Modern Combat 5: Blackout for PC and MAC

Galaxy S5 Review This game is not that bad. It has a lot of ingame purchases which is to be expected. The game itself is just a mobile copy of black ops 3. Now and then the interface can freeze when navigating the menu. It's not very hard to aim and the gyro-mode is quite fun. Overall, it's one of the best mobile fps games available. Please rate this if you found the review helpful and thank you for reading.

THIS GAME IS A BEAST This is the best fps shooter on android I'm loving it also Gameloft could h give me some credits please my family is poor and we can't afford credits none of us work and none of us have a credit card also I'm just a 13 ur old kid please Gameloft please

Addictive fps game but lacks in optimization The game is very gud..It has everything that u want with a fps. The multiplayer is just awesome. But after this latest update the game seems to lag. Previously i was able to play in better graphics but now it even lags in optimal. I don't know whether now it is not compatible with snapdragon 801 or my new update to cos 13.1.1(one plus one). Plz provide me a solution i just love playing it.

Need improvements guys as soon as possible.. In the new update plz make the game smoother plz plz .. My device has 1.3ghz(64bit) octa core 3gb ram with mali t720 mp3 gpu but the game lags in optimal graphics.. In best quality i cant even play so i need to play with low graphics.. Its really sad for me.. At least in the new update make the game smoother so that at least i can play with optimal graphics :( plz plz guys do something about i will be glad.. :)

Love the game I have a android tv and I love to play this game but on my Android TV .you use a controller like you would for a Playstation or an Xbox the only problem is with this game you can't change the controls as in changing the fire button to a different button other than the default set which means that on the Android TV using the controller which is the only way you can play it that you have to use the start button on the controller to fire. Which makes it almost impossible to play correctly and removes all fun

Awesome Game I have given it 5 stars. Only problem I had with this game is the Credit thing. It's really hard to get Credits to advance to the next level. But still it's One of the best Console quality game out there apart from Nova 3 on Android platform. Kudos Gameloft!!

Network errors I download game and than file is download network work but than i play game loading loading and suddenly blink a msg NO INTERNET connection network errors but network is on please tell me how it working. Or ab new update kr liya to bhi vhi problem aarhi hai

MC5 and mercenary bundle purchase I have been playing the MC series games for years, I recently purchased the mercenary bundle for 19.99 from which I never received the bundle. I put in a service ticket twice and have not heard back from anyone at GAMELOFT or have yet to receive my purchase, be leary on spending money on this game it could happen to you too.

Games lag Use to love this game. Latest update frequently froze & will restart & will lose 20-30 pts w/o actually having played d game. This happened many times & lost some 200+ rating pts. Waste of time & steals money fr u by banning my other accnt by suspicion.

Elements of Rainbow6 & Devastation(Cult Unreal engine game 2003). I play free without the inapp purchases. Campaign modes good, reminiscent of Tom Clancys earlier games but multiplayer controls can be a bit fiddley but quick enough to acclimatise to- not as bad as a lot of similar games in the same genre's. Freezes ocassionaly but OK once ive cleaned some memory is ok. Summary: Overall an impressive game for my simple Alcatel Pixi tablet.

Got banned for doing nothing at all???? BUTTTTT..... recently purchased a bounty hunter pack for $14.99 and get nothing?? I tried to fill out appropriate paperwork through your customer care only to be told that i have to wait then i hey a message saying im banned for hacking or cheating which i have no freaking idea how to do! Your customer care is ridiculous as is your system for tracking down cheaters as i did nothing wrong .. so pissed ...

Things are wrong!! Worst!! Why the heck can sapper deploy 2 micro turrets and 1 assault or other other turrets?? If i have weapon piece i should be able to deploy as many turrets i would like!!! So i pay $ for something and it gets nerfed, so next time you guys bring out another class i simply wont buy it!!! You guys never nerfed kog v or pr39!!! Game full of micro freezes and moreover YOUR CUSTOMET SUPPORT IS THE WORST!!!! DONT WANT TO TAKE NAMES BUT NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER BEEN HELPFUL!! ITS LIKE TALKING WITH BULLIES!!!

Loaded with ads and pay to win Once again Gameloft makes an awesome game and ruins it with greed. Gameloft makes some of the best Android games out there, but in every single one, right about the time your really into the game and enjoying it, you figure out you have to shell out a ton of cash to be able to compete at all. No pay, you become a losing machine, and if you do pay, be prepared to spend more money on an Android game than on you would just purchasing a game for your PC or console.

