Walking Dead: Road to Survival for PC and MAC

Could be better Unless you're looking to spend real money, plan on taking a very long time to get decent characters or gear. It's fun, but would be funner not having to redo missions over and over trying to pick up enough survivors to sacrifice for levels and masses of goods to upgrade each buildings. I wouldn't call his one fast paced, but more like a long term game.

Awesome sauce Six 5 stars. Spent 30 bucks in a year. You can advance in this game without spending, just most don't have the patience. It's a grind of leveling...failing...leveling and trying again. In a top 3 faction and not a spender. Awesome game. Lastly do not expect the tv show characters(daryl...Beth...kick ass Carol). This game only has rights to the comic book content.

Do your research Addictive gameplay, customer support getting better. However starting to dislike as $copely HEAVILY push you to spend. New content is just new ways to spend more time and thus more money instead of finishing story lines etc. Extremely poor value for money vs. Other games, realistically it will cost at least $200usd per 5* character. As it stands i would not recommend

An excellent walking dead game An excellent game that you don't need to invest money in to get a capable team and still have a lot of fun, overall a very good game and new features added with updates! Update: uninstalled and reinstalled to a different phone and unable to get my old account back.

Boring stagnant game Once you reach S1+ grade u must decide do you want to pay alot of cash to go S1++. Weapons upgrading to lvl 3 need to spend cash if you doing up full 5 characters weapons to lvl 3. You probably spend thousands of dollars by the time u hit prestige 9/10/11 .lvl 20 town hall with nothing to play for; same world areas all 3 stars.nothing exciting. Maybe time to go play pokemon.

Love it but keeps messing up Loved this game since day one. And I have been living in everyday for two weeks now, and collecting the bonuses. But now I can't seem to get it to come on out just stay stuck on the loading page at the beginning after it shows the scopely symbol. Hope I can get help with this matter.

It's fun and entertaining but The nums (attack,def,hp) of your characters seems to have no direct link to how they perform in combat. Ie using the same character to attack the same enemy 3 times will show 3 different values even when all else is the same. The action/reward system they give for earning in game gold is also fubar. The 30 sec vid for 3 gold works most times, I haven't spent real money so idk about that part but the 'download run app'/'take quick survey'/'complete a quick action' section works 1 of 10 times if you're lucky

Fun game but very unfair odds. Its obvious odds are set up to really lower the chance of good rewards than they should be. Pulls should also consider the level, rep, activeness, etc. of the player. That will motivate players to play more and be competitive.. and SPEND MORE!! Thats all that matters to you anyway scopely.

Loads slow or not at all I couldn't even play the game yesterday cuz of the slow loading. It'll load very slowly to the point I'd have to force stop it. Then I'll go back to the game and it'll be stuck on loading 2%. Then I'll restart my phone and it still won't load properly. Plz fix this asap. Rating went from a 5 to a 3

Adventure for days There's just so much this game has to offer.... you can build a team the way you'd like.. you can progress your team... experience a story.. tournaments... etc.... weapons.. weapon upgrades.. etc.. this has been a solid game for me for a good year almost. One thing you should incorporate is different outfits we can look forward too... maybe even different stances we can choose from... and a way where we can trade and send characters, weapons, items and resources... that would make this game complete.

Very manipulative scam artists Do not waste your time. Over 9000$ invested and I am still waiting for "support " to help me on 6 months going. Worst company you can ever imagine dealing with. Horrible greedy company. I'm not a killer but given the opportunity I would kill a scopely employee if I met One. I would be doing the world a favor - psycho right? Nope just that bad of a experience they make EA support look wonderful!

Good game but Its a good time killer but raiding gets old quick...it seems like every 2 hrs im getting raided,and then when i try to get revenge they're shielded? What a bunch of pu**ies! Rewards needs to be better. And everybody on chat seems to be either REALLY gay or they're all 13 yr olds that has never seen a snatch much less get it...im out

Beware that to advance you must be willing to invest a substantial amount of money into the APP. Great graphics and story line but the odds are stacked against you when doing character pulls. Example: One year into game and I have yet to pull a 5* character with several $30.00 (10 pack) purchases. Game is still very addictive. One last thing. Cheating in this game has been shown on youtube and the support department does not take action. So if you are all about fair play as I am I would not invest time into it until they resolve the cheating. I wish I knew that it was going on before I got so involved.

