Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game for PC and MAC

Don't waste your time I opened the game today, and it stated I have -12,000 balloons. That's a negative! How did I lose 14,000 ballons?!?

No.... How do you get negative balloons? Don't waste your time with this game. You will pit in the work for nothing.

Kinda dumb You need you pay to unlock powers then pay to use them each time. And power up are just things that are normally in a game like the pause button.

Listen to the commentary and it all makes sense In the commentary for the episode where you see Jerry playing the game, Harmon and Roiland talk about how they should really make that game exactly how it is on the show. They get a good laugh out of it....and yet here it is. The fact that it exists earns it 5 stars. I'm in on the joke so this is incredible.

Eh Random ads popping up during my bubble popping spree ruin it. I accidentally click the ad, then click to go back and I've lost. Maybe put the ads after one has already lost, not while they're still popping balloons? Just my idea, no need to actually do so. Mine and other's ratings might increase, though.

The hardest game you will ever play I honestly have no idea why this game is so good will ruin your life i started playing it and was possessed by Jerry my wife and kids left me because they said I was ignoring them but in my heart I know it was worth the score

Wubba lubba dub dub!! All you people saying this game is boring and stupid clearly have no idea what Rick and Morty is. This is awesome. I'm gonna keep popping balloons and listen to human music.

Ads are intrusive and annoying. Lots of full-screen ads with small close buttons that pop up unexpectedly during gameplay. The game is mostly a parody of real mobile games, and I get it, but it has real enough IAPs and ads for the real thing. I just wanted more Rick and Morty. I should build a tiny robot to pop the balloons for me. Balloon-Popping Robot: "What is my purpose?" Me: "You pop balloons." BPR: "Oh my God." Me: "Yeah, join the club."

Ads pop up out of no where in the middle of play and force you to lose the game and start all over. Sucks that every adult swim game is just straight ruined by advertising

Totally Awesome This game is AMAZING! So many features and add ons, it never gets boring. There are a lot of haters but it's just because they aren't very good at the game.

Not as bad as the other reviews say This game is really fun if you go into it not expecting much, of course its supposed to be just a simple pop the balloon game. I would agree that some areas need improvement, like sometimes ads pop up during a game, but overall its fun and a good way to waste some time

It's aight It's OK when I'm bored but it's just too pointless. You guys should make a Rick and morty game with adventures or something. And also please put 5 minutes to kill yourself on the Google play store I love that game

This game... This game is the most mindless, simple, and amusing mobile game ever created. I see no reason for the poor ratings. All you do is pop the balloons as they come up on the screen, and then spend those ballons on powerups, which include the ability to pause or even save your game. Just don't touch the balloons with the skull, or let the characters that pop up distract you.

Excellent Jerry Smith Simulator Upon opening the app, I instantly felt insecure and inadequate. My career and my relationships lie in tatters. But, this game... It makes me feel satisfied in a way I have never felt before.

Perfectly Executed The joke of this game seems to be lost on a lot of people, but it's hilarious. Jerry would love this game! God, I love Jerry.

Time Killer This game is great to kill time, entertaining but for me it got boring quickly. I unlocked all ballons/backgrounds/power-ups, you can pop ballons on the menu. Good game for itself though! ☆☆☆

Meh. I get that the games main thing is that its from the show. Its just impossible to make any real progress. You pay 1000 balloons to unlock a power up then you have to pay 1000 more balloons to use it once. ONCE. 2,000 balloons for a single use is stupid. Its literally one step forward two steps back.

This game is perfect for my 2 y/o Most balloon pop games for children are filled with 100s of ads unless you buy it. This one was not only free with no ads but also more fun for my kid because of the little cheers he gets for popping a set amount. Thank you [as] this game is great.

Best FPS 2014 Imagine the non stop thrill of COD with the customization of GTA! This action packed balloon combat hold no bars unlimited ammo, but with the challenge of endless waves of enemies to keep you on your toes. Get it now while its free!

Mindless good fun! My only complaint is the occasional ad that pops up in the middle of the game. You don't get penalized for missing balloons so the extra second it takes you to close said ad is not a big deal and you won't lose the game because of it unless you have a craptastic device that takes so long to load an image you run out of time. If you want something mostly mindless to play I highly recommend this weirdly addictive game. I suggest getting all the free balloons you can then unlocking the speed boost.

ATTENTION For those of you who have had unpleasant experiences with this game due to excessive ads and overall poor gameplay, that is the point of the game. It exists to make fun of other low quality mobile games that ALSO get 100k+ downloads.

Loved it Amazing game with great mechanics and game play, great for wasting hours tapping on a screen. If you aren't a fan of the show don't download this and then kill yourself.

