come out. Hopefully the devs stay true to this game and not make it a garbage time money grabber.

LOVE IT!! Absolutely in love with this game. I thought it was one solar system full out exploring but then I opened the map to a dozen more systems to eplxplore...EPIC!! If this were a Star Trek game, you guys wouldn't be able to reply because of how much money you'd have to count in the first 24hrs of its launch (hint hint, nudge nudge developers) Anywho, thank you for an epic game

Really really a great game But is not perfect though sorry devs!. Maybe add more campaign missions for FREE and then we can get the add ons campaign i know making a game this good is very hard but please just do it and a multiplayer mode will be awesome like where you can challenge other players to duel and set bets for the winning and etc and new ships like can we pilot capital ships like just for once because it will be very very awesome anyway sorry for the long post and please just do those and i will be happy or at least make those campaigns add ons a bit cheaper awesome game tho great work devs!

Great space sim! Plays very similar to Freelancer on the PC. It's a very small amount of grind early on while you work to get enough funds to buy ships and parts, but once you have some decent gear and can make money through combat, the galaxy really opens up. I'm mostly through the main game without any purchases, but will definitely be buying the add on chapters. It's kept my attention, it's worth it

The king of mobile gaming Hands down, this is the best mobile game I've ever played. And after a few years of it being released, it's still being updated with bug fixes. Can't imagine many companies with this level of dedication. The expansion packs are worth every penny. Great story and voice acting, chest pounding battles and remarkable graphics. It would really be nice if you have dedicated controller support though. Meanwhile, I'll stick with sixaxis controller.

Best one yet I have played a bunch of games simular to this but none have been as good as this. I am very happy with it. Homing missiles are the best gotta have more blueprints like that but massively stronger long range. Would like to be able to hit the thrusters during battels or be able to cut the engines when picking up salvage but strong game other wise. Keep up the great work.

Tegra Note 7, Ipega 9023 Beautiful graphics and audio, deep and rich gameplay, great story! Even the touch screen controls work very well. Works great with Bluetooth gamepad, No internet connection required. Any sci fi fan will love this game. Kudos to the developer for such amazing work. We need morme games like this on mobile! Look forward to GoF3! Update: After Android 5.1 update for TN7 audio issues are gone

Biggest mistake The game is awesome, u get adventure, action , the beauty of the galaxy everything in this game. But after all the hard works when u reset your device or uninstall the game hoping to resume from the last finish point whenever u will reinstall it, u get nothing back,, . because the game can't b saved in cloud. Trust me deep silver team, add the cloud save feature in the game and i bet more thousands of new players will b playing this game, and i will reinstall it too.

Great Space game! I have always been a fan of space games and this one is a great example. It's visually appealing and though I havnt played more than a few hours the complexity is on par with some of the better pc games I have played. That's saying something coming from an android platform. Keep up the good work you guys!

Excellent...! Awesome game, totally love it. Unfortunately has a couple of bugs that includes some medals being unlocked earlier than the requirements and primary weapon having rare moments of staying pressed after finger release. The only negative is the aiming, as its hard to control and clearly not suited for mobile play.

Great game but... I used to have this game on my iPod before I got an android. On the iPod I had bought all the expansions, including the Kaamo station. Now that I have a different device, I don't have those expansions. This game feels a bit empty without them. I know it's a lot to ask, but could you guys at fishlabs please give me those expansions so I don't have to pay for them again? Thanks!

Save Games? Zero. Hello, where are my save games? C'mon, I've reach the top level. Ended it, sure I got other missions but the story line ended. I've paid good money on this. Update does not help. Before, the game load perfectly fine. Is it because I have slow internet or what? Well, it doesn't need to have internet unless I go and buy most of the stuffs online and couldn't all the saves and purchases just overwrite all of the data in game? I'm hoping Manticore is not like this and better and works just a great.

Great! Love the game, graphics are great, storyline is nice with also the option to extend the game & story for a little cash. I recommend this to any space fairing gamer lol. the ads are a little crappy, but u guys gotta pay that electric bill somehow huh! A few ads and the option to buy cool stuff ain't so bad, just glad it ain't like all the money pit war games that are on Google play lately. Making cash the main driving force of competition is a crappy way to hit gamers hard! This ain't one of em. Thanks guys

Beautiful... This game has high graphics, free(unless you count the in-app purchases but who cares no needed money to enjoy this!), and action packed. Universal Saves? Just be a bit technical! Grab the save files from the data place and paste at the other end! This game was first for the phone, then ported to the PC with inhanced textures and graphics, and back here again with those inhanced textures ans graphics! Mann, this baby has been threw alot!

