Tiny Thief for PC and MAC

A creatively fun and rare gem This game has a lot going for it, the puzzles are challenging and fun, especially going for three stars. Tons of mini games within the levels and well thought out gameplay. Go from robin hood type story of evil kings and pirates, to an epic adventure with princesses, dark knights, witches, and dragons. Great art and comic type story that's rather comical as well. Lots of fun references to other things and a fun reward for 100%. Worth playing And buying! Hoping to see more episodes, maybe Greek Mythology?

Amazing One of the best games I've played. Well worth the money to unlock the last three episodes. I haven't had issues so far but will update if I do. 5 stars for now. Updates please, as I'm completing these levels quickly. EDIT: Needs new chapters! What the eff? It's been like a year!

2 stars I don't like the way you have to pay for the rest of the levels. It makes it no fun and it doesn't even tell you that you have to pay for it. I wish I could continue but I don't want to pay for games that also make you pay for updates. And the hints, I thought that you could save up your hints but when I came back three days later I only had one! Who does that! It would be very useful to have more than one hint. Anyway, great game I really enjoyed it. Loved the graphics, But please fix this!

Fun little game I had an absolute blast playing this game. It's cute, challenging, fun, and extremely addictive. Unfortunately only the first three chapters (each including five parts) are available in the free version. I don't mind paying for more content, but one part is three dollars and to get an extra three is six. Considering how short each part is I don't really think its worth it. Plus, once you get three stars there's no replay value. Maybe if it was cheaper, I'd buy the extra chapters because this is a fun game.

Omg Best freaking app game ever besides secret of Monkey island, Sam and max, and chateau de something lol point nd click are my favs unfortunately not enough available for Android yet. Also tired of looking for this type of game and finding mostly hidden object games instead. Ready for new level!

Rovio is truly evil. Instead of the initial 2 bucks that you ha to pay for this, you now need to play two and a half times more to get to the same content. Without ant warning whatsoever. This game gave me hope for mobile gaming, an awesome game you paid for up front without this "free to play" money extortion stuff going on. Now however it seems corporate cash grubbing got the better of even that tiny dream. I seriously wish I could give this negative stars.

A Good Game after a long time A very simple looking and fun game,recommended for all age groups. But keep in mind to turn off ur data/WiFi when playing the game,the game eats up a lot of data for loading ads which u might not even see unless u pause the game. Every session of mine takes upto 150mb for just loading ads! Indeed the game itself is a tiny thief,but a good though.

Really Fun! Only four stars because you can only play the first three episodes (15 levels total) for free. You have to pay real $$ to get the next three... and from previous comments it sounds like they screw you over once you've paid. So the first 3 episodes were a lot of fun, thank you! Uninstalled.

Excellent Very good game! She likes to play it, very addictive and big fun! Waiting for new realise of the game. Learned to steal some small stuff and some other stuff. Now I will try to steal a car and if it succeed I will play more and more! Also will recommend it to my boyfriend to play cause he is not stealing still! Thank you very much!

Great game, but paid for nothing I bought the game to have all levels and no ads as its great. Good gfx and gameplay. Nice puzzles, really enjoyed it. However since I had to redownload the game it changed to ingame payment model. I will try to get it resolved with their support. If not rating stays on 1 star.

What the hell I love this game a lot it is awesome. But it has a glitch to it Whenever I start the game I can play and really enjoy. But the second time I start it I can't see a thing. I can here the background music play but it is core black. I really love this game so I uninstalled and tried again but even after trying 3 times I get nothing but a black screen. I really loved this game . Please try to improve on this point or else I could have given 5 stars

Beautifully crafted I love the flow of story in this game, the way it's presented and develops. The physics of characters and objects are simulated beautifully. Plus the character itself and their animation are cute and pleasing to watch...... "SPECIALLY THE GANGNAM STYLE". The game is quite slow and can get quite frustrating at times. Sometime it's too hard to find the hidden objects. But don't give up just yet because there is lot more to get you interested.

Grr!! Cant believe i have had to pay again for new levels..shouldn't updates be free after you have originally purchased?! Plus the fact ads are now in the game which pop up at every opportunity which werent there before...Rovio should be ashamed of themselves. This smacks of pure greed! Great game but low rating for Rovio

Delightful... But short-lived Playfully combines old-school point-and-click with my personal weakness: stealth gameplay. The light and silly, yet smooth and polished art direction make this a complete package. Wonderful game. BUT free version is very short and expansions cost twice what they're worth... Disappointing...