Good game It is a good game but ,it would have been 5 stars if the screen doesn't freeze and now hackers too play firing unlimited explosives .. please try to eliminate it... Now after the update after loading the map it shows "you have been disconnected"

Features You guys should add new weapons like crossbow aka x-bow and new class named as future or something like that,which will have new features like instead of knife he can use electric hand and x-ray,sonic...etc goggles. and there should be bigger maps its like we are playing in a kindergarten and there should be another type of match like a team should defend a bomb or something while the other team would try to activate it. And some new maps

It's so good!! THIS game is so good. I love it!! But there's one thing that bothers me. Since I'm used to jumping in gun games like these It just bothers me that I can't jump. But other than that this game is the best I've had so far. Good graphics good guns. Everything I love this game 10/10

Best fps I've ever played Despite the disconnects from server n minor lag during game play its an overall great game. I'm pretty sure the bugs will get fixed soon. This game surprises me everyday. Good job Gameloft!

This game is not good anymore. Okay I'm deleting this game now because of the problems :/ Gyroscope not working properly. Movement not working properly. The multilayer is very slow. I was previously playing on Samsung s5. Now installed it in note 4 still the same problems. That means it's not the phone's problem it's the game which is not working properly. And yes I have around 150 hours on this game with level 101 and I still don't have any tier 6 weapon or a full customs armor. Also I have only 1 tier 5 weapon. Pay to win :/

It was Top FPS game ever played in android, now i call it the frozen game since it always freeze. Thats if you have the chance to connect, ichecked my internet everything goes good exept MC5. I hope it will be fixed.

There is one little problem..... The game is cool but I tried to connect my Xbox 360 controller to my phone to play this game. But I couldn't shoot and aim. Also to look around button wasn't working and my guy was just spinning around please fix this

Fix the Credits! I'm doing the goals so I can get credits, right. When I get my achieved credits, I check my credit total in the main menu. It's at 10 Credits. WTF is that! All the Credits I have done earn 100, 200, 300, etc.... It is brought to 10 credits. Like, WTF. Also, fix these sh*t too. First, the username change. It changes when it wants, but it keeps changing to my name. Finally, the guns. Add more guns, everyone getting bored of having the same guns. Just add more guns to the original classes.

Bullshit game Game sucks after update its not 60 fps anymore so much lag and everyone using aimbot weapons. Disconnect for server issue. Sensitivity issue. Total waste of time! 0 stars

Not so bad after all Once i updated my phone the disconnecting stop and i am progressing thru the game and i have to say it is awesome for a phone game, graphics are top knotch. The only complaint is the energy bar. 4/5 stars

Was the best fps shooter till the last update The bad update was fixed making this again the best FPS on any phone tablet even as good as platform FPS close to the original Blackops. Especially when played on Windows on the computer. I am having trouble linking my progress from phone 2 the computer.

Please Fix Im in a sniper level in the third reigon and when it says 'Switching to thermal veiw', my game always crashes. Please fix! Also, could you make this only 1 gig? That would be nice. Thanks! Otherwise, Nice app!

Sometimes freezes in the middle of a match Sometimes I'm in a multi player match and it freezes. The match goes on even the timer continues of count down and I can see the action but can't do anything. So I have quit and lose trophies. Fix this annoying issue

Why am I banned?? So had the game for 3 days, maybe more then got banned for no reason at all. Nobodys bothered contacting me back, i have a few other games from gameloft and havent been accused of cheating on any of those but this game I do?? Ya ok, thanks game is great, management sucks though.

Online?! Seriously?! Why on earth would you guys make this game online, with the massive amount of space this game consumes...that makes absolutely no sense... It terrible enough that we need wifi for your UNSTABLE multiplayer mode and now we can't even play offline.... PLEASE FIX... PRONTO!!! Now it doesn't even launch anymore

Tryin' something out. The movie was alright. I liked the part where Marty and Doc Brown go back in time to the 50's so they could get Doc's money back from Frank Sinatra and had to make peace with Abraham Lincoln's ghost, but the part that truly killed the candy for me was the sweetness. For a sour candy Warheads Gushers are sometimes a little too sweet. Will rate 5 stars if they are a tad bit more sour. Thank you.

