MARVEL Contest of Champions for PC and MAC

Amazing game, money really isn't needed! So, I've played this game for about 3 months now, I'm level 34, my PI is 25k and I've only spent £3.99 on this game (it was a 4x offer on the cheapest package). I love the game, it's fun and I've always loved playing games where you have to collect and progress through time and hard work. This is the best game I've found for that. Spending IS NOT essential if you can put time into the game (I put about 2 hours a day on weekdays, about 6 hours on weekends). Great game, all we need is easier ways to get T4CCs

Best Marvel Game! I love this game and think it is one of the best fighting games. Please don't listen to all of the negative ratings appearing on here recently. They are from a group of crybabies that don't want Kabam to go through with the next update. That update is going to make this game even more fun for the average player and even with the hard parts to this game I really enjoyed it. So if you are a fan of Marvel Super Heroes this is an excellent game.

Great Fighting Game! With a great roster of characters, beautiful graphics and a simple yet deep fighting engine, this game is lots of fun to play. The big drawback is that heroes can only be unlocked through random crystal pulls. You can unlock between a 1 star and 4 star hero. Because lower star heroes can't raise stats above higher tier heroes, you must keep pulling crystals to get a 4 star version of your favorite hero. You can easily drop lots of $ and still not get the hero you want. Have fun but mind your $!

Gabrage Money grab don't download unless you want to go broke trying to play. Once you get good Kabam will change the rules so you have no choice but to spend. They take an eternity to release anything new or fun and even when they do that it will cost you a fortune to beat it. Just stay away from this game and any other game they produce. I'm one of the original players telling you this. Just don't and I mean don't download this game. A year ago it was amazing now forget it. They don't listen to the players.

Was a great game but no longer. This game is great i enjoy everything bout it but now they r changing everything because we were only interested in getting a certain team together because they were sooo dam strong. Kabam didnt like this so now they made it that we now have to spend loads of your money that you earned just to have a chance to advance through the game. Very poor kabam very poor. Download it if u want but u will be spending alot of money now

I have to keep lowering my rating because the game is no fun when you can't get any good "heroes". I just got 2 two star Rhinos, literally back to back. I know there are more than six or seven characters in this game but I just keep getting the same ones over and over. Fix it to where you don't spend days saving resources only to get the same thing you already have and this game might be fun again.

Premium Rates!!! The game is awesome. Good gameplay and easy to learn but very challanging so it keeps it intereating. My wife and I have both played for awhile. But when you spend $200 and do not get a single 4* from premiums it kinda ruins the whole game for you. Ive pulled alot and have pulled plenty of great characters but just recently these past couple weeks the rates have turned to crap. So be careful if you plan to spend. Will re rate if this ever changes

Pretty good but some bad points Overall good game, however, they believe in making some necessary elements excessively hard to obtain making the game more frustrating at times than enjoyable. If they weren't so blatantly cheap on assigning resources a player needs this game would easily be 5 stars. It has potential but the execution is lacking in areas. Priority is on making themselves money over player enjoyment. There's a better balance in there if they were interested in making a great game.

Thanks For Nothing After initially hooking you in with great champs and what seem likegreat drop rates, something happens. The more you play the more you are negatively affected. You see, what happens is, the game team sets standards and rules and then you spend your time and $ trying to build your profile around these standards, then without any real explination, the game team decides...."Hey most of our vetern players dont have to spend anymore, so the game team decides to COMPLETELY NERF EVERYTHING AND START OVER!" Thanks!

Changed my review again!!! now they are changing things around taking away some of the stronger characters that people like me have worked really hard for so if you play this game hard and work towards a special character don't expect that character to be good for very long. If that character is too good they will find a way to lessen that character they've already done it to me. Still fun to play but don't hold any expectations!!!!!

Do not support kabam Every move that kabam makes says they do not want you if you do not spend money. I have been playing for over a year, with a net of 30 dollars spent and am over 200k rating so I have done everything for free except I needed a gift badge for one of the events. This game will give the least value for the money compared to any game i have played. And if u did not start when I did there is no catching up without money. And now they are again making changes to try and force the free players to spend.

I loved it but The game is spectacular, but we want the ultimate game, so Kabam all I ask for is to add new champions like: Hyperion, Silver Surfer, Quick Silver, Gladiator, the one above all and many others(just put all marvel characters) and I also have more ideas regarding the acts, so make theacts be not 4 but 7 acts, and the three new acts involve: first; fighting ultron and his robots(name:age of ultron). Second; fighting Apocalypse(name:the end of time). Third; fighting galactus(name: Liberty Revolution). So anyone raring the game read what I wrote and accept it, and KABAM plz do this for me cuz I am not the only one who wamts this to happen but everyplayer wish for it!

