Rival Knights for PC and MAC

Great game but bugs - no rewards given for tournaments. This game is a great time killer for my train commute and graphics are wonderful. However, my beef comes with the reward system. I placed in the in the top 10 (2 and then 1st place) in the last two King's Jubilee tournaments and never received the two seperate headpieces as well as the monetary rewards. I did try the tip of entering the next contest to receive the rewards but to no such luck. The issue has been presented on the forums but there been no response from the developer.

This was a great game Played to the 5th league and the game reset to the beginning. Started over and played to the end, battle 610. Have been waiting somewhat patiently for the promised "more to come." Instead the upgrade enhanced the look of the game, hid the power meter with poor color planning, promised new events like crossbow which cannot be found, and added no new levels for those of us waiting. I am not starting over again and not wasting my time waiting anymore. 5 stars for quality, 1 for support. Uninstall.

Great game! I've played it before and it's a great game, love the new modes with it. My only complaint is the amount of seals you can have and how long it takes to get more. Unless you buy them it takes a long time to progress in the game and you can only play for 30 minutes at a time, if that, before you run out of seals and must wait for more. If the timer was a little shorter,I would enjoy it much more and gladly rate 5* All in all though, awesome game! Keep up the good work!

Think twice before playing tournaments This game is fun and the best of its type that I've seen, but it's got bugs and may potentially short change you by not giving prizes you put time and gems into winning in the pvp tournaments. I placed in the top 10 for two of them weeks back and never received what I'd won. Customer support said they were on the way, but they never arrived. I was instead given a consolation in the form of a handful of gems that would not even cover 1/3 the cost, in store, of one item inferior to what I was supposed to get.

One of the best free to play If you feel like wanting to joust right after watching A Knight's Tale then this game will satisfy your every craving. Especially after the new update. The graphics has now been amped up. Gameplay is smooth. Animation is flawless. A little hard to earn some gold but its worth it. I keep telling myself "Change your stars" every after battle.

Very good game alot of fun and no NEED to spend money. I love it. Changing rating due to not receiving any rewards for placing second and then playing the next event. Kinda ripping me off now. I put alot of time into playing events when I actually want the reward. Oh and also fix your customer care my email is valid and it says it's not!

Best Android game This is hands-down the most fun game I've ever played on my phone. Animations are beautiful and smooth, and gameplay is addictively fun. I have not had any serious network problems. One thing - when I downloaded it, I was really hoping it had gyroscopic controls; it doesn't, and while the controls are smooth and intuitive, this is definitely still on my wishlist. Man, it would be over-the-top to control the lance by tilting the phone!

The game won't give me the rewards This game sucks BIG time because it won't give me my rewards on the tourneys that I've won especially the ones that I got on top 10. Tournaments cost too much time and effort and you'll get no rewards, it will just say that the rewards will be given soon but I haven't received anything. And there's also a glitch where I automatically loses on some campaign match as soon as the tilt starts. This game is great if you have an iDevice but not on Android devices.

Totally addicted I now have to use my gems and money to buy back previously owned items and I'm squire when I should be at least lord. Plz fix. -Was becoming one of my favourite games. Graphically awesome and longevity is perfect. The only game I have where having to wait to play (seals regenerate allowing online PvP and campaign play) doesn't bother me. Also very glad there's no ads and no Facebook requirements. Well done (previous comments)

Cool Game but... Well it has definately gotten better since the last time I downloaded it, as it doesn't crash every minute. But still needs improvement because I never receive my prizes from the Championships, and the watch video option to get more seals doesn't work. Would be cool if obstacle races and crossbow contests were part of the championships as well, and we could compete with every league not just league one. I will give it a better rating/reveiw once things improve.

Really? Don't get me wrong I love this game it's super fun. But I took second in a tournament and it's been like 2 days and still haven't gotten my gems. From what I can see this is a repeating process and they don't seem to be getting on fixing it. But otherwise I like the game. Also there is this new thing that just started happening and I can't even open my game at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it doesn't help. So these guys gotta get to working on this game.

Great game crappy bugs According to their forums all the time and effort you put into tournaments means absolutely nothing. They advertise an awesome reward and then never deliver the reward. Their forums have this issue showing as ongoing for the last 7 months!?! The game is wonderful but I will NOT be playing anymore until they fix the event issue

GAMELOFT! Fix your game!!! This would be one of my favorite mobile games, if I was given my rewards. I've put in HOURS in a single event to play in the top ten. I was supposed to receive a reward of 30 gemstones, but alas, after an entire day; the event was gone and no gemstones to be seen. This has happened twice to me now and frankly, I'm sick of it. Gameloft, you've got a good game here, now please let the players who love it so much receive the rewards they work so hard for. If fixed I'll change my Rating.

