The Room Three for PC and MAC

They got it right again! There are not too many game apps out there like the Room series. A tingle of curiosity and oozing with quality. With The third installment Firproof games has done it again . you yet again immerse you yourself in the mysterious and eerie world of the room universe. Exploring and uncovering the Secrets of the Null. with supurb 3d graphics and quality sound you cant go wrong. The room 3 with its 4.99 price tag wont dissapoint.

Simply put; "The Room" series of games are the best escape the room games ever made, and among the best games of any type ever made for handheld devices. Not only are they beautiful and richly detailed from a graphical standpoint, but they are also decently challenging, and make the best use of the touchscreen interface that any games have so far. The quality of the Room series goes far beyond what can usually be found for use on a phone. They are the only legitimate attempt by a handheld touchscreen game developer to produce a desktop quality game.

Superb Experience I have played the first and second part over and over again and was hyped when I read an announcement for "The Room Three". The first two we're worth every penny and the third is way and beyond my expectations. If you are looking for an atmospheric and captivating game look no further. The somewhat creepy feel of the game is great and really carries you through the whole story. I don't usually pay for mobile games but these games are an exception. Buy it, it is well worth the money!

Worth the wait I was going bonkers waiting for The Room 3 to come out on Android. Was it worth it you ask? 100%!!! An absolute pleasure to play. Stunning design, beautiful music, clever mini games within the main game. Alternate endings for me to explore. An all round stunning puzzle. Will keep me occupied for many hours. THANK YOU Fireproof for all your creativity and hard work. Room 4 on the cards by any chance?! A very happy The Room Fan xxxxxx

Fireproof Games did it again. This was an incredible third installment to an amazing series. I loved The Room 1 and 2, and this one held true to the original concept while expanding in creative and clever ways. It took me 5 hours to play through it and I'm ready to dive back into the Null and have another go. I did have an issue with my LG G Vista on this game, but I'm sure once I let Fireproof know about it, they will iron it out. All in all, The Room 3 was well worth the wait and money. I'd rate it 10 stars if I could.

Amazing as always Going off of the former room games I had high hopes for this one. I was slightly nervous about the $5 price point but decided to get it anyway. it does not disappoint. The room three is the best in the series and now with the added ability to have multiple endingsthe room three adds hours of extra fun and replay ability. I applude Fireproof games. An absolutely amazing game that does the series justice. I will be highly recommending this to all of my friends and customers. I can't wait to see what's next.

This game is excellent like the other 2. I found Room 2 tried to hard to be creepy, Room 3 goes back to mystery. The grey Holm hub area gives this game more of a sense of adventure and exploration. Each level area is unique and they combine nicely making the game feel overall more Immersive. Finding the extra ending items in grey Holm was the most fun for me. No hints so it can be tricky but it's oh so satisfying. Don't worry though, the final area you replay to change endings takes only a few minutes.

More Amazing Than Amazing Apart from flawlessly beautiful graphics, this game is challenging with an engaging storyline and haunting ambiance. The devs have really outdone themselves with this third game in what is pretty much the best series of escape games available in the Play Store. You will not be sorry spending a little bit of coin on this game, and I can practically guarantee you'll be getting the other two after you've played this one.

Now THIS was worth it! The Room 1&2 were good, don't get me wrong but this third room is exactly what I knew you guys were capable of. It was 100% worth the price. There were rooms inside rooms, escape inception! I finished the game and was already pleased and then realized there were still rooms I hadn't even uncovered LOL The alternative ends really blew my mind. Great job with that. The puzzles are very unique and I love their style. It's not brain teasing but problem solving. And as always the graphics are beautiful.

Vast in size and scope. Though it is similar in puzzle solving, it was challenging to solve some of the more elaborate puzzles. I didn't use hints in the previous installments, but found myself using them here and there in this game. Much bigger in scope, much longer (14 hrs) for me with all endings. This game takes it to a whole new level. Very well thought out and clever. Great job Fireproof.

There's a reason it's 5/5! This trilogy is just simply perfect. Loved every second of playing these 3 games. Now I have finished them I'll definitely go back and play again they were that gripping. Hopefully a 4th comes out, or even more hopefully they invest their time into making a proper PC version of this game! P.s. 99% of the time I don't like mobile games, that shows how good this is! Worth every penny and more!

An Engaging and Epic tale! Such an Experience for all three but this has more of everything. The story is more cinematic with alternate endings and a compelling continuance worthy of lovecraft but original. The paths taken are a fantastic voyage to immerse you further and delve deeper. The play gets more complicated as it's puzzles within puzzles around puzzles. Satisfying ends but hopes for a sequel (maybe each parallel end) but any would be great or other games of this sort (horror?) all are worth your attention And the easy price!

Uhhh-mazing I didn't really know what to expect, but after a co-worker ensured me that it was worth my $5, I gave it a shot. Could not have been more impressed. The graphics, the game play, the story line, all done to perfection. Thank God for the hints along the way. Any other similar game, without hints, probably would have been deleted a long time ago. They were subtle enough to keep you going but still make it challenging at the same time. Well done, devs.