The pinnacle of mobile gaming Exhilarating. Addictive. Stimulating. Without a doubt, this game will go down in the annals of history as being the epitome of time wasted playing nonsense games. Good job sir. Edit: How in the hell did I end up with -18978 balloons?! Admittedly, I never really play this game anymore, mostly just my nephew. But he's disappointed cause he had amassed a huge amount of balloons and they're gone. Please fix and I'll change my review back to 5 stars

U haters don't even get the joke! this game is supposed to be arbitrary and pointless, that is where the humor is!! Fellow Rick and Morty fans should know the show's main shtick is making fun of things, especially stuff like this.

Balloons are way too slow. The game really sucks. I get no ads and no crashes it's just the game is way too slow for me. The balloons take forever to come up the screen and it only comes one at at time. If you're fast, this game is not for you. Btw there's no motive, it's boring af. Thank you for your concern.

Extremely fun, but glaring issues As the title says, this game is super fun, but there are some issues. First of all, basic functionality needs to be unlocked, such as music and a pause button. Second of all, the boost system is flawed. It costs 1,000 balloons just to unlock a boost, and 1,000 more just to use it. Only thing that saves this is the addicting gameplay and the menu theme. I wanted to give this a 5, but the issues were just inexcusable. Get it if you like Rick and Morty, or if you like addicting pick-up-and-play games.

Funny It is just like the show. I think it makes it even better to know how many ppl think it is a real game and supposed to be fair.

Yes You guys don't get it it should be 5 stars cause its supposed to be like this the creators wanted like this its not hard just different whatch the show and you will get it

Its fun. Well not really fun just funny that a app like this exist. I recommend buying the music first, it makes it more interesting, especially the shop. Pop the balloons on the menu.hint hint

This is genius Absolutely the biggest waste of time in the play store. It truly makes you feel like Jerry. Doing something totally pointless and stupid while maintaining feelings of accomplishment. But isn't that what gaming is about in general, after all?

Engaging Game Play What an experience! If you're looking for a challenging game to boost your ego and distract your from your lack of self-sufficiency, your crumbling marriage, and the constant flurry of weirdness your "genius" father-in-law brings home, this is the ticket.

Jerry's ingenious Maybe... Maybe, just hear me out, maybe Jerry is so stupid that he's actually smarter than all of us. That intelligence isn't a bar graph with the smartest on top and the dumbest on bottom, but I fact that the idiocracy is a circle. It's like ying and yang... Once you hit the bottom, you got to go somewhere else right and the only way is up.

Major flaw... The game is good but the app has this problematica design where a advertising pop-up will appear mid game and cause a game over. Is there a paid version with no pop-ups? Or did you really design it with game killing ad pop-ups? Thats just some awful design. If you are doing a free version with ads you gotta make that the ads dont kill app functionality.

The whole purpose The game was created if you haven't seen the show to keep idiots busy. It worked for all the people complaining it's created to super waste time, like something Rick would give to jerry. GREAT GAME LMAO!!! watch the show and you will understand the game

Well made but game play is bad Power ups cost a thousand to use and a thousand to unlock. Cost benefit analysis only comes in handy at long game stretches. Power ups do not justify price tags. Most custom balloons do nothing. Except the nail balloon which blows things up. No progression in game play, may need sudden mission periodically to keep it fresh.

Loved the show Best anime of 2014. This is very great for little kids with no brains. Next time they bother you to use your phone for games. Let them play this one.

Games This game is stupid and a waste of time. This game is perfect. It holds no punches if you complain about this game then you do not understand Adult Swim. This game is a perfect design of what Adult Swim makes fun of. It's entertainment like anything else thumbs up Adult Swim.

You have been warned. This game looked slightly amusing so I downloaded it to check it out. Great, all you do is pop balloons. But then more balloons come. ..and more...and more. They just keep coming man. What am I supposed to do? Not pop them? I played this game instead of going to work. I have lost my house, my kids, and my wife. I have been living on the streets begging passerbys to let me use their phones to pop balloons. I am now writing this review from a Verizon store. This game will ruin you.

Stupid, but it doesn't hide that This game is totally stupid, but it's Jerry's game so whatnwere you expecting something fun? I haven't had the issues others seem to be having with -ballons for me it was fine....stupid....but fine

That moment when you get the achievements and wish this was on steam so your friends could be proud of you then you remember you have over 100 games and zero friends and you have and existential crisis

From Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty comes Jerry’s Game, the pinnacle of mobile gaming! Step into the shoes of Morty’s Dad, Jerry Smith, and invest your free time in our balloon-popping simulator for accomplished, respected individuals. Need encouragement for performing infant-level motor functions? Do you wish bubble wrap came with achievements? Jerry’s Game has all […]

How to use Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 39 MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 3.9
Developer [adult swim] games

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