Hello Gameloft! I love this game! But the last update made the map look disgusting! I used to love the old map. It was so minimal and good looking. Please don't use the new artworks, I loved the last one. It makes a lot of difference to me. Even the characters look too comical now. I understand that a lot must've gone into making all this. I do like the new level design, it's appreciated. I think you'll figure things out and I hope I don't sound rude here.

Best jousting game I've ever played Which is not an exaggeration because its the only jousting game I've ever played. Graphics run smoothly on my LG G4. No lag to speak of. Only one crash after naming my knight, now halfway through the first "League" and haven't had another crash. You could theoretically pay to get a jump on the competition, but you can also earn the gems for the best equipment through normal gameplay. Very fun though and a great time killer that anyone can pick up and play. Definite 5 star game for what it is. :)

Love this game, but I keep getting kicked out of the game when trying to play the story portion. Works fine when playing the tourney part. Lost all 6 of my red coins and only battled twice. My Internet connection is perfect, so that isn't the problem. Please look in to this. 5 stars when this gets fixed.This game rocks. How do I play with the crossbow?

Baked! Sending knights flying like airplanes! Beastly looking Armor that makes you look like Death in his onesie! Horse racing ,make you feel like a Grand National Jockey ,Faster levelling up then I can do at my bricklaying with my spirit level . And that's pretty quick , ask the guys at work. Daily events that give out amazing rewards , feels like the government giving back #Echelontournamentdiamonds! All it needs is Alliance vs Alliance system and that's from a mind of a stonner ! GrimReefer add up

Great game. It's the best free game I've played so far. It's the only one I haven't uninstalled from my phone. I would like to see the crowd move around and cheer or boo the jousters. The game progression is good, not too slow and not too quick. Would like to be able to compete in Events with current level, armor, horse and so on. Not just level 1.

finished 1st league but 2nd remains lock the game is good, but i cant progress further because 2nd league remains locked. no fix, only an acknowledgement on the help section that the particular bug does exists. the game seems to have been abandoned too, no update for almost a year. been waitinf and hoping that it gets fixed but i guess not. beware. uninstalling now

Masterpiece for medieval fans Although this game is quite demanding for the hardware, it is worth it. Graphics are stunning, gameplay is simple and depends on your own skill, multiplayer capability with events and some customization with equipment management/upgrades. TL;DR: If you have powerful device and fancy medieval times, download now.

AMAZING. They keep polishing this game and making it more better than what it was when they made it. They surely listen to their gamers request. Well done.. Hopefully next time they make this both an offline online game with open world sandbox. Castle siege and everything else. Jousting, archery matches, hunting, knight quest, dragon slaying etc. Hahaha.

Love it so much There isn't that much to this game game but abunch of complete awesomeness. That's all I can say. Its like drag racing,which I miss on nfs, but with horses and cool armour. Did I mention YOU CAN GET GOLD ARMOR. This game rocks gj gameloft for your fantastic creativity!!!

Don't spend money on this until issues are addressed. It's not wise to buy in game when your unable to claim prizes you win from money spent. I am really trying to like this, but still issues are there. Dropping score to two as I have been in top three for many tourneys, wait till time ends to confirm my position at the end, bit have not gotten any rewards. I should have a few shiny gold helms, lances and armor, but no. Not to mention hackers that use higher tier gear in tier one tourneys... My score will go back up when this gets fixed.

Please reply me Guys great game but lots off bugs 1- new update freez my game thats why i dont get perfect start high speed and also perfect hit 2- i didnot get my rewards from any chapionship why???? And lots of freezzz frezzzz guys i dont want delete this game. But if u dont give my ans. I will delete

Great Game, Just One Problem... Love this game. Great concept and great graphics. However every now and then, I'll enter a match, and immediately after my perfect start, I'll see a POV of the lance, and a target will appear at the end, but I can't move. This means that I can't change speed, I can't aim, and I can't even see my opponent, meaning an imminent loss is coming. Why is this?!?

