Pilot! for PC and MAC

Simple yet addictive Very enjoyable little game. The idea is simple: take off from one airport and land at another to be rewarded with 'coins'. You control the altitude, speed and direction of whatever plane you choose. The vast majority of the planes featured in the game are only available as an in app purchase. These can prove to be quite pricey if you choose to buy them. Infact, the price of buying all the planes is the only thing stopping this from being a 5 star game. Still, good even without the purchased planes.

Amazing fsx experience! This is just an awesome game. Didn't know such a game even existed on Android. Even works superfine on low end devices. Very interesting. However the number of paid planes exceeds the number of free planes. A good job by developers. You can though increase the no. if free plants more. Like a free plane in each category. Eg. A helicopter, a space ship, a commercial liner free in each of those categories. Then it would be better. Maybe worth a six star then. It's worth five stars only right now.

Cool game! Pretty good game. Like it. Enjoy some time to relax and be on your own little world. Couple of upgrares more. Why you get so much coins when you even can't buy other Airplanes? Example, A.F.O., Transport, etc.?, but they are from .99 cents up to $4.99, what is that? C'mon guys, that is not fair enough. At least, and the best No ads at all for now. And obvious, more planes we need. And they gotta be the one shown, not just a cover.

Sometimes monotonous but a good game The planes are a bit limited for free and most of the exciting planes and jets need irl cash to unlock. As a result of which, it gets a bit monotonous flying the free planes. But as far as gameplay is concerned, it is excellent. Graphics are decent for this "type" of game and feels a bit realistic. Would be nice to have a kind of map of some sort along with some details like terrain or boats and stuff make it visually appealing. But I love this app and give it 4 stars, 1 star less because of the irl money involved in buying the majority of planes

Good, but... My phone does not have a lot of internal storage. Because this app is so large, I want to move it to the SD card but I can't. Make this possible please. Also, don't change the game because although X-plane is in 3d, the 2d, less realistic nature of Pilot makes it different but also fun and somewhat challenging. HTC EVO 4G

top down.... ugh no altimiter, and controls hard to use reliably. plus no cockpit nor behind the plane amgles. And the in-app purchase prices are insanely high for a phone/tablet app. great concept, though! Also, missions need better explanation... like what does it take to fulill "8 photos"for the U2 missions? Enjoyable, but.... Also, controls kind of twitchy. And you dont have to land ont the runway... the median grass is fine.

Ok..wish controls were more "controllable " Very fun and addictive. Controls need work. When pulling down for lift, planes often turn sharply and go off the runway. Also noticed that some planes that are unlocked don't seem to have enough runway to take off. Otherwise, I'd give it a 5

Great, captivating little game. Love this! I like flight-sims so initially thought this was a bit lame only flying from a bird's eye view. BUT... As soon as a played this I was hooked! Loads of routes and planes to unlock without having to purchase anything. Different sound for different planes would be good. Great app!!

Good The game experience is good and the way you fly is pretty simple. There are modes that you can change depending on how you like the difficulty. However, I think that the planes are too expensive. If you want any good planes that carry a lot of cargo or transport a lot of people you have to buy them with your own money. I think that this would be a good idea on only a few planes. Therefore, the game is lacking in plane choices if you don't want to spend any money on the game.

Good. But It Needs More Oppertunities It is a great game. There are only a few things that I ask for. 1. Buildings and Cities 2. More Unlockable Airplanes 3. Improved Controls 4. Altimeter 5. LOWER THE DARN PRICES! NOBODY IS GOING TO PAY $5.99 FOR AN AC-130 PLANE!

Vivid range of planes, great flying game. This is exactly what I was looking for, but it would be better if it raises the bar higher by making it a 3D and physics-based flight simulator, there are a lot of people waiting for a game which would be better than x-plane. Also the name of the application makes it less popular. It would be better to name it a flight simulator or plane simulator. Thanks :)

Good game to burn some time while traveling Runs ok on galaxy s1. Controlling is easy. Free version gets boring after 5 minutes but I am not convinced to buy something. Maybe a more sim oriented game based on this would convince me to buy it.

Fun, simple, but more planes are pricey! This game is a very simple, yet extremely fun flight game. One of my favorites in the genre. Would spend $ for the extra planes, but they are way overpriced. At this time it costs $14 for the passenger jet package. I'd pay maybe $4.99.

Good concept Good app concept. Needs instruments like altimeter and different views e.g. cockpit, tail etc. I play fsx with quite a few add one to make it realistic as possible. A bit of an unfair comparison but that's my view

Simple, fun, but gets boring quickly... Cute concept, taking the flight from beginning to end. But, it gets boring pretty fast. Very repetitive. Also, you can't earn most planes, and buying more is pretty steep -- way more than it should be. It's a nice diversion, for a little while, but the entertainment value fades quickly.

Simple and brilliant This is excellent because the display is simple and the gameplay is straightforward which is ideal when on the move. It will get harder the more advanced the planes get. Maybe to spice things up a bit you could include a bit of weather. But none the less excellent well done

Nice but doesn't work with my appliance Nexus 10 with android v4.4.2 The concept and execution of the game is great. Graphics, concept and lack of push notifications, ads, and other "Gifts" are all positives. I would give 5 stars, except this does not appear to work with my tablet. No matter the aircraft, or speed achieved, how far down the runway I start, changing the controls to both configurations - the aircraft will not take off and just burns in a fiery death at the end of the runway. If the problem is resolved my rating will go back to 5. Otherwise potentially a great game for those it works for. Update - able to take off the jet received from posting this comment, all others still crash even if full speed is obtained - 4 stars.