Undecided I absolutely love this game, its really fun and the graphics are great! You get the first 3 arcs for free but than for the next 3 you need to pay £4.59 which seems a tad expensive, however even though i never normally pay for games at all-and like to just download free ones- i am actualy undecided whether i should pay the £5 or not, proving how much i like this game

Wonderful, colourful fun 9/10 A unique art style, simple story and consistent game mechanics that are easy-to-use... why then is it not a perfect score? Mainly due to the fact there's around 40 missions. This 2D "point and click" game has you stealing objects in a series of missions. Rarely is there a mission where there is more than one set way but this doesn't detract from the game and the fact is: each of the missions are vibrant, different and have creativity pured into them at the top-most level. There's a lot of enjoyment to be had with this title and I'd recommend it for ALL ages. Yes, the tutorial's insanely easy but it helps ease you into the game and appreciate it more. If it wasn't free - I would've paid for it (including each of the now paid updates, which I do disagree with).

Quite fun but slow I really wish that this game had a fast forward mode. Most of my playtime is waiting for my dude to climb up ladders or a guard to walk to a specific point. I haven't reached the paid levels, but maybe ask a small amount of money for hints instead of paying for each level later on.

lovely game. expensive.. As a family we love this game, brilliant for problem solving and fab graphics. As a parent I'm shocked how much it costs to unlock a level.. rovio you will have years of our service, but it feels like you're trying to fleece us now...!

Rare find! Love it! Its almost impossible to find a game that is entertaining, intriguing, & fun that works flawlessly... but this is one of them! I have no problem paying $$ for such a great carefully thought out game. THANK YOU 5 ANTS! *For the people that didnt bother contacting 5-ants about the billing issue b4 leaving a negative comment you would have found out that they are giving refunds.

Great game I boufght this game when it first came out, I LOVED it. Now I reinstalled and theyre wanting me to pay AGAIN for LEVELS I PAID FOR BEFORE! Fix this rovio.....i emailed them about the issue I was having with they levels being locked again. They refunded my money so I could again purchase the levels I had paid for before. Thank you rovio for getting back to me and fixing the issue.

More, please! Despite some mishaps with lost progress over re-install, this is one of the best adventures I've played. Beautiful graphics, catchy tunes and gameplay that is so much fun, not necessarily easy should you go for the three stars. I still hope there are more levels to come. I envy everyone who is about to try Tiny Thief for the first time.

Love the game! I read a lot of complaints but the game is awesome! What is wrong with you people? You're getting 15 fun and challenging levels for free! If you love it, pay the $4.99 for extra levels like I did. My only complaint is that its sometimes hard to find his weasel companion lol

this is a great game This is a game I really love because well it's a puzzle that is really hard mostly sometimes but not all the time so its really fun but why do they make you pay for something you don't want to pay for because they said meet like you be able to get stuff so you could open it would like with fake money

A fun game, but. . . This game is super cute and a great time filler, I love figuring out all the little puzzles, however I'm really getting sick of game developers charging per level and per update. I know I would buy this game if it was available at a flat fee and without all the shifty business some marketing person came up with to make a few extra bucks.

*wham* What just happened? You're kidding, right? I paid in full for this fun little game once, now I'm being told I "get to" buy it again? I'm happy to support the development of quality games, but this is over the top. I sure hope Toyota isn't paying attention to this business model; I don't want to have to re-buy my car when they finish fixing the recall.

Extremely fun but not entirely free. I really enjoyed playing it and wanted to buy the rest of the levels, but based on other reviews, there seems to be some trouble if you buy the next levels. Apparently on the game upgrades, you're instantly charged (again) for the upgrade. As the much as I want to buy the bundle, I don't want to be continuously charged.

Good,fun and addictive I have no words for this game,its just TOO aweaome and addictive but the reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because whenever I play this game for a long time,it heats my phone too much and consumes more battery.

Not for Those Who Want a Thourough Challenge or a Lot of Content Adorable game, but it doesn't take long or much effort to fully complete the game, so in order for it to be worth you would have to but the other episodes, since there's no way to earn them by watching ads or recommending the game or anything.