Pure Awesome Get the feel of bring in a real jousting tourney. Although i would like to see a melee mode. A free game that actually gives you a decent way to earn premium currency in the game for free. Just use training grounds to build up money for upgrades and max all your gear. Then keep enetering the echelon tourny event as often as you can for diamonds to get the best gear for each stage. Upgrade that gear and fly through the campaign without spending a dime.

Changed back to 5 I must say that GameLoft did a good job. I redownloaded again after some time, hoping they fixed my problem (Never got a message or anything though). And it's all fixed! I was able to restore my good save again! First this save was lost. Even got some gold and diamonds as compensation. Apart from all that the game is absolutely amazing too!

Do not waste your time trying to get better Do not play this game. Total ripoff. Used some Google play rewards money on a diamonds pack and the game doesn't allow me to use the gear I bought with the diamonds in tournament mode permanently keeping me from becoming better at the game. Deleting and never re downloading as of now

Almost 5 stars. For 5 stars I would like a way to remove ads, also I'm not sure what happens after completing story mode but being able to replay missions would be great. Not necessarily required for 5 stars but the google plus tag on the left and the fact that things I have already bought sometimes pop up annoys me. Loading times are a little long but I'm guessing they would be shorter if I had a better phone.(currently on a z3 compact). It does feel a little pay to win at the start but I'm hoping this might change later.

Good Game But... It is a good game but it finishes my mobile data. It used 100 mb when I played for only 15 minutes. Please fix that issue alone. All other games that are played online uses only 5-15mb buy this game uses 100 mb. It can be suited for a player who is having a Wi- Fi connection and not for who is using with mobile data.

Great app Pretty great app, but it won't let me unlock certain achievements because I already completed the levels up to level four and now I can't go back and unlock the achievements. Also can't find away to make my knight move from squire to sir. Kinda annoying. It also won't change my rank. I've played friend challenges, and the kings tournaments and won, yet my rank won't change. It still says I'm a Squire.

Tournament and content Atleast try to put in some effort in this game and fix the echelon tournament. It shows 15 mins then when i switch apps it increases time to 22 mins. When i wait for 15mins the stupid app crashes. For the love of god, add some new content to it, its really boring. Dint expect this from Gameloft.

Update??? After the Art War update, the game is much slower on my phone!!! Before that, it worked perfectly, plz fix! Ps: Sometime, while aiming the lance, i manage to make the circle turn blue, which mean i should have made a perfect hit, but i end up with a target missed. This happened both in the Story mode n the Events mode.

Great games Is great games addictive! Just one warning and I hope the games administration look into! I just fight on friendly tournament and is a player with 2.7 million armor defense ad also strange script on horse and lance please take action on who cheats . Thanks

Rival Knights Would have given it a 5 star + rating, but you can't play this game for more than 10 minutes a day without having to spend money. Although the manual in the game says you can go to training mode and practice there as long as you like, but you can't. You still need to spend money even in training mode. Would the devolpers of this game, please add a update so we can at least practice for free

Exceptional I've played enough to say I've tested the game properly. There is one major bug, but it's a rare occurrence and only affects one match when it happens - not ultimately game breaking. A few free to play vices here and there, this is a very fun game. Looks great, too.

Great graphics, simple and fun. I loved this game and used to play every day. The problem is that after the last big update there is very little incentive for us who have finished the single player campaign since we can't replay the old jousts. Also múltiplayer is now only for League I so there is no incentive to compete for equipment that you won't use in other league or equipment you already have. I hope the developers fix this.

Great game! Yoo, been playing for a couple days now and got really addicted. There's one thing that bugging me, why cant i change the graphic setting?(I'm using tab 3 sm-t210 btw)i really wanna experience this game with all the fancy effect if i can. Oh yeah, a real time multiplayer would be great dev, i'm sure everybody will loving it. Thanks, keep up the good work guys!

Simple but well executed. Virus scare I'm impressed with the quality of the game. However I had a little pop up right after multilayer match that my device may have a virus and the usual button that says remove it now. Noped out of there. Could it be a begrudged opponent or some sort of security hole?

Awesome But, all your app could do is verifying my internet connection like there are no connection especially when i'm trying to play the events. It's a nice game, graphics, gameplay, everything's good. I don't know how the connection thing work though, but i do hope you'll fix it.

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How to use Rival Knights for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Rival Knights in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Rival Knights on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 274 MB
Instalations 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Gameloft

We don't provide APK download for Rival Knights but, you can download from Google Play

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