Fantastic! Best game out there! If u like intelligent puzzle games then this is for you. The graphics are amazing, animations are impressive, and the game is pretty long and worth every penny. However I played Room 1, 2, and now 3 and each time the game is over I'm ruined for all other games. These guys set very high standards for game play and all other games just seem boring after playing the Room games.

The Room only gets better with every new game. This studio are gods of mobile gaming, I haven't played any other mobile game with such natural gameplay. Great touch interface, without getting gimmicky: the developers understand good game design. The art is exactly what the previous games got us used to, but this time everything is bigger. The puzzles are more of the same from past games, but with very little out there in terms of competition, that's a good thing.

I love this series! The Room Three doesn't disappoint. There's a lot of thought and design put into this game. It's really fun and worth more than just a single play. My only issue is a bug where the game randomly puts itself on pause on my Samsung Note 4. Other than that minor issue, this is an awesome game. I hope The Room 4 comes out soon! Is that asking too much?

Amazing!!! I've played The Room 1 and 2 and loved them so I didn't think this could be any better, but it is! The story is absorbing and slightly creepy which makes it more fun. But it's the amazing graphics and puzzles that put it streets ahead of any other game. The way you can move around each scene is fantastic too. I used the hints quite often, although I often had an idea what to do, but maybe not exactly how. I didn't use the walkthrough I had ready, which I was pleased about. I haven't played a game this brilliant in ages. Well done and thanks to all who had a hand in it.

Amazing By far the beet puzzle game I have ever played. I have played all 3 and loved them all. This one took me about 5 hours to complete but that was because I was hooked. Room or Prison? I choose Room for the fact that it deals with mechanical devices that just seam to have no end. All i can say is amazing and I can only hope there will be more to come. Thank you for creating these masterpieces.

FABULOUS! I have now played all 3 games in The Room series, and this is by far the best yet. I really enjoyed the multiple endings it was a very innovative way to end the game and extends the enjoyment of the game nicely. Usually I un-install a game as soon as I have completed it, but I have already played the game and the multiple endings twice and I will keep the game so I can go back and play again. This game is a Must Have, download it you will not be disappointed!

Spectacular I've played all three games, and I most say that I am very happy with what the developers have come up with. I don't usually pay for apps simply because they are not worth the money spent. Yes this games is more than the usual play store game you will see, whoever it's so captivating, and fun. Tests your brain and just when you think you know everything, there is something new around the corner.

Loved it but a bit too dark Once again you guys hit it out if the park, my only quibble is around the darkness. I have to manually set my phone's (LG V10) brightness pretty high to see most features and that eats my battery. It would be helpful to provide the ability to modify the brightness within the game. Can't wait for number four!

Best Room Game Yet! Room was original and great. They did not copy other games for their plot/story line. Room 2,....well not so great but good, continued on the series. Room 3, blows the roof off of the other two! This game is so unique when it comes to puzzle solving, graphics, and story line. Bonus is that you can go back and finish multiple endings. This is by far the best game Fireproof Room series has put out. Job well done!

Breathtaking I don't usually write reviews. This game however can't go without one. From the start you know that this game is different. From the graphics to the puzzles it just left me speechless. The intelligence behind "the room" is second to none. It never gets repetitive and has enough difficulty build in to keep the player on its feet. Enjoyed every nano second of it and for the prize its a bargain. Amazing game. Even alternative endings. This game just doesn't stop giving. Hopefully there will be a room 4.

Another gem puzzler I found this title very entertaining and incredibly good value for the money. Just as its two predecessors it left me hungry for more. My only complaint would be a somewhat level difficulty curve, I would like to see the next game ramp it up a bit further. Still, the puzzles are very nicely designed, the story well concieved and the dark ambient atmosphere is thrilling. A very enjoyable experience! I look forward to the next one!

Absolutely brilliant game I love the series; have bought all 3 games, and found them amazing. The only issue I've found is a technical one; I finished my first playthrough and now I can't access my game files because it's "resolving Cloud Save conflict". Apart from that completely perfect (EDIT) Apparently had to wait like 10 minutes to load. It's fixed now anyway, and I finished all 4 endings. Top notch game!

Alternate endings!! Replayability is a defining factor in a good game, in my opinion. I just finished my first play and am excited about changing my fate! The puzzles are so many and so varied that it will be fun to dive into them again. I felt for a while that there were some things that I missed, now I will get to discover what they were. If you liked versions one and two, three will not disappoint .

These games just keep getting better and better! The first two were fantastic but this is the biggest and best in the series so far! The puzzles are still fun and challenging, and they've expanded the world and the gameplay to create a deeper, more fleshed out experience. A big part of these games is the atmosphere they create, and The Room Three continues to strike a perfect balance between intrigue and slight spookiness. Highly recommended!

