Zombicide for PC and MAC

New VIP expansion missing weapons! I dropped my rating to a 3. This app is a great companion however it is buggy when using multiple devices and the new VIP expansion is missing the weapons! Very disappointing!

There is an issue Tried to join a game and none showed up. We think it's my droid phone not being able to find the game.

Fingers crossed Love what this app does for Season 1-3. I hope they expand the app to include the new series Black Plague and future expansions/seasons.

Where's Marvin? This promo character isn't in the app. I got him at Walker Stalker 2013 I think. Can he be added?

No ultimate survivors? I have both ultimate survivors 1 and 2, I was hoping the app would have them but unfortunately not.

June 2016 update: application won't load on Motorola Xoom. Worked great before that. Downgraded stars

Needs create a survivor..... Needs blank cards where you can choose your own name and skill sets. if it this I'd happily give it a 5

Why should I have to pay for what I've already bought? I own the figures and the dashboards, why should I pay for what I already own?

Very helpful Especially on larger boards, the space savings and organization benefits make this app a handy companion to the Zombicide game.

Works very well Love utilizing this app while playing. For those complaining about it not having BP then don't download it and move on. This app greatly helps organizing the character cards during play; BP has plastic bases where you can organize player progression and items much easier. The biggest issue I found with the first 3 Zombicides were the character cards but this app assist/replaces them. Thanks CMON for this excellent application!!

No Black Plague??? Why on Earth would you release an update to a companion app 2 months after a major stand-alone release (like Black Plague) and not include support for it? I entered into the Zombicide world with BP - so this is useless to me.

This worked great until the lastest update. It now doesn't work on my older tablet. It also limited how many user I could add to the app. I used to have large Zombicide parties with 8-10 people, but now I can't add all of them. I have to manually hack the app by only using one controller and putting all the players under that one. I then have to manually determine who goes first and keep track of their actions. The app went from being good, to just being a pain.

Useless for solo play Treats each character like its controlled by a single player. Rules state a player can control multiple characters and choose the order as well.

I can totally get why a lot of people are upset at the pricing of this app, and while I don't blame them, I personally don't think it's that big a deal. I just see it as a completely optional item, much like the extra zombies, gaming night boxes, and other various small box expansions that are sold. As to the app itself, I think the price is well worth the level of convenience it offers, especially for solo play. The app hasn't really changed much from before CMON took over. You can still use virtual card decks for zombies and equipment, virtual dice for attacks, and the only new feature is that now you can create teams and there is a competitive play option, although it's only available for season 3. I think it's also important to note that other players connecting to a device do not need to purchase additional content. Players connecting to a host's server will have access to everything the host owns, which is kind of nice considering some game apps require all players to have purchased the same content. If the pricing doesn't bother you, this is a great app that will save you time and cleanup and allow for easy solo play.

Since the new update (season 3), the app does not launch anymore ! I have paid all the extensions and now all is lost ! What can I do now ? Buy a new tablet ? I'm on ACER 500, Android 4.0

Much better than using all the fiddley game cards I use this app all the time with the game. It makes playing the game much easier, more fun, quicker... And you have no loose parts sitting around that could get bumped loosing your stats. The only bad thing about this app is networking. Sometimes you get lucky and no one gets disconnected, but if you do, then there is no way to get them reconnected. I know this can be done as there are other apps that have a networking ability which even allow you to save the game and have everyone rejoin. If networking is fixed there would be no reason this app could have less than 5 stars for user experience.

Apparently useless for solo... Because it enforces ordering of the survivors as if each one is played by a different player. In a physical game, a player gets to choose the order his own survivors act, but this app treats each survivor as belonging to a different player. Looks like it could be really useful, but apparently only for games where each player has only 1 survivor.

Good app, saves set up time. Great way to play alone too. However, i agree 2.99 a expansion? Its just a companion application.... ill personally just spare the time for set-up over the 10-15 dollars to make this really useful. I could see maybe 2.99 to unlock it all;to a point. Good idea bad move GUI.GAMES.

Custom characters? I appreciate that allowing custom characters and equipment would break the money grabbing scheme you have going but really? Make something customisable, throw in the artwork and charge £5 for it rather than charging for the expansions. This is unusable.

Disappointed I was so excited when I found this app, until I discovered that I have to pay for each character pack, even though I already own the expansions they are part of. It would be nice if there was a key or some way to enable the characters without having to buy the digital version after already having paid for the physical cards.

Great app. I love using this app when playing my game. I have all 3 seasons of the game however I only ever play season 1 & 2 because you guys haven't given us Rue Morgue yet. Please add this as need this app to play as mostly play solo and simply can't deal with all the cards etc. So please update for season 3 and for the upcoming black plague.