Not for everyone It's an okay game. Completed all free lvls in 1 day. First 2 stages were too easy. 3rd and last free stage had one very interesting lvl. Wish all the lvls were like the last free lvl because it had great puzzles and made you think. All other lvls were boring and easy. Gameplay is very slow and 2/3 of the game is watching your character walk. I'd recommend this game to casual gamers, VERY casual gamers.

Fun and charming A fun game with a charming art style. But I am taking away 2 stars because episodes are too expensive, there's a lot of games with "pay per episode" that is on par with TINY THIEF, but have cheaper episodes, waaaaay cheaper!

Love it Amazing little game, my 3 year old is totally obsessed with it. It's a charming world with a lovely atmosphere and I often find myself whistling the background music! There's plenty to find in every level, has a gentle learning curve and if you go for every item it can be challenging even for seasoned gamers. For all the people whinging and rating it down because you have to pay for extra levels GET A JOB! Do you think the developers work for peanuts?! if you want new levels it's only fair to reward the people who put the time and effort in. I had no problem atall parting with my money for all the levels because it's such a good and long lasting game. Please keep the level packs coming, great work.

Beat in a night liked it BUT When I'm asked to pay $15 for 9 more episodes what a rip off the only thief is the ones asking that steep a price. Greedy, greedy, greedy, you should be ashamed of yourselves asking that much. Be fair with your price and I would give higher rating. I'm kinda wishing I had not bought all the angry bird stuff I have, shirts, toys games including for xbox360. I won't be buying any more of your products now knowing how greedy you people are. Shame on you.

Was great! Nice game, loved the gameplay! But with the last update they fucked up! When they first released the game, you had to pay in order to play the full game and I have....now they are charging me again in order to play a game that I already purchased! They made users that purchased the full game pay for a new level they released and I said ok it's worth it and purchased also the new level, and now they try to charge me again for the levels that I already paid!

Problems So I paid for this game. I didn't mind doing so because I really enjoyed the lite version...BUT the game keeps crashing on random levels. I literally cannot play certain levels because it just force closes on me. $4.99 is WAY too much to pay for a game with the inability to play each and every level. Fix for better rating? I hope so...

Was a fun cute game... When it was a paid game, Tiny Thief was cute, fun and funny. Now I have a new phone, the game is "freemium" and the game I paid for has levels locked away for additional money. Real money. No way. I've requested a refund and will never download /support anything related to Rovio again.

Greedy developer trying to rip off customers by charging for the content I already paid for. And it's a shame Google allows this to happen on their own backyard. Rovio couldn't mess around with Amazon and the levels are available to the user's if anyone got the game from Amazon appstore.

Get a refund, Rovio is out to nickel and dime you. So not only do I know have ads in my PAID app, Rovio also locked two previously free stages and require you to pay DOUBLE what was already paid in order to unlock them. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

A truly amazing game only gave 4 stars as it did not have any option to speed up the game or movement. What I mean is at times you have to wait for our character to move across the screen. If there was an option to fast forward this, it would have been 5 stars.

Android 5.0 update problem On Samsung galaxy note 4 has caused the game to stop working. It crashes on startup every time. Please fix. Then back to 5 stars. I love this game but cannot play it now and the hope is that you will look at the 1 star . Thanks.

Waste of money.. Don't buy the game for now. I paid for all the episodes and I'm using Nexus 10. The game closed itself or hung up in random episodes, forcing me play the whole thing again. Now it just hangs up permanently when I'm playing 4-4.. Really annoying. Again don't waste your money until the developers fixes it.. Good game though if it wasn't for the bugs..

Join Tiny Thief on a big adventure!“Utterly charming.” – Kotaku“Delightful” – The Guardian“A game anyone can enjoy, and it’s probably going to make you smile within the first minute.” – PC Mag “Cute, clever, and oddly rewarding.” – 148 Apps“If you need a good puzzle game today, or heck, even a smile, you should probably […]

How to use Tiny Thief for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Tiny Thief in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Tiny Thief on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 61 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.2
Developer Rovio Stars Ltd.

We don't provide APK download for Tiny Thief but, you can download from Google Play

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