GraalOnline Era for PC and MAC

Hard to do much. This game is really fun, but when you first start out, you have barely anything to protect yourself. I've been struggling for the past hour to get around without a weapon strong enough to keep me alive. The protected areas don't showcase the game very well, as they are often full of players and laggy. I wish I could explore everywhere else, but I can barely get away from spawn.

Great game I've been playing era for almost 3 years now I stopped for about 6 months which was hard for me to do I felt like I lost a piece of myself. This game is amazing when I play it I feel like I'm a different person I'm no longer the shy weak me I am a cool guy this game made me lots of new friends and I love it when I get to hang out with them even though I don't know them in person this game makes me wish I did. Thanks for making this game it will always be a piece of me I don't want to let go

Really good game but, It's a really good game, I rate 5 stars but, why is there sudden bugs? It just doesn't let me log in, it stays in the logo. This doesn't only happen to me but to others too. Please Fix this. And also, why do the things cost a lot of money. Uploads in graal client are free why not in here too?!

Good But.. Its an awesome game i enjoyed it the game. i love it , n i got addicted. But there's a thing that i dont like about it. It's about the 'Identified Your Email' u see when u first plau graal era n u haven't identified in the first ur ruined. Because when u have like 1000$ then u identified its all gone. just like i did.. i mean wtf after identified it's gone? (i dont hate the game)

Great! I love this game so much.Its addictive but they teach us how to make a better skill, how to learn to make money, How to communicate well. However the owner of this game should make graal less addictive so they wouldnt have to waste all our times just to play graal. And I Have 1 More Request For This Game! -Make The Things That were sell more cheaper, thank you! ALSO PLS MAKE THIS PROBLEM FASTER DONE! GRAAL PLAYER ARE GETTING SAD AND ALSO MAD!!!

For those saying add zoom for phones, there is and has been, just pinch the screen in and out :T been playing since it came out, late 2010 or so. Really good game, any questions and I'll try my best to help. I also recommend digging, best way to make money...

Great game! I invited some of my classmates to Graal Era Most Of Them liked it some hated it but its really addictive! We created a gang called Feel Good Incorporated PM me if you want to join my name is InSoluBle. Im Still A Taurus Noob with only 400+ hours :P Lol

Great game buuut... I love this game.A lot. Its amazeballs! But this morning something happened.. I went on my tablet to play and it told me that only staff could go on this server. I'm really disappointed. Last night it was fine. What's going on? Help please. :3

Playing since 2002-03 Been playing Graal since it's first appearances to PC Via download client. Loved it then, love it now! Love that you can play thru Facebook or mobile apps. Facebook makes it easier if you're on a pc. But definitely an upgrade to the community, since the pc client population has dropped so much. Keep up the work administration. Glad to see this game still going after all this time.

Really good But if this game would be to were u can do any thing. And the should be basketball and football stadium and then u can pick up ur team it could be 7 on 7 for football and 5 on 5 or 3 on 3, 1 on 1 their need to be more job and u should have to go to that job every day and be on time and get a pay check every day caus3 the week is too long to wait but their should also be private playing sessions to were u can only play with friends. Thats all 4he should ne done

Good Rp game My name is Officer Banana in the game. I love this game Because You can do a lot of stuff Start making guns less expensive cause rather kids just Beg there parents for like $50. Or they just pretend there sick everyday and play play play.

I wasted 30 dollars on gralats and didnt receive my currency I bought 3 27000 gralats packs and it was lagging really bad. Then it froze so i reset that app and went back on and i didnt receive any of the gralats. I have went on to graal online support and they are really bad at helping i really would like my gralats or my money back. I am very disappointed. Ive been playin this game for about a year and it just rips me off? This id my favorite game and i would like a response immediately. If i get my gralats i will change the reveiw

Subway Stations This is a really fun game, and I have been playing for quite a while. It would be better, though, if there was some option on the map to see where the subway stations are. It gets annoying not knowing where they are, and then, if I do find one, it's hard to know which station to get off at. I would appreciate it if this is done, and I'll give five stars if it is!

Great game but Last Monday I logged out era to charge my phone then when I came graal is being glitchy idk of its lag or a glitch because my character has to stop moving for a long time and I'm the only one affected and not other players.....I'm not experiencing any signal interruptions but my graal is being really slow or glitchy plz help

Awesome game but... This game is great. I really like having gun battles against ppl but I can't really good enjoy it anymore bcuz every time I die it sends me all the way back to the hospital instead of me just respawning where I was. And now I can't make money anymore bcuz I like to sell seashells but I can't do that anymore bcuz when the crabs kill me I get sent all the way back to the hospital and my shells r still atntje beach. So plz fix.

Gun refunds I think allot of people would appreciate gun refunds, or at least tradable guns. Many people have inventories full of guns, unable to do anything with them if they don't like the gun, including me. For example, if I refunded all of my guns that I don't use with a 50% refund, I would have about 350k. Other than this, the game is the best I have ever downloaded. Not being able to refund guns has taken a big chunk out of the pleasure of playing the game, for me. Please add a 50% refund on all guns.

Stupidest Game in the History of Google Play Dumb staff, Dumb players asking 9 year olds for nudes, Dumb game play, Too many perverts on this game. If you ask me, I would rather burn to a crisp than play another second of this game. Google Play should take this down. "Rated for everyone" Yet, theres too many old perverts here. Don't download this game! Report it instead!