Meh 1: don't charge for in ap expansions, that's just low. 2: in game zombie playlist. A lot of people want this. Just read all the forums. Great game btw but yeah this in app charging issue is insanely bad for your game.

Great utility. Minor issues. Don't mind paying for something I use. Biggest problem with the app imo is when the zombies have a turn it says "zombies turn" then immediately moves on to the new first player. This can be an issue if players are distracted. It becomes very easy to miss the zombie turn notification and screw up the turn sequence. An easy fix would be to insert a zombie character sheet with some sweet zombicide artwork on it. Then when zombies are done you can hit "end turn" just like any other turn.

Nice app But strange and greedy decision to charge for already purchased games, especially because this is the same guys, not 3rd party app. It would be reasonable to take one time fee for app itself (it is separate product after all), or expansions you don't own.

A little greedy, but nice app It seems more-than-a-little money grabbing to charge us for the content again, but I have to admit that it is otherwise a very nice app. It is great for keeping track of everything while playing. I did find a bug though, I am unable to continue my setup after choosing to start as a Zombivor...

Great start This requires additional money to be spent. It's a whole $10 for all extras. But consideringthe cost of the board games its a drop in the bucket. BUT they need to work on the bugs. It's disheartening to have it crash most of the way through the game. I play with one other adult and two teens and we really enjoy using this app.

Great Help When will the new characters and zombie types be added? Also playing with multiple devices is rough because after disconnect youcannot get back into the game. It is impossible to join a game in progress. Has this app been abandoned?

Utter garbage I can't even play my season 3 box (only one I have) as I can't buy it. Quite buggy, wouldnt be harsh if it was a free addon but ofcourse not, buying a board game isn't enough, insane expansion pack prices

OK at best I wouldn't mind paying for optional content if the app was finished, but in its current state, its lacking a lot and not the best user experience... Its great for play testing custom scenarios.

Shouldn't need to pay for expansions. That's silly. Also, each player needs to be able to control more than one survivor.

Sinking more money Really? After buying multiple versions and Zombicide and expansions, you want me to sink more money for a digital character score keeper? As a companion app, this should be free!

More Guillotine Games Money grubbing Great app that only gets two stars because of the devs greed. This app is really useless unless you have at least the main. So why screw loyal fans. These guys have made millions off of Kickstarters and once again they screw loyal fans of the game. I agree with what others here have said if they wanted to protect IP they could put a code or a Proof or Purchase in each box to unlock the sets. There is not way I am tossing them more money that I already have for this app--just not doing it I'll stick with the stuff in the box. Heck with all the money they got from season 3 KS they could have made it a stretch goal.

Awesome!!! It's kind of sad that you have to pay for characters, but hey, if you spent as much as I have on the board game itself, then this app is definitely worth it. Plus the characters are way cheaper buying it through the app rather than buying the player cards. But without the game pieces, it makes the game a tad bit more confusing (Character moves). Aside from that? It's perfectly fine.

Great companion app But paying for each extension is really frustrating. I don't believe this is necessary, we are paying good price for the boxes already. Yes it unlocks content and ultimately one could only have to print the tiles to play the gamr but I don't think that the other honest 99.99% of us have to pay for it! On top of the that the app is not perfect, as many other reviewers pointed out (player order, zombies turn...) Will change my review hopefully after the update!

Perpetually crashes. Love the game, but the app crashes EVERY time I attempt to open it. Waited a few months hoping for an update, same trouble.

Great app Minor bugs, but that is the process of trial and error. Great app. Now just waiting on season 3 and angrey nabiors to be added into the mix!

Great idea, more characters please The program is awesome. Much easier than using the counters on the sheets that can be bumped. Only suggestion is to add the ability to create your own characters.

Wow you really charge for digital copies also any chance of getting season 3 cards I assume Acording to this page the app has not been updated in over a year pretty sure you can afford an app developmer

Didn't get back to me Poor customer service. Sent a question over a week ago and still no response, not even an automated one. Assumes that the game is being played with one player controlling one survivor. That is not always the case. According to game rules the player can select the order of the survivors they control but some missions don't start with all survivor's there is no way to change the order once the game starts. Zombie turn notification goes by to fast and can be missed if you are to absorbed in game play.

Digital board game? Imagine if you can actually play this game digitally off your phone with computer AI zombies and online compatibility.. would be so fun like the actual board game

THIS IS A COMPANION APP, TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ZOMBICIDE BOARDGAME BY GUILLOTINE GAMES.Zombicide is a collaborative game for 1 to 6 players, for 13 years old and up. A game lasts from 20min (beginner board) to 3 hours (expert board).Each player controls from one to four “survivors”, human beings in a […]

How to use Zombicide for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Zombicide in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Zombicide on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size -1 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 3.9
Developer CMON

We don't provide APK download for Zombicide but, you can download from Google Play

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