Bad update I always rated 5 stars but for this update I cant. We have a huge problem with squad battle. We can't start a squad battle cause of how many people we need to start a squad battle. Plz plz plz decrease the minimum player needed to start a squad battle.

Gameloft you owe me something Gameloft you owe me 900 credits cuz I bought 1 day power user and I played multi match for so long and timed challenge so my credits was 101 then I earned 900 or 903 then I was going g to buy elite pack for a promo then I pressed it it said missing -3 again and again so I reopened the game when I saw my credits it was 101 again. Pls fix this I beg you and gimme the 900 pls.and also I just found out my promo was 349 days fix that also.

Energy consumption is bs.. The energy consumption mechanic is bs.. If you don't want ppl to play the game, don't make it.. it's a ploy to get ppl to purchase in game. Makes me frustrated I can only play once every 15 or 20 mins unless I'm lucky enough to level up.. Makes me not wanna play period.

No internet connection error After installing 720 mb data ... On loadong the first mission the lie game keeps saying no internet connection although phone was coonected to wifi ... Tried on data connection same issue.

Excellent, But I've undergone period of being stuck in campaign mode. Now I'm quite interested in multiplayer mode because of getting well trained. I don't feel hard to control so much like before. But sometimes bugs still occur.

unable to make friends having iphones my friends having apple iphone cannot be friend with me in mc5 even after connecting to facebook,,,,,and unable to find him even by his dog tag.... and he is not able to come n join my squad

NEED TO LISTEN TO FEEDBACK! There are certain things that we as the players want fixed, nerfed, etc. The Problem is that you guys don't listen to us. Thats why I've started playing mc4, much better game! Here are a few guns to CONSIDER nerfing: Slak, Com 4, Pr-39, Sls, and Aaw. These are just a few guns you should consider nerfing ;)

Good game, but... This game is very nice, a great FPS(First Person Shooter), but, it takes to much data! Also, can u add a tank for a weapon. Also, the diamonds are useless! So, in the next update, can you trade diamonds for credits? 100 diamonds=1 credit?

Good Any of these noobs who say the graphics are bad aren't looking hard enough. The graphics are the best graphics on mobile. I love this game. Except there's too much duplicate items in packs. If you can only get secondary items in black market, you shouldn't be able to get them in packs!!!!!! I think Gameloft should make it so you can't get duplicate blueprints, unless you have all the guns for the tier. Or assault packs, recon packs, etc.

With the new update its worse. A lot of freezing, advertisements, the server keeps on disconnecting, too much of freezing during intensive gaming, even the options or game selections are freezing, most important part is sapper class movement is much slower than before when it comes to dropping micro turrets. Min 4 players for squad battle, seriously??? So basically you guys are forcing us to uninstall this game and continue playing Candy crush. The previous version was better even though it was bad. Keep up the good work Gameloft.

If you have an Android device you better think twice this game has never been friendly to Android too many problems!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm still getting lag and the game still freeze up I can't make sense of the ranking system I'm getting a lot of good scores but a lot of times I still get Negative in the ranking but the game has improved that I can finally play it but still has a great deal of lagging but I got the feeling that's going to work out? I have been playing this game for over a year now and I'm finally convinced that this game will never be fixed for Android a lot of disconnect freezing up is a killer for Android this game is no good for Androids everytime it freezes up or disconnect you lose a lot of ranking and this is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And again I get a lot of good scores but I keep getting negative ranking what is going on Gameloft why is there have to be so much trouble with this app and the whole Android Community is feeling it you have got to fix this please????? And a lot of times it's very hard to play the game at all because the lagging is so heavy and people disappearing in front of me my gun disappearing in front of me and a lot of times it takes 2 minutes just to aim your rifle at someone this is crazy please fix your game for God's sake!!!!!!! More money more money more money

*IMPORTANT* Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection.> “It plays as good as it looks.” – IGN> “Amps everything up to the next level.” – 148Apps > “Sharp controls, impressive graphics.” – Pocket Gamer Step into the action as the latest installment in the best FPS series raises the bar for shooter games once more! […]

How to use Modern Combat 5: Blackout for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Modern Combat 5: Blackout in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Modern Combat 5: Blackout on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 0 MB
Instalations 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Score 4.2
Developer Gameloft

We don't provide APK download for Modern Combat 5: Blackout but, you can download from Google Play

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