Loved it-Don't upgrade your phone Loved it. Got all the add ons. Fantastic game. Then upgraded my phone. I can see I've got all the add ons but don't have any of them. No way to reboot and collect all i had. All saved games are gone too. Gutted, cant even get hem again if i wanted to as I've already got them.

Not great for phones I got this game because it seemed like it would be a good game with fun combat and an engaging world with cool storylines. It may have the later two parts but I'll never know. I cannot play the game with any type of precision because the buttons are too small. I found the option to move their position on-screen but it did nothing for the size issues. I'm sure this game is great for tablets and the like, but not for phones. My phone is often said to be larger when compared with most modern ones.

Great game It reminds me of the old Microsoft game called Freelancer. That was a great game too. This game takes it's place in playing style. You can follow the story or take on side jobs to get money to buy weapons or better ships. On my S3 the game played great, text was readable. On my new LG with a bigger screen text is very small. Hopefully with the new game coming out they will fix Sun of these problems.

Awesome game! I finally had a time to play this sequel after being hooked up with the java version before. It's great to see every faction's flagship in this sequel. There's no way I won't get every addons after I finish all missions. The passenger delivery mission is quite easy compared to java version. I remember having 4k kills in the java version, killing every ship that I see until I reach my destination.

Huge game considering it's on a mobile phone no less. Reminds me a lot of Mass Effect, or certain parts of it at least. Only thing I don't like is the ads, but I get that the devs need to make some bucks as well. A lot of time and effort go into these projects. Overall well done. I enjoy this game a lot. Cheers.

Great game I played and enjoyed this superb game on my tablet. I can't say the same on my NEXUS 4. It works great with no lags, but the UI is terrible and makes the game unuseble. I can't wven press on the scaled down buttons. the game UI on my phone looks identical in pixel density to the version on my 7 inch tablet except on a small screen becomes unusable. PLEASE LET MY ENJOY THIS GAME ON MY PHONE.

No save transfer. I love this game I made in app purchases and then had to change phones. I lost everything I had one of the best ships and a lot of credits there only way to transfer saves is to send it to them in an email and they didn't even work when I got them back. I would like a complete refund of my purchases associated with those saves if I am unable to recover them.

Great game! Can be enjoyed free as well. Paying will only speed your development. Good option for those with little patience. :-) Would LOVE to be able to set size and horizontal position of controls and a button for target neutral or enemy for homing weapons. It currently locks on to neutral over enemy and I find I hit friendlies by accident a lot when they fly to close to my target.

Was awesome until I decided to spend some money on the game and now the game won't even open. Something about it wanting to download something from their servers but their servers are permanently down apparently. Until then it was wonderful, but don't get sucked in. It seems that everybody who plays the game for longer than 7 hours acquires some kind of game save corruption bug and loses their time and money investment. While the developers take your money and don't fix any of it

Flat out amazing I had been looking around for a 3d sci fi game and came across this game, once I started playing I got hooked. The controls took awhile to master but other than that, are easy to use. The many space stations and systems, trading and buying, about 50 unique ships and storyline all help make this a great game. And to top it off, it only takes about 33 mb of storage. I don't know about you but compared to smashyroad's 111 mb, I think this game is well worth the low cost of nothing.

Best space game ever. I used to play this on my ipod but ended up losing that and buying an android so I have to restart but whatever I love this game I suggest it to everyone. Btw I haven't played it on my android yet so Idk I've just read some comments about adds and in app purchases will revise rating depending on that.

Worth it all Definetly worth the dlc. Amazing game. A new dlc would be sweet. Maybe a ship graveyard from some huge war needs to be scavenged. Or maybe an actual build your own shop engine? Craft different wings, engines, and cockpit for more customized looks. Id buy that.

Good game I love the graphics and gameplay but im taking away stars because of that story mission that requires a tractor beam. Its a load of bull that it costs 150000 credits to buy the basic one and its obvious that you did this on purpose to make people buy credits with real money. The lady who gives the mission gives you 20000 credits towards it but why not just have her give you the basic tractor beam? In the picture it shows the tractor beam for 33,000 credits.

Amazing on my phone Not liking what i hear about Gof3. They always ruin the sequels. This game however rules. Great graphics. Amazing backdrop. There's at least 50 ships and all are very unique.Tons of weapons and upgrades make each ship totally custom, and no need to purchase any credits if you play smart. I didn't spend a dime and have it all. I have found nothing like it. Good work devs. Some of the reviews are rediculous. Seems like people just want everything given to them instead of earning it playing.

