Sphetory for PC and MAC

Eerie vibe fits perfectly This game is awesome. It has a Portal feel to it in that you're seemingly alone in this facility left to solve puzzles. But when things out of the norm start happening it leaves open the possibility of a deeper lore. Even if it's untold, it's there. Hopefully there's an update with more levels so I can figure out what it all means.

Loving It Best game for puzzle I've seen so far. It's challenging and has a great vibe to it. The graphics are on point. I've loved all of the games you have made and so far Cubedise is my second loved after this. I do have an idea that might be out of reach, but you could maby make a virtual reality puzzle game for Google cardboard or something other. I think you could nail it. It is just a suggestion. Other than that, love the games, keep it up, and good luck for future games.

A hidden, short gem This is the best app you've never heard of. An original movement system I've never even THOUGHT of before, the potential for SO MUCH MORE!! The game is short, but it is SO WORTHWHILE. If Rexet Studio is reading this, I will pay full retail price for a full scale game of this with a story! IT'S THAT GOOD! PLEASE!

Great game! A very addictive and enjoyable puzzle game. As someone else mentioned in another review it is reminiscent of Portal, you have to overcome a series of obstacles to reach your goal, but the mechanics are very different in that you throw a ball and then trace it's path floating through the air. The graphics are very simple but appropriate for the game and it runs well (on my Nexus 6P that is). I have only one suggestion for improvement, please add the option to invert vertical look!

Creepy, yet beautiful. Both calming and frustrating at the same time. Not really a first person shooter, not really a puzzle game but both. Hard to describe. It may bore your younger more hardcore Call Of Duty types, but this really is a great game. Smooth flow, easy controls, great graphics. Once I mastered the Ball Flight Path thing, and learned how to stop short, things really took off. Download this game NOW!

Fun, Portal style puzzle game Great game, minimal instructions lets you figure out the full capabilities of your powers. Only problem is a few bugs that would make the player unable to move (needed to reset level). Seemed to be largely around the green springy blocks where it would play up. Would recommend playing, awesome for a free game.

WHY!?!?!?!?! I love your games, and i liked this one untill i found a game breaking glitch. For some reason, if you press the b button to fast, you lift off the floor and float there. The a button still throws the ball, the b button does nothing and the clock button makes the screen blue.please fix this glitch so i dont have to continually restart the level. Thanks for making the great games, bye!

Beautiful Game. Awesome Graphics, Sound & Particle Effects. Glad to see that its made with Unity. :) Love the concept. Rare combination of FPS + Puzzle. Obviously a 5 Start game. Few suggestions are though, - Could make Lightmaps more clear, somewhere its pixelated. - When you disable (open) the door for next section of puzzle, the AO & Shadow of that wall is still on the surrounding walls. May be its due to the entire lighting is Baked. But these things do not affect the charm of playing. Ultimately, a must play game.

Cool The controls definitely take some getting used to, but the game seems great. I actually uninstalled because while I'm sure this is a great game based on all the reviews, I played it exactly twice and both times got motion sickness so quickly I couldn't even finish level one. Not for weak stomachs. Nice concept though.

Game's good but with a few bugs The game is good but the controls not as much. I spent a lot of time trying to aim the ball. There is a bug that if you are in slow motion mode and tap b two times in a row you get suspended in the air. Overall it's a good game. I would rate 5 stars if you fix those bugs.

This is AMAZING Ive never played such a great puzzle game for mobile/tablet it runs well looks nice and keeps you exited as you go, get a little tired, there is someone else there. At first it looks like any other platformer puzzle games but it turns out to be great!

Beautiful puzzle game! I love this game. It was a great time waster and I love playing. The last part took the longest, the room with 100 platforms took forever. I was sad it was over, but one thing that puzzled me was the royal blue and light blue people In the background. I thought I would see them again. Please make more levels!

Broke every level (spoilers) Beautiful game. Glad you prooved to the world that we can do nice 3D graphics on our phones. Now you need to hire a puzzle designer because this game was more skill than puzzle. On a computer with a mouse and keyboard a skill game is appropriate. On the phone you should make the levels more thought provoking rather than "I have to stand in this one spot and shoot at the right time and angle". Also every hallway in your game is too long. Lettig the user throw a ball to jump over almost all rooms.

Want more Omg I loved this game! If you were to buy a clever puzzle game... Look no further... This provides cunning ways to look at your obstacles in a new perspective and think well beyond the box... I recommend this game 100% of the way... But I was wanting a little more, especially to find out about those people hybrids...

Beautiful and smart Extremely unique gameplay, little to no ads but i dont mind them (gotta make money somehow). Ive never seen anything quite like this and i enjoy every moment of it. Its constant entertainment.

Pretty good This is a great game and it really makes you think outside the box sometimes. There are different ways to get to your destination. There are also platforms that would try to throw you off (meaning they are not needed to proceed. Besides a little glitch that makes you stuck this is a great app.

Great game A few problems with clipping into the floor, story ended kind of abruptly. But all in all very clever little puzzle game. There was a few times when I thought I had outsmarted the puzzle but it turned out it was the way they intended it.

Scary but Cool THIS GAME IS AWESOME! But not as awesome as prop hunt tibers box and death run but this game is scary especially when the diamond people or something walks by,but this game is a strategic game but I'm on like level 6 or 7 and its really hard!