Just 1 thing... I have 1.2k hours almost 1.3k hours I am called a nub BC my best gun is PKP or is is I think untill Christmas u should lower everygun down like 10k fr unless the guns 10k already XD thx

Wow Admin n player are real jerks u know? Massenge to Era staff banana man and banana man long lost brother bullying me in era n he team up with bunch of ppl to bully me and they Insult me but why u guys don't help????? these jerk admin even gagged me! I was trying to be good! I tell banana man long lost brother not to say bad word n he call me fker n he even call me btch n insult me badly :( I'm ducky/Mr.Tree

Swearing Is reasonable. If you don't want kids to see it is pointless cause this game is bad. You go to clubs join gangs smoke kill people. Its just pointless to filter cussing. This game is awesome but please don't bann me for swearing. I was trying to tell someone to stop bein racist and I got banned for being racist. Its bs. I'm Leader L.D.R.Young Money (Bloods of Era) Don't mess with me.

Great casual Death isnt punishing in Era. You can pretty much continue wat ever you were doing and dying until you make enough money to get wat you need. My friend is a casual player and she es and she enjoys this game quite a bit which translates (in her mind) a fun game that she can easily transist to. There are some "hardcore" players but if you work hard or spit out some money to the great developers who made this game you can catch up. A good gun is all you need to survive longer. 4 cool casual stars out of 5m

You really need to be more attentive. Your reporting system is bunk. Do you even pay attention when people report some of those morons for harassment? I had 9 people gang up on me for no reason repetitively. I find that you lack the capabilities of moderating your game appropriately. I think you should invest in staff that isn't a group of lazy cows. I deleted this game and I will never play it again. Goodbye.

Just 1 thing I can't find certain people on the map so can you make an option wear only people you want to see on the map are on the map if you do add this please tell me wear I can find cause I don't find the point of downloading a big money pack if you can't find certain friends on the map like this comment if you agree or you have at least read it

WOW!! The best game I played a wonderful job on the game keep up the good work guys! But once when I died I lost gralats and I had 147. But still great. One disturbing things is when i die with a jester head my face looks like a crushed rat

IP banned after spending money My name in game is King Haze. I am jailed for 1666hrs and it says for cyber bullying and making a website to make fun of people. I would like evidence of what I done. Last thing I did before i got offline was bought some gold and then bought a AK then killed a few people and got offline in the hospital. Now I log on the next morning and I'm banned for 1600+ HOURS!! I like this game and would like to spend more money but will not with unjustified issues like this. Thanks please get back to me.

Great game ! Best game ive played in a while... Has some problems tho. And they are that this game is mainly for ppl with alot of free time , money to waste since this game requires immense work to achieve a gun goal. Would not suggest to children.. Since the game is kinda gettin filled with cyber-bullies ( scammers )

Great game and all. BUT though due to facebook occurance problems, I lost around $1,000 in stuff. Now I cannot play on mobile, please add a working Facebook login or readd account email remake

Its good but.. Whenever I try to "Login" on facebook on the Verify thingy its always so slow and doesn't even login... btw, Device is Galaxy Note 3. Hope you can fix this. :)

C'MON! These liers keep on reporting people for no reason! I got reported for hacking altering graal era files! WHAT? Im 11 and I dont even know how to do that! You admins should not be that stupid to believe reports.. check out the reported player before jailed... 2 stars... BTW this is my mom's acc.. DONT JUDGE ME

not bad, just some problems Jobs pay too little and items too expensive. Also it lags when I go to crowded places, on my nexus 7 (2013). I know its not my tablet cause it has a lot of ram, plz fix this!

Sir, by the looks of it a lot of people were having the same problem since May 5, 2016. If you were going to shutdown era at least announce it to us. Also a lot of people are waiting for your response. You should really pay attention to your "players". Its quite annoying too. Thanks for a great game.

SO GOOD I'm an old player and have hundred thousands of gralatas and trochus guns and etc and I quit because of studying so I uninstalled it then now I started new again it says Im using frame hack? How? But I did nothing and download any hacks? And saying I'm jailed pls fix it

c: So I deleted this game accidentally, I don't have my email and the only way I could've identify myself was with facebook, but they took it down. I suggest bringing it back tbh..


I download it but........ My friend said its boring. But iam not board in this game and why people say bad words to me? And I killed a lot. But its nice you can get money and kill. My mother said the word "graal" is a demon name. Huh?

I will make this 5 star and i will tell this to my friends to download this game but if you fix the problem it keep saying(disconnected to the server) pls pls fix this and this is a cool game and plss fix the problem .... Plssss

:/ Seemed cool but then it blackscreened the mapping environment but I could still see my character. I reloaded the game and it was the same, I could walk around in blackness and it had a message up asking me to identify myself and input an email. Uninstalled it.

Cool game download now I am playing graal for a's awsm . there is been a problem of connection. Just turn off your WiFi or mobile data and again turn it on. Vola no prob.

Hey! I love this game so much.. Yesterday, i though this game was not very fun because alot of players would kill me, im only like the game without a killer! When i saw my little brother playing this game, i was thinking about to download this game because the place is so beautiful.. I still playing this game.

Good game but... Things like the treadmill at the gym, or the lottery, take to much time. I really dont feel like sitting for 15 minutes waiting for a speed boost, or an hour for a lottery tgat takes away my tickets when I log off. Other than that, good game.

Enter Era and find yourself immersed in modern city life. Fight using assault rifles, shotguns, and more! This 2D adventure pits you against the ruthless gangs that run the streets of Graal. Few can survive the challenge: are you up to it? Al-Capone-Era with gangs and guns! Create a gang and take over gang bases! […]

How to use GraalOnline Era for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type GraalOnline Era in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use GraalOnline Era on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 16 MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Eurocenter Games

We don't provide APK download for GraalOnline Era but, you can download from Google Play

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