Great, but it's too hard and discriminating free players For a start, I would like to say that this game is really good and addictive. The graphics is captivating and it also has an immersive story. But there are some issues that should be addressed by the developers. First, it depends too much on in-game purchases as a source of income. This has cause some problem because some player can't really afford it. While on the contrary, the games becomes harder and harder to beat. Second, the recruit chance is way too small so free player can't get great stuff.

Ehh This game is a really good game. However it's a patience game. So if you have no patience don't get it. Also this game requires a ridiculous amount of money in order for you to progress and become a strong player. The developers obviously care only for the money and don't give a crap if you get a good character or not. Many have complained and scopley does nothing except for updates in hope that ppl will shut up. Scopley favors those who spends hundreds on the game

One issue Great game! Lots of fun to play....BUT...first suggestion: revenge raids should not be subject to the shield. Second suggestion: it feels rigged on the upgrade items for 4 and 5 star characters...spending hard earned $$$ should not be subject to so much randomness.

Crashed? For some reason my game won't load it up and happens out of the blue. If you can please fix, that aside great game. Okay so no one responds to trouble shooting issues?

Would be 5 but ya know... Very addicting,fun, and just all around great game.. need better chances at pulls.. if ya spend money be prepared to get jipped most the time lol. Yet i still play.. nuff said .. download it!! BL ALL DAY!! - ĐĄßß ŞŤÎĶ

Total BS Coins cost to much real world money. Even though I am at A++ I cannot beat an A+ Road Map level, really?!? That is why this is getting such a bad rating from me.

5 star charecter This game is pretty fun except the fact that nobody ever gets 5 stars. It took me 20$ and 1 year to get my first 5 star and thats my only 5 star charecter. I dont like the fact that l will have to spend to get 5 star. Scopely please change this and i will tell all my friends to play again and this game will be better to

Just try Everybody says that the developers rip you off, but they don't I understand that sometimes you get complete crap from tokens, but that's just how they made it its a free game that's how they make their money, they have to do that. They give you loads of chances to get tokens so technically the game is in great balance of what you get and stuff so overall I think they did a great job at developing this game. Gods Job

Love the game! Honestly I love this game it takes some time to get the higher rank characters but ive found if u buy several at one time u have better chances for getting higher rank characters. One thing i will say is the game has added just about every character from the comics/tv show even the ones that passed but u really need to add Beth!! I think her character deserves to kick some ass in the road to survival! Even Sasha and i still cant belive the only Carol on the game is a 2*

Fun & Addicting! Really fun game to pass the time with and if you watch the show it tells a relatively close but different story. Only negative to the game is the Pay to Win factions, they completely ruin your chances of getting good gear and characters through events.

Decent time killer I enjoy playing when the game doesn't freeze & loads properly. Don't waste money trying to get great characters! Your money will disappear fast with barely anything to show from it. Don't expect anything for technical problems. Between freezing & game not loading, I lost quite a bit of coins & rewards not being able to login for 30 day pass & prestige ect. Of course scopely didn't care. They just want money without concern for their customers. I'm no longer giving them my money to renew my pass & buy coins!

Upgrades Can it be made so that it is not so damn frigging hard to find upgrade items. I mean really, that is the one main downer to this game. It is next to impossible to find items unless one spends real money, but perhaps that is the point.

Game is Good. ADDICTIVE.. but boring.. The first time load time is very much pain in ass as it installs the game as cache. Clearing in cache makes download or reinstall again.. Coins are very rare and very thing is bought with coins. Very much boring and disappointing for free players.

Love it but angry Spent about a couple thousand gold coins and only got one 4 star character which im very mad about because i can no longer progress without higher level characters.and if it wasnt for that id give it 5 stars

Stingy Latest update fixed MOLOTOV GLITCH. Stingy game.Ungodly coin and countdowns costs. 3 days wait and no free skips. Stingy coin drops. Events don't give away coins $20 can't even get you ten premium characters only four $30. Suggestions towns need to be more flexible with decisions on where to put structures, I want all my food and wood in one location not all over town. Repetitive game play needs new events. Good releases many options for spending real money but not for free players.