Fun, but... When you're exiting a flight path, you slide a little on wherever you land, most of the time completely off the platform (level 3). I don't know if this is supposed to happen or if it's a glitch, but it sucks.

Its a fun game but... im on lvl 3 and i keep glitching. i throw a ball and press b to follow it and press b again and i will be stuck in air. please fix and i will rate 5 stars. it is unplayable right now so i rate 3.

This is such a great game When I completed the last level I was sad. The game felt like an adventure, and I learned so much about it, while still being in wonder over who those mysterious people are. Great game , runs 60fps all the time, keep it up! I hope more levels come in the future!

Very Clumsy Navigation Need to add a way to reverse directions such as a Reverse Mouse option. Depth perception seems to be not relative to the ball's force. Aim higher and the ball doesn't seem to go further away. Very frustrating controls. Got stuck in one spot continuously jumping and could not free myself until restarting level.

Underrated Game This game is absolutely amazing! It reminds me of portal because you have no idea why you are there and you have no idea how to play and as the game progresses you unlock different abilities. The puzzles are well thought out and are quite challenging if you don't know what you are doing. Awesome game!!!!

Sick game I just beat it I kinda wish it was a lil longer but u have to really b good at games like this to understand how to get past a lot of the puzzles..I recommend trying it its def a good game u mite just not b able to get thru all the levels but that's cool not everybody's good as me ha

Interesting concept. Unfortunately it is very glitchy. Pressing B sometimes makes the player unable to move until resetting the game. The movement speed is slow and clunky, alternating between "I wish I could run faster" and "I wish I didn't slide so much when trying to stop".

An amazing puzzle game The suspense built in certain levels by seeing blue/white figures chasing in the distance is unfortunately cut short by an abrupt ending. I was really looking forward to seeing who those figures were and how it would play out but there's no further explanation. Perhaps the game is incomplete but this was seriously disappointing. As for the puzzles, they earn the game 4 stars. Please fix this and no doubt its a 5 star game

Goog game but minor glitches When you're near the edge of a platform, sometimes moving back will send you forward over the edge, b jump may glitch sometimes, trajectory of ball is small. If it allowed an angle lock after throwing the ball to follow the trajectory better, it would be less irritating (sometimes tapping a or b week change angle..)

Highly recon Game is different. No rush you have time and unlimited lifes. You are in some sorte of alien facility or maybe mothership. Aliens you sometimes spot act like a childs and they seems to be scared of your presence. TIP: at the beggining stages you can avoid some difficult "puzzle jumps" by setting the flight trajectory in the coridors you already been. I dont know if its intentional or fail of the developers. Good luck.

Confusing and Pointless There are no instructions or controls listed. It is an impossible game and a waste of time. Maybe just this update, because other reviews sound great.

This is a great game! I couldn't put it down until I finished it very challenging & makes U REALLY REALLY think to figure out how to get thru each level. ONLY thing that sux is there is only 9levels and u still don't finish the "story"! MUST ADD MORE LEVELS!!!

Just a little glitch Please see to it that when we press the B control button it doesn't fly or jump tot he upward area or block. Please tell me if there is something that I am doing wrong or is that really a bug. Reply soon and I love your games.

Nice game, but the controls are awful This is a very pretty game and challenging, but the controls are really bad. Also, in level 3, second area, there is a glitch of some sort. I will be on the edge of the ledge and suddenly the entire screen starts trembling. I can throw the ball, but I cannot jump after it. The only way to get out of this is to reset the level or exit the game, which I have had to do several times now. Also, it would be nice to save in the middle of a level, so that I did not have to do the entire level each time this happen

Totally worth downloading This game has stability issues, and I've had to restart a level because the dude wouldn't move. Also sometimes the path drawn by the ball becomes invisible, which makes it difficult to play. Other than that though it's a unique, challenging game. Quick download, totally fun, I just wish it had HD textures!

Bugged twice on me Twice in the same level out bugged up on me where it would just bounce up and down and I couldn't move at all, all I could do is reset the level which after the amount of tactical jumps to get through it got annoying.

Maybe I'm missing something Reminds me of doom! The other reviews seem like they're playing a different game than me. I don't see monsters. I can't save progress so 3 stars. I'll play more and see if maybe I missed something but it's kinda boring and yet pretty cool. UPDATE: I love the controls and views but you're just walking thru a maze. Got bored and uninstalled. Hated to do it though...

Very creative game Very interesting and creative game. Has a few bugs (sometimes get stuck and need to reset the level if I triple tap B) but nothing that make it unplayable. Clever and well executed!

Just want a little story And more levels off course!! The game felt incomplete with the mystery of the lady and her dog..

Great game Never taken time to write a review, but this game is great, the atmosphere and the mechanics are amazing. Very creative! I want to know what these blue and white anthropological creatures are and why they run away, can't wait for the next installment!

New levels? Well am very addicted to the game and I beat it once i passed level 9 It just sent me back to the main menu. I hope there more level coming soon.

Very original Super cool idea and fun to learn. Once you think you have the hang of it a new challenge pops up. But too short, needs more levels...

Here is a first-person puzzle game that takes place in an unknown world full of dangers and mysteries. The player will have to open the door, press the button and look for passages to find a way out of this huge maze. Of the things that he could use to get out only ball that […]

How to use Sphetory for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Sphetory in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Sphetory on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 24 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.2
Developer Rexet Studio

We don't provide APK download for Sphetory but, you can download from Google Play

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