They want you to spend on it I have been playing for over a year but with every change they make the more they encourage spending real money on this game. With the latest update they are removing perfect block teams and debuffing the willpower mastery, a mastery that a lot of people have spent money on. The explanation? In order to make "progress". Meanwhile the story mode is not getting adjusted and Realm of legends will require a lot more spending than it already did. Making the game more difficult to widen up their pockets.

Slow updating It a great game but it slowly updates I had to wait 45min for it to update

Endless downgrades Kabam has an awesome habit of punishing their long time players by deciding that the benefits earned through gameplay, strategy, and expense are too good. Their updates are consistently money-driven, rather than for the true improvement of play and experience. The changes announced on 7/13 are the last straw.

MONEY IS THEIR MOTTO It was a damn good game,,but with evry update they r taking out all the advantages a players hav r earn by his gameplay,practice by spending a lot of time n effort..whenever they need money they take down advantages of player,,, now only money spenders can advance as they are taking out perfect block teams too to make life of non spenders a hell....if they do dt,,many wud surely leave dis game..Rol cant b completed widoud pbt unless u spend a fortune on revives,,thats their goal

KABSCAM Time and time again Kabam keeps showing that it only wants your money. They make features that help every player enjoy the game without giving them your money and then take them away and pretending it's for the good of the player base. Be careful if you are planning on downloading this game cause in no time you will feel robbed

Spend your money here The devs constantly look for ways to handicap your team do you have to spend more money. The new changes just go to show that in order to beat the basic story modes you will need spend real money to buy the orbs to advance to the later stages. I've been playing this game for over a year, think it's about time to call it quits.

Runs better than Pokemon Go! I'm at lvl 25 now and haven't had a single crash or encountered a single bug. Plus, the graphics are excellent, the game runs smoothly, and there are loads of features and content. Maybe Nintendo should have hired Kabam to make Pokemon?

Kabam has perpetrated a giant bait and switch. Kascam has ripped off hundreds of thousands of people in a gigantic bait and switch. Over the past year people have invested hundred and thousands of dollars to get champs and abilities to remain competitive and have now removed the abilities. Kabam left these abilities in the game for a year knowing players would have to spend to be competitive even when most of the player base told kabam about the problems early.

Something to do I enjoy playing this game while my girl is watching TV. I've been playing for over a year, I'm a level 60 player. I've beaten the ROL and ACT 4, so it's not much else I can do. However every week I still enjoy the arena grind. I still AQ and AW. I'm pleased with how developers TRY to keep it fresh.

The best game ever made...... I love this. Now it is one of my favourites...... This new update is just awesome. How did kabam got an idea to make such a brilliant game. I just can't believe it. But please add loki and quicksilver in the game they are important marvel characters. It's the greatest game of the century or I should say the greatest game ever made. Thanks marvel and kabam. Hats off. But dont forget to add loki and quicksilver, they are awesome....

Money grab bait and switch Game itself is fun. But rather than improve the product you get flooded with poor overpriced products. Then when you have spent your money and made progress kabam changes the rules and takes away any progress made. Just for the money grab. Wish I'd never started playing this game or invested my money in it.

Money Grab This game was great at first, then it turned into a money grabbing cesspool. Dont play if you dont want to spend money cuz if u dont, u will remain down with the cellar dwellers. They change stuff in here when players find ways to beat the system and the crystal drop rate is worse than awful. Dont waste ur time with this game

Please Help! I am using a Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL smartphone with Android Marshmallow 6.0. I downloaded the game twice but each time while the game loads in the splashscreen. It automatically closes and sends me back to my homescreen. What could be the reason? I've already wasted 1gb of data but i am dying to play this game.

Money grab I have been playing the game since day one and have completed everything this game has to offer. Ive hung in after every new update that was promised to bring better game play. But after hearing about the new update to come that will remove perfect block I'm 100% convinced kabams only concern is $ and not its loyal customers. Get rid of perfect block for aq fine but for questing and rol now your just insisting we continue to pay to keep up with the spenders. What a shame kabam.

It's a grind, but a good game. Unless you get into a really good alliance, it's rough. And even then you, have to commit a ton of time to the game. My alliance was consistently in the top 5ish% and I got kicked because I wasn't contributing enough. You've gotta be on constantly. If you don't want to spend, that's the only way you can get the good stuff.