Great game, customer service sucks! This game is incredibly addictive. I am not a gamer. I don't own a game console and I'm not a gamer with my phone. But this game is crazy fun which is probably why I got do upset when I got a new phone and needed old game transferred to my new phone. Wrote 5 emails to tech support, contacted them on Facebook and no reply. Emailed the company that made the game. No reply. Finally, last night I received a reply from my email telling me what I 'should' have done instead of helping me.

Come on! So I saved up 8250 coins! Super excited because I can get 40 characters and of course 1 would be a 5 star character right? NO! all 40 was 3 star!!! I don't mind paying now and then but I bought $30 twice before and then saved up this and still NO 5 star.....

Really fun game. . . But The tokens in this game are a rip off, no matter how many clever updates are created the tokens you work hard for are a rip off. . . Elite tokens should be called rare etc because the like I said, tokens are a rip off, too greedy guys

Awesome game but there's a glich It's a 10/10 game but I got the 30 day pass and I didnt get the create and it's been almost 24 days since its been done. But I got Carl! It's werid. Scopely please read this and fix this and I will rate it back to 5 stars

Scopley are cheats You need to spend a killing on this game to get any characters its insane. People that spend money should get the better character not the crap ones you can get for free. Ill keep playing but will never spend another dime on this game total rip off.

Poor business practice Good game to play now and then . Poor customer service and poorly run business . Don't waste money in it. There is a .02% chance of getting any good characters or weapons from the shop or from tokens . It takes a Lot of food and supplies or money to level up characters. Still can't get on the forum. If i ran my business like they run theirs, I'd be out of business. Go to the forum or youtube and you can see how many people have been ripped off.

Money grab, gambling game. Avoid at all cost. Massive bugs, false advertising and most of all pure gamble. U need to spend around 20k $ to even become competitive.. Give a 1* and move over

Be ready to be treated terribly! Ive been playing for almost a year. This game has alot of great points. War is fun, roadmap challenges are cool,& the tournaments are fun. However, if you don't spend hundreds of dollars a week! Be prepared when you do a 10 pull and get only 3* characters. It's happened to me alot. Then some new ppl come in and get. 5* right off. I have 2 5* characters in my year of play. One i pulled one i bought from the depot. So be ready. Scopley doesnt give a damn about customers. They refuse refunds.

Walking dead problems The new download effected the loading speed. Instead of just starting, it go to a loading screen for about 20 min until it's loaded. This is my favorite game, so it's a bummer. Any way this can be fixed?

Scam Scopely is so unwilling to provide rewards (even when you pay) that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to be any good at this game. The lack of balance tilts the scales in favor of 2 or 3 top factions in every region, further contributing to the imbalanced nature of the game. If you want a free game, avoid this one. It's only fun if you have an abundance of wealth. If you are just starting out and want to take the free route, it's OK. You'll get a 5* character with 11 years of consecutive logins.

A waste of time and money! This game is poorly designed. The luck based system of rewards makes it impossible to properly reward player investment, whether it is time or money. They have implemented many improvements to try to give the feel of reward for time and effort, but truly there is little. They believe their characters are worth over a hundred bucks, and provide extremely low chances to get one. They say it is to manage the character rarity, but it is advertised as a strategy rpg...so why is there character rarity?

Ehh It's a great game don't get me wrong. It's probably the only turn based combat game I like, but the load times are ridiculous! It used to load up fine but now it just sits at 4% loading completion. Please fix loading times, thanks

*** FREE CHARACTER OFFER – download the game now and follow the instructions in the tutorial to receive a token for a Free Glenn character! ***“slick, polished strategy game” – Yahoo Tech“a huge hit for Scopely and Skybound” – ExaminerA thrilling, mature adventure constantly toeing the line between life and the undead, The Walking Dead: Road […]

How to use Walking Dead: Road to Survival for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Walking Dead: Road to Survival in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Walking Dead: Road to Survival on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 0 MB
Instalations 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Score 4.2
Developer Scopely

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