Love it! I wrote an earlier comment based on an older version and gave it four stars because of problems with the trade system. I still haven't played this version enough to see exactly how much improvement was made. My main question is whether prices are fixed or vary according to inventory levels. Overall it's a great game! I highly recommend it!

Back to loving this game I'm updating my rating back to 5 stars after resolving my issues. I had issues with the audio sounding like it was a constant echo but I copied the data from a working device to my new tablet, uninstalled, and reinstalled the app and that fixed it. Now to transfer game save info. Outside of the sound issues, the on screen controls are the proper size on this device versus my smartphone. I still thoroughly enjoy playing through this game now as I did 3 years ago when I came across it on iOS. Despite issues, it's still hands down the best mobile app. No need to invite friends to progress, no need to invest real money for in app items if you know where to sell items you happen across or where to sell ore. I love this game. Can't wait for part 3 on Android.

Loved this game when I had the Xperia Play! Great to see the HD (Non Tegra) version finally released with the addons to be enjoyed on my Nexus 4! One of the few games for mobile that feel like a REAL game! Not some time killing commute thing, where your fling birds at pigs! (2015) Still have this but now on my NEXUS 6! Stunning Game! Shame Deep Silver have not produced a 3rd instead of MMO style games based in the same universe

Amazing Stunning visual effects, beautiful concept and perfect storyline. I've played a lot of games and this one stands above all else. I'd give a hundred stars if I could. Even better because most of my games require Internet while this one does not. The full screen adds can be avoided people if you switch off your WiFi during game play. Just saying.

Great game. Button sizes fixed! This game is absolutely phenomenal. Very immersive and addictive. However, button size hinders gameplay. I'm dealing with it because I love the game, but,definitely gets frustrating at times. Text is hard to read too. Graphics are stellar. Running on highest setting on LGG2 with zero problems. I'll rate 5 when the button sizes get fixed. Edit: In a recent update the UI was fixed and the buttons are the appropriate sizes now. Thank you!! Makes a great game even greater. Five Star rating now!!!

Not what it used to be! I played through the normal version of this game, where you were able to build a fortune by trading. Now it seems the developers are willing to force you into buying credits, rather than rewarding players for their dedication. -2 Also if I purchase the addons I don't want any annoying advertisements ingame, especially not for addons I already purchased. Absolutely not tolerable! -1 Decent graphics and gameplay though.

Good game with bugs It would be great if I could transfer saves. I find the dialogue is too small to read on my galaxy s6. It used to be a good size. I generally like small text but this is too small. I purchased all the add-ons but I still get in game adds. This is pretty frustrating. I also don't like how it closes if you turn your screen off. It should just pause like every other game out there

Best space sim I've played on Android by far. Accelerometer controls took some getting used to but once you get the hang of them they are fine. The free content is great and the IAPs are unobtrusive. I have not purchased any of the expansions but they seem reasonably priced.

See It! To Believe It! I was skeptical about all of the positive reviews that this game has received, but here I am giving it a 5-star review! Believe everything that you have read (positive reviews) about this AMAZING game! I already dowloaded all of the add-ons to this game! The closest thing to a triple AAA console game, by far!

Horrible support for people who pay Have waited almost 2 years and still no response besides automated responses to any technical issues. Won't ever recommend nor use another product of there's. Too bad cause this was my favorite game.

So many updates, still can't finish A truly awesome game, fun, addictive. It got me interested enough to purchase add-ons so I could continue the narrative. Well the game crashes on the last mission. Fishlabs has known about this problem for more than a year. They will not fix it. I paid for something I can't use and the people that sold it to me don't care. Not cool, fishlabs. Edit: it's been more than a year and I still can't finish the game because it keeps crashing. I guess I'm just a dinosaur with my sIII. C'mon guys, please. I paid.

[ The eagerly anticipating “All Android” version of Deep Silver FISHLABS’ genre-defining 3D open space shooter — including the extensive Valkyrie™ and Supernova™ expansions! ] # # # AN UNPRECEDENTED OUTER SPACE ADVENTURE # # #Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is the fully optimized Google Play version of Fishlabs’ multi-award-winning space combat and trading simulation. […]

How to use Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 973 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.4
Developer Deep Silver

We don't provide APK download for Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD but, you can download from Google Play

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