Still interesting! I love the Room series; cool physically impossible puzzles, escape the room with a interesting plot line, very pleasing details and graphics. I love the multiple plot lines! By far the best one out there. That being said, some interactions are a bit simple--some room for improvement. But to the person who hasn't played this yet, I strongly recommend you try it! Good job, Fireproof Games!

Better than the others MUST PLAY Has more content than The Room 1&2 combined plus the addition of multiple endings is awesome. Only complaint is you can't read all the documents everywhere and get more background information, like you could in The Room 2 with the typewriter. Putting in AS, Simon or Maggy for example would give statements about them, not relating to the puzzle but just extra info.

Well-crafted, well worth the price. The entire Room series by Fireproof Games has proven surprisingly engaging. Where most other studios would have settled with puzzle upon puzzle with no end in sight, Fireproof highlights each puzzle with intrigue and mystery. The end to the series could not have been better, being a step up in story, graphics, and the welcome inclusion of multiple different endings.

3 Comes Before 4, Right? That's a hint Fireproof Games. I have played each game version and hope you are all hard at work on #4! Fantastic puzzles, mysterious treasure hunts, and mind blowing graphics make for a great interactive puzzle-game. (thinking cap not included, so bring your own.)

The best become better Have been waiting for the third part for a long time and I have to say, my expectations were really high after the incredible second part. Long story short the third party is even better. Beautiful atmosphere, clever puzzles, astonishing graphics and last but not least great sound and music. I wish there was more. Now I have to wait for the next part.

Flawless After the second installment I assumed that would be the end if this series. Thankfully I was wrong. The Room 3 takes the puzzle and exploration formula from the first two games and runs with it, resulting in a game that's every bit as good as the previous installments. This third episode is even more ambitious, leading you through levels that fit together so that you feel as if you've explored an entire island by the end. To the devs - more please!

Have loved them all! The first and third games have been the best but all three are wonderful. The creativity of the individual puzzles and the eerie beauty of the graphics and music never cease to amaze me. This third game takes the story to a whole new level... it's longer, more engrossing, and the alternate endings are a nice bonus. I can only hope that there will one day be a Room 4... or... barring that... that the devs go on to create some new game series that equals or betters the addictive and enthralling qualities that The Room has raised to such supreme heights. If only more adventure game devs could attain such legendary greatness.

They've done it again! I first played The Room three years ago. A friend showed it to me and I remember thinking, "This is the best mobile phone game I've ever played in my life." Then The Room 2 came out and that was the best mobile phone game I'd ever played. They keep setting the bar higher and higher for themselves and that's still true with this game. Seriously, these games are amazing and I'd recommend them to anyone.

best of the 3 excellent story, atmosphere - both welcome additions to the series. really improves on the design by removing the confines of the box and opening it to multi-room areas. really clever mechanics and endgame - my only beef is that the "hardest" ending is the least interesting! i don't want you to reward my hard work with a sequel plug, man. still a real good game.

Uniquely wonderful! The puzzles are great, complex and intriguing. However, the story is what really has captivated me. These mysteries have me going back to pervious entries to explore the lore and make theories of so many unknowns. The elusive nature of the craftsman and the null are going to keep me playing to discover more endings and to see if there are any true freedoms possible. *Bugs*: When I'm turning dials in the game is hard. They jump back and forth as if I had 2 figures on the screen or something.

One glitch but still 5 stars. These games are truly awsome, beautiful and enthralling with a level of challenge that's not enough to get too frustrated but just right for smooth game play. The richly textured, hypnotizing puzzle graphics coupled with spine tingling sound effects are delicious. Thanks so much for getting this 3rd installment out! As for the glitch mentioned: the door with the magnets wouldn't open though I entered the star chart hints correctly. I tried over and over but had to restart the level so it'd work, no biggie.

A Steal for $4.99 "The Room Three" is a genuinely unique experience among point and click adventure games. The lack of horror elements and hidden pictures make for a really fun and challenging serial. I appreciate the developers charging $4.99 for a game that would easily sell for $49.99 on a gaming platform. I 'beat' the game in less than nine hours and then discovered the possibility of alternate ending(s)! Going back for more.. .. ..

Deep Puzzle Game I played all the Room games by Fireproof Games. This one is my favorite by far. Everything to the intricate puzzles, the atmosphere, and the "new game plus mode" for some extra challenge. The hint system points you in the right direction but still vague enough not to ruin the puzzles. The controls can be a little wonky at times. The lack of an identity for the main protagonists and story. Such as why are we in this castle? Other than that one of the best room puzzlers by far.

“A triumph. We fully recommend immersing yourself in this atmospheric mystery” –“Much bigger and longer than the previous titles, more of a full-blown adventure game” – Touch Arcade“A brilliant, uniquely tactile experience packed with incredible puzzles. Just go and buy it.” – Pocket Gamer“With its rich atmosphere and clever puzzles, The Room Three is […]

How to use The Room Three for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type The Room Three in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use The Room Three on your PC or MAC.


Price 499
App Size 539 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.9
Developer Fireproof Games

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