VERY fun. This app ROCKS. Would be good to have a directional arrow and distance to objective as well as larger print on all messages, but nice otherwise. However, system crashes (not plane) immediately after loading night flight scenario.

Some caution Folks this is a simple Game not a flight simulator with flight instrumentation and other flights gizmos. As some reviewers complained. As an aviation type of game it is average+ in entertainment value. As simple as this game is, somebody put a lot of effort into this app. Thus my 4 stars.

This is pants Just installed tutorial is worst I've ever seen I get to the end of runway but no idea how to take off and training pop ups do not tell me! 20 mind of my life I'm not getting back.. Just worked out how to pull up but does not work so game is useless to me.

Fix heavy take offs Fun game I just can't get any of the heavy aircraft to take off. The runway seems to short for how long it takes to speed them up. No matter how I do it they always run of the end of the runway. I can get the u2, f22, all of them but like t he c17 negative ghost rider. That plane will always explode...please fix or make the runways longer.

Decent Game..too many catches. Game has great potential...however how can you enjoy a game where nearly everything is in-app purchase, or you have to like the game just to get a ride? Lighten up fellas..the strategy is cheesy along with the corny top view.

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Sucks! This game is rediculous! Changing crazy amount of money to use other planes. I won't spend a dime! Graphics are no good, and there is only one view. Change these features and ill give a better rating. What's the point of getting points if you can't use them towards getting other planes???

Boring and simple Too many in-app purchases, ridiculous prices (up to £4 per aircraft) and almost no difference in the aircraft apart from names, looks, speed, passengers and cargo, of which none effect handling. Also no scale to the aircraft, the huge ones aren't that much bigger and take off just as fast as smaller, lighter ones. And the view is tedious, a blue ocean below you 75% of the time, maybe a simple cockpit or some sort of view could be added. Expect to get bored fast.

Not working on htc one Half the game is not working. Only 1 or 2 planes fly off the runway.while the rest planes just dont take off from the runway even on full throttle. Please take some action soon as i just love the game on my Iphone5

Horrible... Pointless flying - which could be okay - buggy controls (plane turns when changing altitude) and your missions are completed if you get to the airport. Doesn't matter if you crash land as long as it is on the right airport... Also, way too much focus on buying new planes.

Not Worth Playing Or Paying ... Paid for DC 737 plane, to see how the Jets work in this game. Only to find that: ~ its a 2D game, and ~ whatever you do:you will not takeoff and you will crash. Don't play this crap, people ...

Money grabber. Fun game. It can get expensive fast though as they only give you the crappy planes to play with and the good jets cost a ton of money. Gets boring because you accumilate points for nothing.

Would have rated higher if there were no in game costs Plays well but there are charges to unlock game features that are too expensive. This is 2 strikes against it that mean I cannot rate it higher

All in all okay The game itself is fairly awesome, though a shame you have to like and rate etc. in order to unlock things! Also, a little more variety would be great. But you're definitely on to something

Stupid developer These idiots see all these people with complaints and not one update. They just want money but don't lift a finger to make some changes.

Ok time waster Not bad as a means to fill in a few minutes, but devs, come on... How much are you charging for different planes? Seriously? The level of game play, quality of graphics and longevity do not justify the price you expect people to pay.

Terrible I have been trying to take off but nothing I do will take off. I can be at full throttle the entire runway but all it does is crash at the end of it. I had this game on an older phone and it worked fine. Please explain why it won't now. I will rate better when its fixex

Its good The game is great! You can play this game to pass the time or if your bored. I just wish there werent so many planes that require in-app purchases

Boring! This game is so boring and I think it is stupid that you have to buy most of the planes! Why would you anyway. Plus I managed to land for the first time and it wouldn't tell me I had completed the level! Waste of time to get this game and if you play it.

U2 and c130 you cant take off The planes make takeoff speed but dont lift off .. whats the point. The game is simple and generally would be fun but come on ... thats horrendous! Bad game and waste of space on mobile. Dont download it!

Not a bad game. A bit difficult to land with some aircraft and can get a little tedious between airports. Not sure if this is going to keep my interest.

Not user-friendly or fun The controls and tips are useless. I taxiied around the airport for 10 minutes, the whole time the only instruction is "taxi slowly to the end of the runway." I reached both ends of the runway and never got further instruction. Applied full power and could not takeoff; despite being at full speed, pushing up or down on the controller, always results in the same explosion at the end of the runway. Games should be fun, this one is frustrating.

By far the best pilot sim game . Love it makes the time pass. Like Llke all the different aircraft. The controls are pretty awesome and adjustabe.. i hate doi g these rate the game things ....just to get another plane ................m...............lol..................

Ding… the pilot has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign! Things are going to get dicey! Whoa Ho! Someone left the engines running and now you get to pilot your own plane! Pilot! lets you have all the fun the big boys have by flying your plane from airport to airport delivering cargo and […]

How to use Pilot! for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Pilot! in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Pilot! on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 47 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Quantum Design Group

We don't provide APK download for Pilot! but, you can download from Google Play

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