Awful customer treatment Have played this game for a while now and with all the new changes they are planning to implement and with the ones recently in effect, this company cares about nothing but money. Most companies do, but Kabam does this on a disgustingly high scale and a very obvious one at that. Have never seen no other entity as keen as ripping off their customers as this one. Do yourself a favor and keep on moving.

Nothing has changed just new characters I actually spent money on this game to aid in my progression. Purchase units 4 hero crystals which seem only 2 omit duplicate heroes. Assassin's crystals omits Iron man, really? Straight B.S.

Glitchy and developers don't care This game is a lot of fun to play. It is glitchy as hell and Kabam doesn't seem to care about improvement. They bring the game down every week to tweek it, but it never fixes the problems. There is major lag that costs you fights during arenas. The game boots you out of fights in AQ and AW causing you to lose characters and making it annoying to play and frustrating because you have to spend money on potions and penalize your team in order to finish. Kabam is all about money and not about the game play

CHANGING MASTERY RULES IS A SCAM Spent time (months) and money (hundreds) to understand and best adapt to game masteries. Changes imposed by KABAM to mastery rules will force players to spend more money to adapt instead of building on and evolving their current setup. This is not a game evolution. It imposes a forced adaptation and implicit money milking scam on players who want to remain competitive.

kinda disappointed! like the graphics and character backgrounds, Level 22 and no 4 star champions. 15 champions and only 3 of them are 3 stars, the rest 2 star. Game gives far to much useless gold and other prizes that are in most cases unusable,game lags,takes to long to load,you guys complain but rate the game well.they won't change anything untill this game is rated

With Great Power... Its definitely a great and addictive game. Life stealing and hard to put down. But on the same note unless youve been playing since the begining or prepared to spend your life earnings and deal with constant unfair rewards and poor support from support teams youll have a hard time advancing to the desired gameplay. After playing for as long as some of the veterns youll come to learn the quote "kascams"! its like trying to marry a prostitute and keep her faithful and fair but the physical acts are good ;)

Needs Character Choices NOT Random Please This game is absolutely perfect other than the fact that if you have some Marvel characters you really want, chances are you're not going to get them anytime soon so you're stuck playing with some mediocre characters, or better yet, powerful characters but they're not even close to the characters you want. I'm pretty sure any Marvel fan has his favorite's and you should definitely allow us to choose that character. Also do away with the silly star system. All characters start at the bottom and level up.

Money suckers Game is fun but caters only to the very top alliances who are usually the biggest spenders. KABAM at the moment makes it nearly impossible to progress forward without reaching deep into your wallet. Until KABAM makes it fair for every alliance to progress forward my rating will remain at 1 star. I'm not against spending money on a game but not to a gaming company who only cares for the biggest spenders and changing the game in ways we're forced to spend money on to be able to progress forward.

Bait & switch practices & server issues It crashes & tells you to check your connection. When the connection is clearly not the problem. Then gives you a loss or loss of champ health for their bug. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY, because whatever you think you're buying/investing into will be changed A.K.A. Bait and Switch. Look up Kabam on Consumer Affairs before downloading any of their games & wasting your time.

Blatant cash grab attempts every week. They reward people who exploit glitches instead of punishing them. Terrible customer support. It says free to play but literally caters to the 1% big spenders. Massive grind factor. Pretty much you cannot compete without spending.

Really Fun Game But Becomes a Money Grab This game is fun but do not get too attached. Items needed to continuously progress cost way to much and are grossly overvalued/expensive and not openly available in game to most.The changes they make are frustrating and rarely in the players interest it seems and sometimes devalue your previous purchases with no remorse.

Scammers! they bait then switch.. This company Kabam are scammers, money hungry, they don't care about the players all they care is your wallet...they add stuff into game to make up buy it, then they switch it or take it off so money down the drain...been playing this game since day 1 and everything Kascam "kabam" do is make everything to suck ur wallet and once you pay for it, they take it disappointed with this game. if you going to play this game i suggest keep playing it for free and DO NOT spend a single penny in this game.

Money grab This game was once a great game. It has now become, after a couple of "game changes," a blatant and obvious cash grab. A new change is coming that is making certain play styles obsolete. Yes, they are refunding the units, but cannot refund the time it took to get to a certain setup. Kabam is refunding units, but there is nothing to worthwhile to buy. I would like the money I have spent on this game back.

Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & begin your quest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion!WELCOME TO THE CONTEST:Iron Man vs. Captain America! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Drax vs. […]

How to use MARVEL Contest of Champions for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type MARVEL Contest of Champions in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use MARVEL Contest of Champions on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 645 MB
Instalations 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Kabam

We don't provide APK download for MARVEL Contest of Champions but, you can download from Google Play

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